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Now, generation is getting worse with memorization La Ilaha illa Allah with all these tick tock generation, I don't know what else is going on, you know, it just getting more and more like, you know, you just get information, you don't have to digest it, you don't have to memorize anything you just, you know, Allah, I'm already you know, I'm there in life right are many in live La hawla wala Katella use your brain cells guys, if you use your brain do you know if you you know, the brain is a muscle, I don't know, if you know that the brain is actually like a muscle. If you don't use your muscle here browser, I'm just showing you if you don't use your muscles here, what's going to

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happen, you will lose all those abs and one of the biceps and whatever you got there, the triceps are gonna you're gonna lose all of that. The same way the brain, okay? The brain is a, you know, a muscle that if you use it, the more you use it, the better it remains, the moment you stop using your arm, it's going to become dead. Alright, the moment you stop using your brains to memorize, it's going to be very bad at memorizing. So if you want a solution that look people don't get worse over time in memorizing, people don't get worse. It's just that you have stopped using your brain. Like they forced you to use your brain when you're at school. Once you left school, once you left

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college, university, you start using your brain for those things. And then after that one, you just start forgetting. You forget and you can't keep things in your mind. The more you memorize, the more you'll actually be able to keep in your mind. So those of you who don't know the certain suitors and things I'm gonna ask you kindly please get it get a you know, a whole goal in your head that I'm going to memorize. I'm going to memorize this surah the NASA even if it's a small Surah I'm going to memorize those soldiers and make a mission in your head that you're going to do that in sha Allah say that you shall honestly be so this this thing try and memorize

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