Physiology in the Quran

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In the field of physiology

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It was 600 years after the Quran was revealed that dibner feasts.

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He described the blood circulation and 1000 years after the Quran was revealed 400 years after Boniface, William Harvey made it famous to the world. So in our textbook, we know the blood circulation was first discovered William Harvey, actually, it was an interface 400 years ago. This is all media.

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And today, we know that the food we eat, it goes into the stomach, then goes into into Stein, just in a nutshell, f5 physiology is concerned about the blood circulation and the production of milk. The food which enters the intestine,

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the substance of the food, it enters into the bloodstream to the vessels of the intestine. And why are the complex media very often through the liver

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by the bloodstream, it reaches almost all the organs of the body including the mammary glands, which are responsible for the production of milk. So what we have come to know today about the blood circulation, and the production of milk is mentioned in a nutshell in the Quran 1400 years ago, and for nl chapter 16 was the mid 60s if we save that verily in the cattle is a lesson for you, we give you to drink, from what is within the body, coming from a conjunction between the constituents have the interesting and blood milk, which is pure for you to have.

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And the same message repeated in SWAMI noon.

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chap number 23 was number 21 that verily in the cattle is a lesson for you. They give you to drink milk, which is pure that comes from the within the bodies of the cattle and in it are various benefits and of the meat you can eat. So Quran speaks about the blood circulation and the production of milk in a nutshell 1400 years ago