Zakir Naik – Prashanti Dasri an Indian Christian Accepts Islam in Dubai after Answers her Questions

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The Christian discusses his belief in Islam and the holy spirit, but has doubts about the meaning of the holy spirit. He explains that the holy spirit is a combination of the holy Spirit and the holy Spirit of God, not a member of the Trinity. The discussion also touches on the history and characteristics of different prophets in Islam, including Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Bible. The speaker emphasizes the importance of acceptance of Islam in most countries and offers advice on how to do so.
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Good evening to everybody. This is prashanti das re, I'm from India. And I'm actually a born Christian. And I migrated to Dubai recently, August 2011. And I happen to, you know, I, I came to know about Islam. And my brother also here is in Dubai, and he keeps telling us about Allah. I'm really convinced. And, you know, with all the, whatever knowledge that he shared with me, I'm totally convinced that you know, Islam is the straightforward religion.

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And Allah is alpha is omega is the beginning and the his last, we cannot see son more than 10 minutes. So how can we see a creator? So I'm totally convinced, but there's some questions, you know, that we have doubts, because since I'm a born Christian, I have four questions total four questions to Brother Zaki, like the first question is, brother, I've been listening to your videos, you know, in YouTube, that you were talking about the Holy Spirit, and you specifically mentioned, that Holy Spirit exists.

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So, I just wanted to know His Holy Spirit dare in Islam, according to Quran,

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and also there is a worse in Old Testament Bible, that the Spirit of God is hovering over the waters.

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Spirit of God, so his Holy Spirit as separate from Allah.

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This is my question, sister, those two questions.

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Question number one is that there is holy spirit. What is the meaning? And who is this Holy Spirit as per the Quran as per Islam as compared to Christianity? And the Bible does say that the Spirit of God who was above the water, what does it mean? Is the Holy Spirit separate than God? Sister was two questions. If I answer these two questions, will you accept Islam? I have to tell you four questions. So

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to answer the first two, and then we'll have the next two questions. No, no, yeah, absolutely am 70 pounds percent I'm convinced, you know, whatever knowledge that my brother shared with me and I've been watching your videos, I'm 70% convinced I'm being very honest and very transparent, to inshallah, the four questions answered. Yes. If you will accept Islam, inshallah. I will accept

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the sister last two questions and after the other two questions that the Bible does mention about Holy Spirit. What is the reference of Holy Spirit? In the Quran?

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What the definition of Holy Spirit. It is not the same as mission Islam.

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Because when the Christians when they talk about the Holy Spirit, they assume it is part of the Trinity, the Triune God, do the word Trinity doesn't exist in the Bible, nowhere.

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The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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When they father, the thing of Almighty God, like a Santa Claus, sitting in the heavens, with the earth of the footstool,

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when they talk about the sun, the thing about Jesus cast peace be upon him like Jeffrey Hunter, in the movie, the King of kings, with blue eyes, and good nose, not a polyp no like that. You men that are the Holy Spirit, the thing about dove that came in Pentecost,

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or Jesus Christ was being baptized.

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What is the spirit that mission the Quran, what I believe is Quran talks about Archangel Gabriel.

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You are one of the angels sent by Allah Spano, tala, and one of his roles was to get the revelation to mama, Salah, salah

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and many other roles he has got. So we believe in the ark Angel. So like that if you say that there is a spirit we have no problem, but he's not part of the Triune God and both are separate.

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The angels the Archangel Gabriel separate Allah Spano, tala. And the Spirit even mentioned in the Bible, a separation Allah subhanaw taala, the unjoin This is the teaching of the Church, because the word Trinity doesn't exist anywhere in the Bible. But if we read the Quran, the Trinity is mentioned twice in the Quran in Surah Nisa, chapter number four verse number 171, where it says, while at the colusa Lhasa don't say Trinity, in the Hara, Lacan calm they say stop, it's better for you.

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So Quran says Vallarta kulu, salasar don't fitternity and the same message repeated in from Isaiah chapter number five was some

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73 it says Latika from Regina kalu. They are

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those who say that God is three in one. So the word Trinity appears in the Quran twice. And both the places it says it is wrong to use the word Trinity. And in the Quran, it is mentioned that don't sit in it. But the word Trinity doesn't exist in the Bible. The closest first to Trinity in the Bible is the first episode of john chapter number five, verse number seven, which says, four there are three that bear accord in heaven, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And these three are one. So this was if you read the Revised Version of the Bible, revised by title scholars of the highest eminence, Christian scholars, they say that this was our first epistle of john, chapter number five,

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verse number seven is interpolation is a fabrication is a concoction, and they've thrown This was out of the Bible. So the verse in the Bible that was not talking directly about unity, but the closest to Trinity is thrown out by the scholars of Christianity as a fabrication as a concoction. So but nature is the spirit and Almighty God, the two different entities, they're not the same. And in the Quran, it talks about Archangel Gabriel is the angel of Allah subhanaw taala. Hope that answers the question sister. Yes, brother. I would like to know other two questions. Yeah. My third question is, which is related to Holy Spirit only. All the prophets, all the man of God like Prophet

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Abraham, Prophet, Isaac and Prophet Moses, peace be upon them. All the prophets, they used to intercede with Allah, they used to interact with Allah, so to interact with Allah, because they are all the chosen ones, they must be gifted by some strength, it might be the grace of God. So it is a power there is that some power,

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so that they are able to interact with a lot. So what is that power? So what is my understanding? I mean, what was my understanding all these days was with the help of Holy Spirit, all the prophets were interceding with Allah.

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Is that true? sisters the question that the messengers of Allah subhanaw taala intercede with the Almighty God, then visit interaction with Almighty God sister, the English word intercede and interaction are two different things. So is there a question intercede or interaction, intercede? intercede means that someone intercede on somebody else's behalf

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someone intercedes on somebody else's behalf. Now this you have to realize that when you speak to Allah subhanaw taala, Allah subhanaw taala does not need anyone to intercede. The Quran says in Surah raffir chapter number 40 verse 760, you asked me and I will answer your prayer. Allah subhanaw taala does not require anyone to intercede with him.

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And people give the example that you know, when you go in a court of law, when you're presenting your case to the judge, you hire lawyers. So like that the messengers of God are our lawyers.

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This is okay and logical for a judge as a human being. Because the judge does not know who is the criminal, who is the robber. So the lawyer helps the judge to understand who is a criminal, who is a robber who is not, but Allah subhanaw taala has him again.

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He does not require anyone to prove to him who is good, who is bad.

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So it is wrong to say intercede. Yes, someone can pray.

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A messenger can pray for other human beings. And Allah says in the Quran, that Allah subhanho wa Taala does not require any intercession, except who he was on the Day of Judgment. So on the Day of Judgment, Allah says, He will give permission to certain people to intercede

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and this is the thing that this special favor will be given to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him to what we know from the history of all the other scriptures, as well as the Quran as well as the Hadith that the Messenger of God the interacted with Allah subhanaw taala, the prayed for others. But if we use the prophet to intercede

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that means if I pray, that if I go through this prophet, following the commandments of Prophet is good. But if I pray to somebody else besides Allah subhana wa Taala, that for many of the human beings do, they prayed to human beings saying they are closer to Almighty God. So if we pray through him, God will accept our prayer faster, and better. This is wrong. We have to pray to Allah

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Last mother directly. These prophets of God, they are messengers. Yes, they have special powers. They have special powers. They can speak to Allah Spano, tala, and Allah subhana wa Taala, chooses certain men amongst men, chooses certain men to communicate his message to the other human beings. These Chosen People of Almighty God, we call as prophets or we call it messengers of God. So Allah subhanaw taala selects certain human beings in the world, to communicate his message to the other human beings. These are called messengers of God. So there is communication between the messenger and Allah Spano tala, but that does not mean that human beings can use these messengers to intercede

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that if they pray to these messengers, Almighty God will listen to us. This is the teaching of the Church, that we believe in Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, and all your sins will be forgiven. This concept doesn't exist in Islam, and doesn't exist even in true Christianity. It is the teaching of the Church sister. Hope That's the question. Yeah. My final question is,

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in New Testament, men, in one book, book of Acts, Paul mentioned about tongues. Do you say about tongues in New Testament and according to Islam, is that it's totally eliminated. It's not there, or, or the gift of tongues existed at that time. This is a question that Paul said about tongues if you give me the reference, I am in a better position. There are many things mentioned in the Bible about tongues. There are many verses in the Quran, we speak about tongue. If you give me the reference what you're talking about, I'll be in a better position to reply to you. But generally, there are many statements in the Bible talking about tongues, and also says,

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If you read the gospel, if it is the Gospel of Mark, it says that anyone who's a believer,

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he will be able to understand foreign tongues and speak foreign tongues.

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That means if you are a believer in God, then you can understand foreign languages and you can speak foreign languages. So that's what I did when I had a debate with Dr. William Campbell, I gave him 100 rupee note

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and the Indian 100 rupee note As you may be aware, since you have what 22 official languages, I read in English 100 rupees in the face autopia I asked him to read the other 20 languages, if he's a believer, and he could not.

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There are many references in the Quran talking about tongues. If you read the Quran, the Quran says in Surah chapter 30 verse, Psalm 22, that Allah subhana wa Taala has created the human beings in different colors and tongues, so that you should recognize each other

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so that the men of understanding will understand. Furthermore, the Quran says that on the Day of Judgment, your tongues, your organs, your hands, they will be witness for you what you did, right what you did wrong, there are various Hadith of the Prophet talking about the tongue. So there are many references in the Quran talking about the tongue. There are many references in the Bible, that talk about tongue and how to test a believer. So the question is, sister, thank you. And my final question.

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Okay, I have a Muslim friend and he suggested me to read Bible Old Testament, he specifically mentioned to follow go through the Old Testament and Bible, and then he said read Quran. But as you mentioned, specifically, you know, that Quran is the final revelation given by Allah. So, as a Muslim, what do you suggest me? Because my friend is being the Muslim he said, Follow Bible Old Testament and then read Quran. So the question the one of our friends told her that Firstly, the Old Testament then read the Quran, sisters are the must. If there is something like the Old Testament and the New Testament, then there's something like the last testament the Quran.

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So when the Christians say Old and New Testament, this is the last and final test Allah subhanaw taala. Now I'm asking the question, suppose you have different versions and editions of a book, for example, you have one to a medical college, and a medical college, you know, probably the Keith Moore wrote some books and his book at first edition, Second Edition third edition. So would you read the first edition of the latest edition?

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Of course, I go for the latest. Yes, if you really love the first edition, you know, I'm a fan of the first edition. Then I said, no problem. Read the first edition, then read the last edition. So it feels so much

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hooked on to the Old Testament. And you know your Old Testament is close to your heart. Then the Quran says in Psalm one chapter three verse 64, tala Villa kalama things of I'm by no means come to come in terms as mean as in you, then I would say that if you're so much hooked on to the Old Testament, no problem, read the Old Testament then read the Quran, at least agree what is common.

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And when you read the Old Testament New Testament and the Quran, we come to know that the thing that is common in these scriptures is that there is one God

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and he deserves to be worshipped. He has got no image, he is not bigger than it further says that Jesus Christ is not God. And both the scripture say that the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

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So sister, now are you prepared to accept Islam?

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Of course, yes.

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Do you believe that the one god yes, I believe there is only one God do you believe that Jesus is not God but he's a messenger of God? Yes, I believe Jesus is a messenger. Do you believe Prophet Muhammad is the last and final messenger? Yes, I believe Prophet Muhammad is the last and the final messenger.

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Sister is there anyone forcing you to accept Islam? Sorry, is there anyone forcing you to accept Islam? No, nobody is forcing. Are you accepting all of your free will? Yes. Well then Islam, to force anyone to accept Islam is haram. It's Haram in the religion, and it's haram it's prohibited in most of the countries I believe even in Dubai to force anyone to accept the religion is forbidden. So you accept the previous sister. Yes. That is the reason I asked you many questions Mashallah.

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I hope no one is bribing you know, never was in India.

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When after many people except Assam, the CIT the police go there as to how many dollars Can I give you?

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I tell them I have given them currency of the euro

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currency of the Quran that accepted. So inshallah sister I will say in Arabic and you can repeat it. Okay.

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I shall do a Shalu Allah, Allah de la ilaha illa Allah illallah wa salatu wa shadrach anna, anna Muhammadan Mohammedan, Abu, Abu vara Zulu or sudo I bear witness, I bear with this, that, that there is no God, that there is no God, but Allah but Allah and I bear witness. And I bear witness that, that Prophet Mohammed, Prophet Muhammad is the messenger is the messenger and servant of Allah. And so when of Allah, mother sister Muslim, and May Allah subhanaw taala accept your effort

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and a federalist one Oh Allah, that will guide you further and inshallah give you the best in this world as well as our Cara and Gandhi a place in paradise inshallah, sister Thank you

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