Quran Mentions that Every Living Thing is Made from Water and Plants have Sexes Male and Female

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In the field of biology,

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the Quran says in Saudi Arabia, chapter number 21 was the mentality that we have created every living thing from water. We do not believe imagine in the deserts of Arabia. The Quran says every living thing is made from water, who could have believed in it? today after sunset once we have come to know that every living being it contains cells, and the basic substance of cell in the cytoplasm, which contains the person water. Today, science tells us that every living creature contains 50 90% water.

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In the field of botany, previously, we did not know that even the plants have got sexes male and female.

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The Quran says in chapter 20, verse 53, that it is he who sent it on water from the sky and with it brings diverse pairs of plants each separate from the other, that'd be quite as much meaning pair, saying that the plants have got sexes, male and female