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I remember the first time leaving Medina. And I immediately remembered the story of bill out of the law of China.

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And how below are the one who could not stand to be in Medina, with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam no longer there.

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He had such a difficult time giving the event he could not look into place without seeing the profit slice on remembering the profit slice alone. And he asked Rebecca de la Han who to send them out in battle. And he would not do the event again until all model the law of Thailand who would enter into Jerusalem and he would give the other there just as he gave it in Mecca and Medina. Why did I think about this at that point, because you realize when Bilawal the Allahu anhu is dying, that it wasn't that below the line who could not really stand to be in Medina anymore without the Prophet slicin um, he really could not stand being in this world anymore without the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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And the closest we get to the profit slice and is going to Medina and his grave is there and the footprints of the profit slice are there. But the closest that the companions got were literally with him in the flesh it his slot was so alive in this earth for all of those years, and he was gone. And how do you know that without a lot of time, I mean, there are years that pass between the death of the Prophet sly summon the death of Donald a lot of time, he lives until the last plague. And as he is passing away, his wife is crying and she's saying what has now what a horrible day this is what grief I am in and below the law of Thailand who says to her bianculli wife or her say what a

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great day this is and what great joy This is, he says of London,

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Mohammed and her husband, he said tomorrow I get to meet my beloved ones hematol ally Solomon his companions I can't wait to meet the Prophet slice on again. So somehow that wasn't just being in Medina anymore. And the the imagery of the prophets lie some of the memory of the prophets lie some are saying a shadow under Mohammed little sort of law in Medina anymore and the prophets lie some his grave right there below would spend the rest of his life longing for the moments to be reunited with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And that is something that the companions felt when I saw the law. I mean, you can imagine our mother I show when she was passing away, how much he loved

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the prophets license and how close she was to profit, salicylate. And when she was passing away, basl the allow on home, I came to visit her and Ayesha did not want us to come in and praise her. She was worried she's like, he's gonna come in. He's an eloquent man. He's going to say all of these words of praise and he shall hold the law and he wanted to be in a place of taqwa and a place of remembering a lot and seeking forgiveness in her last moments of life. And even a boss came in and he says, How are you my mother and I saw the law and he says, I'm well, so long as I'm upon tequila, right to immediately establish that she wants to seek forgiveness with these last moments that she

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has in life, that she doesn't want to be praised. But what does it mean above the law on whom I do, he reminds her You were the favorite wife of the Prophet slice of them. And he starts to mention her for a lot and mentioned her virtues You are the one on whose behalf Allah subhanho wa Taala, you know, revealed at to defend your honor, you were the one who used to be with the prophets lie Selim on his journeys, you were with him in his most intimate moments, he loved you, he spoke of you this way. So he mentioned her for a while. And then he says to her, that upcity only glide tidings to my mother, nothing is left between you being reunited with the profit slice alum, except for your soul

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to leave your body, except that you're wrong. That's exactly what he said, your room will leave your adjusted your soul will leave your body as if to say, your body is the barrier right now. between you and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And we all know how much I shall be alone. How would have longed to be with the one saw the lights on them who died in her lap and who was buried in her room on his slot was set up. What does this mean for us? Now I am Rahim Allah to Allah, He says that the righteous souls of bliss of goodness, that they visit one another and discuss what happened in the world, as freely and as fluidly, in fact, moreso than they would in this world. And he says that

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every soul in the body

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keeps the company of those that they love and those that were like them. Now, how does he reconcile this because this is extremely powerful, you know, in the profit slice, and I'm talking about the souls before we got to the short world he said otherwise, you know, the magenta, that the souls were like conscripted soldiers in the realm of

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Souls, right. So those that had an affinity to one another, they're they have a natural affinity to one another here and those that have a natural aversion to one another, they're they have a natural aversion to one another here as well. And what that's referring to is that in the realm of souls, where we didn't have these bodily dimensions, right, the righteous souls were together, the wicked souls were together, right. And so the souls interacted with one another, in that, in that iteration of Adam and Ottawa, in that iteration of the realm of souls, without the limitations of this world, so you might find someone that is just like you, or you might not find them, but they're there.

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Right, they have the same attitude as you, they might even look like you, they have your same characteristics. They have your same priorities, very similar level of faith, or whatever it may be. But you're limited and distance and things of that sort. But when it comes to Ottawa, and the second iteration of Adam in Ottawa, which is bizarre, that the realm of souls which is that next realm of bodies of those restrictions are not like the restrictions in this life, and so enter merriment that you are with those who you love that you could have been with in this physical realm. And you are with those that you love that you never even got to meet you or with the people that you love, and

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the meaning the believing souls gather with one another. And that's why our greatest hope when we think of the righteous that passed before us, and we hope that they are amongst the righteous, our immediate loved ones that they're amongst those souls that receive us, we also hope that the prophets lie Selim and the companions who we read about and we love so much, his family, his slotless, Sam, who we love so much, that they'll be amongst those to greet us as well. Now is this established in any clear cut Hadith, in fact, multiple a hadith and that is, you know, a hadith where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam mentions the sole first and foremost ascending the gates that

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a lien remember it has to go get registered with a loss of mannahatta as a righteous soul, and the angels are passing through the heavens passing the soul from gate to gate and the angels say map up the other hand, the Henry ela teacher at Commonwealth What a beautiful smell that has come from the earth. Remember the prophets lie some smelled the scent of the hairdresser of the daughter found that writes this young girl on the night of a solid metal edge what is that beautiful smell? And so on the righteous soul mate last pants on make us amongst them is ascending through the heavens, the angels comments on the beautiful smell. Now I'll tell you what a beautiful smell that has come from

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the earth. And then that person settles their new home. The grave that we talked about right after you have been dressed after you have been given your expanse after you've been given your light after you've been given your window into genda. Guess what now the visitors are to come. Okay. Well, yeah, tuna v. Ottawa, mini and the prophets lie. Selim says that the souls of the believers start to gather upon that person, they start to come to visit that person to receive that person. While at home, I shudder to photo hanby him in a honeycomb de la AB he and they are more delighted to see you than one of you when you receive your long lost loved one. That's how the souls of the believers are

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and so the ones that you missed, the ones that you never even met, they're all coming upon you, the receiving you. You're seeing those people that used to see in the mustard that used to see in righteousness, and they're waiting for you but in the light on, and then they start to ask mother for Allah Fulani mother for Ella Fulani. You know what happened to this person? What happened to that person? And they keep on asking questions. So everyone is trying to get news of the world because they're disconnected from this world now. So now the fact of without another factor for not what happened to this person, imagine a family and the second parent has died now, or three siblings

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and two siblings have now died, or three best friends or four best friends and two of them are now in this world and two are left behind. So what are they doing immediately? Hey, what happened to that person? What happened to that person? And who will be allowed to and who says they even will ask who got married who didn't get married? What happened to this person's family? What happened to that person's family? How is their situation? How is their situation so they have the memories of this world. And that's an important point. They haven't lost the memories of this world. And they're so quick or they're descending upon you and everyone is trying to get your time that some of them

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will say that who who fell in the hole canopy is on the dunya. You know, leave him alone, let him get some rest. Let her get some rest because they were in the hardships of this world. They've just been through that transition. Give them some time before everyone asks about the news of this world and everyone descends upon them. And then as those conversations proceed, and this is the scary part, they start to ask about someone and you say if you are the deceased person, you say why didn't they come to you?

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Didn't that person already died? I mean, come to you. They died before I got here. And they realize in the midst of that conversation, that

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That person, g Abby Roja, deca Elena, that that person's soul was not brought to us. And so the conclusion is what the habit eater oatmeal how Yeah, that that person instead must be amongst the tormented souls that they are amongst the people who are being punished because the people that are being punished are not given the blessing of being united with one another the way the believing souls are, they're too busy with their punishment. And this is a really important point here. It's a scary conversation, imagine if you're left out of that conversation, right? Because we don't know our fate. And then the person who died three years ago and the person who died last year, they're

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talking about someone that died in between and that person is missing. And they say, Subhanallah, that person is gone in that era when they had on their own. What if you're that person? Right? And that's a that's a thought that you have to think about. And I don't say that to,

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to instill despair. I say that to say that, you know, when we think about those that we assume righteousness have that passed away before us and those who we know are righteous before it's like the Prophet sly summon his companions. What good is knowing of their state if we're not going to join them? What good is it to comfort them and do good deeds on their behalf and to ask about them and to wonder what's happened to them. If we are not striving to be the most righteous version of ourselves so that we can assure that we're not left out of that conversation, or left out of that blessing gathering