Mufti Menk – Ramadan 2021 – Verses of Hope and Healing #8 – The Reward is Better

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of setting up prayer to give charities to the poor and receive reward. They highlight the power of Islam, citing its success in achieving rewards and ultimately achieving reward for the world. The negative impact of the pandemic on people's lives, including the lack of hope and the loss of family members, is highlighted. Prayer for others and making profits are also emphasized.
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One owner xeno Minato Nima, who was

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a Salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My beloved brothers and sisters, in verse number 110, of Surah Al Baqarah. Allah tells us to establish our prayer to give charities to the poor. And then Allah says, Whatever you have spent in the cause of goodness in the course of Allah, whatever goodness you've spent, you will definitely see the reward of it in a better way from Allah. So let's read the verse. Well, okay, masala at our zakka

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Alma de Mola, fusi Cinco

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de Mayo

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law, Allah says, establish your prayer and give alms to the poor give you zeca give you a charities and Allah says whatever you have put forth for yourself, you will find it with Allah. Indeed, he knows everything he sees everything that is done. Now, why I've highlighted this verse in this series is because many times we do things and it's only the hope in the mercy and acceptance of Allah that would keep us going. And Allah will show you the goodness in this world in the next when you spend, Allah will spend on you, you know, the famous Hadith and 50 Abner Adam Lake, you know, spend or son of Adam I will spend on you. It's amazing.

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And so Allah says, when you spend, I'll give you more. If you haven't spend in your miserly, your wealth will be depleted. So when you do something for Allah, Allah will recompense you in this world and the next, don't forget that. It's impossible for Allah, not to give you a reward, your prayer you get a reward for in this world and the next your charities to the poor, you get a reward for in this world and the next all of that is multiplied, tenfold, a hundredfold, 200 fold 700 fold so much more Subhan Allah, Allah will multiply it and he says you will see it with Allah subhanho wa Taala so nothing is wasted for as long as you continue and you're dedicated in the path of Allah subhanho

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wa Taala when he tells us Bellarmine Aslam award you have moolah, he will have a motion fellow who a Jew who ended up being well I hope when I lay him Allah whom he has no, you know, I don't want fear and I don't want to be sad. How can I achieve that? Allah says, Well, those who believe those who submit Bellarmine Islam, as Lama is a person who's a Muslim, Muslim means the one who submits to the instruction of Allah. So Allah says, Those, the one who has submitted his face towards Allah, which means he has submitted totally to Allah, Lila, and he does good. He's a massive blessing encompasses all forms of God. So he does good, well, who am I saying, he worships Allah in the best and highest

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possible way for Allah Who are you who ended up being you do the best that you can? Allah is such a person who will achieve his reward with Allah, and he will have no need to be saddened, or to fear, no need to fear and no need to be sad. He will not be sad and he will not fear. So when you worship Allah and you are convinced that Allah alone will harm or will allow harm or benefit, then you understand this relationship and it becomes so beautiful, that Allah Almighty is pleased with us. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us from his pleasure. You know, nothing is impossible for Allah. Nothing is impossible for Allah, he just has to say B and it is and this is why in verse number 117

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of Surah Baqarah Allah says body or somewhat he will Adam, He who is Allah, He is the creator of the skies and the earth, the heavens and the earth, He is the Creator but do somewhat you will know he created them from nothing from nothing. What did he say? Either color, Omron for in the Maya colo confiar con whenever he has decided something he just says Be and it is so you can never ever lose hope in the mercy of Allah. If he created things from nothing. He will definitely create goodness for you and I but he wants you to be better patients at times because he knows it's better for you. When a child goes to school. They have to work hard. They have to write the

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examinations, they have to follow the rules. All of that is for them to pass. In fact, their parents will cheer them on to say, work hard, because we want to see your pass. So it doesn't mean that your parents dislike you or that there's something wrong with the school. Same applies, it doesn't mean Allah dislikes you, or there's something wrong with Islam. These are rules regulations, and Allah is instructing us encouraging us to continue to fulfill because he wants to see us graduate in a beautiful way so that we achieve Gen metal for those we achieve ultimate eternal goodness, the world, the life of this world is so temporary, it's only a few years. So Allah Almighty definitely

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wants us to continue beyond this. And Allah wants us to achieve the everlasting bliss, a small inconvenience is definitely worth it. When you are renovating your house, when you're rebuilding a place when you are re positioning your office or something. There will be days of inconvenience for long term convenience, you're setting up a new store, or you're doing whatever you have to in order to be able to live in a better place. One day, you will have the official opening, Mashallah. And then you're so happy because you're in your new place. What about the inconvenience the interim of it, it took you a year to build this place, but you're going to live in there for 20 years. The same

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applies to our lives, we are in a building phase of the eternal life, don't forget, have hope. Your heart will heal once you realize convincingly that that's the case, when you're once you're, you know, once you have this conviction within you Subhanallah I'm in a phase of building building one my hereafter. That's why I'm here. Life is too short, the 78 years that I'm going to get here, so many people really good people have passed on, and some bad people have passed on as well. Life was so short, it cannot be it's such a sophisticated creature is there only for 70 years, it should be much longer. But Allah says it will be forever. This is just a phase. It's called the life of this

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world. But the next is everlasting. So Allah says, have hope. And you must develop that hope with a lot of conviction, it will automatically heal your heart. Look at Ibrahim alayhi salam, he called out to Allah. Imagine where he was, he was in the desert with his wife and child and he called out to Allah and he says, Oh Allah, verse number 126 of surah to Bukhara. What if Carla Ibrahim or a big ballad and Amina

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Amina thammarat remember the time when the Prophet Abraham May peace be upon him called out to his Lord saying, Oh my Lord, make this town or a safe place secure this town and grant its inhabitants with lots of produce different types of fruit and vegetable and so on. Look at maca. Today, he was speaking about maca. It was barren, nothing grew there. It didn't even have water at one stage prior to this. And Allah caused the gushing spring of Zamzam to flow up to this day it is flowing, and Allah caused all fruits and vegetables from across the globe to come there. So never lose hope. When you call out to Allah, if you don't see the fruit of it immediately, you may see it long term. And

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if you didn't see it in your life, you will see it later on. And part of the hope and healing is to be able to pray for those whom you haven't seen from your progeny and the progeny of others. SubhanAllah imagine the amount of hope Ibrahim Alayhi Salam had when he's praying for his offspring, he prayed for us literally, by asking Allah to make this place beautiful. In fact, he says, Oh Allah,

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I pray that you make the two of us submitters and even from our families, I'd like to see my family and my progeny submitted unto you.

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How many of us pray for our progenies? How many of us pray for our children? Oh Allah, Grant me goodness and my children and my progeny, my offspring, or like keep them on steadfast on faith. I am being strong with my prayer, keep my children also strong with their prayer. That's the that's the Tao of Ibrahim alayhis salam. He also goes out to say Oh Allah, let the hearts of the people inclined towards Makkah. My hearts inclined towards Makkah, I can't wait to go back to Makkah to karma once all these restrictions are lifted, insha Allah and the same applies to most of us. If I were to tell you let's go to Mecca. The majority of us those who believe will say let's go Masha

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Allah, Allah gather us in his obedience in this world and the next day, amen to that to that I just made right now. So my brothers and sisters, this is something amazing. It's the gift of Allah. And that's why when he said Oh Allah from my offspring make profits.

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Who will come and remind people to do good and remind them to stay away from bad Allah gave him that da and all the prophets who came after the Prophet Abraham were from his family. Whoa, a lot of hope in listening to these stories and in knowing what happened thereafter. So, in my life also i'm going to pray to Allah and I'm going to make sure that I have hope, because the same Allah who responded to those plans will respond to mine and yours are called okoli sallallahu wasallam ah Baraka ala nabina, Muhammad wa Lunas xeno, Minato Nima, who worship

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