Ismail Kamdar – Advice for Ilm Seekers – Student Burnout – PT 03

Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how to deal with burnout and how to avoid giving up on a study. They recommend finding a mentor online or in person to help with the process and provide practical advice. The speaker also suggests getting an online or in-person mentor to help with burnout and overcome it.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. hamdulillah. salat wa salam O Allah. So this is part three in this video series, talking about how to deal with student burnout. And, of course, in the previous two episodes, we spoke about having high goals and making sure making sure that you're studying not for the sake of lesser of a handout with the IRA. And you see, it's perfectly natural and normal to go to a stage where you feel like giving up, right, it's normal. And you said, these are two ways to deal with it. In this third video to talk about another way of dealing with this feeling of giving up, and that is to speak to a mentor, speak to somebody in your field, who you

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look up to, and whose experience can benefit you.

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And, of course, all of us should have mentors in our life, you know, for every aspect of our life, we should have people who we look up to, we take advice from who's experienced the benefits benefit from we can speak to during difficult times. So it should be the same in Islamic Studies, you shouldn't be studying Islam, in isolation, you shouldn't be studying Islam, are we all alone? And you have no one to speak to? And what do you understand you and nobody to advise you, that's a very lonely way to be studying Islam. And it's very easy for sure to catch us when we are studying in that way. So you shouldn't have a mentor, you should have some teacher on the other in your life,

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who you look up to, and who you can speak to openly, you have a good relationship with a teacher, and he can advise you accordingly. And so when you feel like giving up when you feel burnt out, that's one of the times when you really need to speak to your mentor. And one of the benefits of this is that the person you speak to, there's a 90% chance that he or she went through the same thing during the student case. And so that individual will be able to give you advice based on their own experience that Listen, I went through what you're going through, I felt like this myself, I also want to give up at one stage, this is what I did. This is how I got to it. And so in this way,

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you get some solid advice. You get some comfort, you get to know that you're not alone in the struggle, and you have someone there to push you through that that patch, I think because no good mentor, they will tell you, okay, go ahead and give up. And no, no, what do I meant to tell you? Yeah, you know, you don't feel like studying Islam. So you shouldn't study Islam, you're not going to tell that you, they're going to give you practical advice on how to move forward on how to push through that face, and why you should do so. And so I remember when I wanted to give up on a study study, talking about like, 12 years ago, do one or two teachers of mine, who took me aside quietly,

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when everybody else was busy with their studies and spoke to me one on one, and who told me smile You shouldn't give up. Right? You shouldn't give up because you have potential to really, uh, you know, learn this knowledge well put it to good use and to benefit people. And so if it wasn't for these teachers who believed in me, and who were there to guide me and to show me, show me, you know, my potential and my ability to, to push join to complete my studies and benefit people with it.

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I might have given up

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and, you know, for yourself, especially if you're studying online, or you may find yourself in situations where you feel alone, where you feel like you don't have anyone to speak to. In that case, I highly advise you to get an online mentor, find somebody online, who you can chat to or email or ask for advice, or even phone via Skype. And, you know, tell them what you're going through, listen to their advice and ensure they will help you to deal with your burnout and overcome it. So this is the end of Part Three, we spoke about three things thus far, having high goals and aspirations doing it for the sake of Allah and having a mentor. So with that in Shall we go to part

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three, I will see you inshallah, in part four, we will look at one more way or two more ways in which we can give a big favor for Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

In part 3, we discuss the importance of mentors.

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