Ramadan Reminder – A Month of Patience

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Alhamdulillah Amina Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah wa sahbihi

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wa Salaam, Allah, Allah,

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praise between our Lord the world's Peace and blessings on the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So here we are in this wonderful season of Ramadan and the significance of the fasting Ramadan was on sisters.

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And it really is a season of hope, a season of gratitude, a season of bolstering our suburbs

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that's what this really is about through fasting which is what I always wisdom and is mercy

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made obligatory for those who are present at home I'm able to to fast in this blessing month of mercy

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and this is a month of Southern I call it suburb not because of the famous and we Cadiz which is in it not in the most famous six books of Hades but mentioned in Simon Hussein and also I'll be happy later on

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that's the famous at least mentioned as a month of fasting but also mentions various other things including first part of the month being mercy second month and the third part saved from the Hellfire This is as I said a week at least we don't need it superfluous Some people say it's all right in providing and maintaining the virtues but no it's not necessary because he mentioned some elements from Illinois which are not acceptable and cannot be taken from a weak cookies. But it's not authentic a DC ideal to foster growing up

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being the month being a month of suburb the promises of Sen D which is authentic and reported by Amazon top Ronnie and bizarre. Also nice Hello salam, some shabri sobor masala Fatah Young Min Kula Shahar Yaga hub now why have a subtle

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in this republic social fasting of the month of Subbu Jani Ramadan, and three days from each month's will remove what a sudden Allah said will remove Hector wives hatred and anger.

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So that's encouraging the three months voluntarily three days from each month beyond but the main thing I want to mention from here at the moment and mostly concerned about the service is here mentioned this month as being the month of Ramadan being the month of summer, fortitude, patience, steadfastness, which helps to control but already we know with COVID and the situation that we face.

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That desert encouragement through difficulty in trial Allah Allah

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encouraged this idea of several in the Quran already where he mentions about tribulation trials coming to all of us well, I never No wonder condition immuno health in this idea

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that we will definitely put you to trial something of fear of hunger and the eye carries on. Because the shortage of time I don't have time to go into all of it. But Allah says in that as well but surely sabeti and give glad tidings to those who are patients and steadfast. Alina is the Follow button we'll see but those who when they are faced with any kind of calamity or tribulation or difficulty or harm,

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all who in early labor in either garage or they say surely we belong to Allah and to indeed to him is our return

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and that's the attitude that several produces. And on women I struggle on her when he mentions how do you support your Bible Hadith the prophet SAW some nice thing about our own when she asked him about our own the plague or pandemic coming to publicize after again I can't make a whole lot of news because there's no time when he mentions that it is rotten, Rotten Tomato little mini and it is a mercy for the believers play coming Subhan Allah and then the prophet SAW some some McCall Salvarsan later lace I mean I had in town for young good feasability sorbitan water seven. When the plague comes there isn't a single individual who stays

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In his land and that can also mean staying in the home in confinement. That's the idea

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sabie run with patients mazzi been hoping for reward from Allah subhanaw taala yamu and nahu la usuba who Mark Elana Khattab Allahu Allah hula hoop, knowing full well that nothing can harm him or her or anyone except that which Allah has written for him or her.

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Illa Canada who myth law, actually Shahid accept the award for such a person is the reward of a Shaheed that means, of course, as is clarified in other ahaadeeth that if the person then perished from the plague, doing all these patients and hoping for reward with Eman that if the Paris that they die, and die as a Shaheed Subhana Allah, that's when they die, this reward is Subhan Allah. So the summary is already mentioned. So as if for all of those who have gone through lost a loved ones in these difficult a year and a bit both gone.

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And those who have suffered COVID, those who've got long COVID, those who have difficulty with confinement financially,

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those who've had marital issues because of the confinement and those who have got depressed and those who became anxious for all them, that is great hope and to bolster and to take them out of that confinement to a spiritual journey to raise them this month came to take the spiritual journey to Allah smarter bring us close to Allah to free is and develop that patience. This is a great gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala this month of summer. So that's about if we really understand the essence of the fasting, it came to bolster all that in us and give us a relief with the with the promise of rewards which are in measurable and measurable. That's why probably saw some mentioned in

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the Hadith which is saying from Allah what Allah couldn't do ama even Adam the who endless say I'm finding the holy Zb all of the deeds of the son or daughter from Adam are for him or her meaning the reward is a 10 to 700 times a reward except for fasting.

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And that is for me, he's doing this so he's doing this and I will personally reward for it. Which links with the subject and Allah what I was saying. To finish with in the Quran, we're in number you have a sabi Runa Acura whom BYD has.

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Surely the reward

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will be the people who are practicing sobor will be compensated with reward without any limits without any limits. May Allah smart Allah makers of the soggy room in the month of summer, may Allah subhanho wa Taala remove our difficulties and trials and remove our worries and our depression and our sadness and lift us spiritually and bring us closer to Him alone. I mean, I call call you had or suffered or lonely welcome in the hole for Rahim Salam Alaikum