People of All Religions should agree to follow at least the Commonalities

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wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah wasabia Jemaine Ahmad, also Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim good.

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tala permiten Saba in binah binnacle Allah illallah wa lanisha young well i akiza ba ba ba then Alibaba, Allah. tala, Sakura shadow Gangnam. Simone, rubbish Elisa de where suddenly Emery wahluke determine lesson EF Coco Lee, my respected elders and memorable their sisters, I welcome all of you with Islamic greetings. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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my peace, mercy and blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala of Almighty God be on all of you.

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It's a pleasure and honor for me that for the three consecutive sessions in the peace, exhibition division of Islam, I've been asked to give the concluding speech.

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The topic of this evening's talk is

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the concept of God in world's major religions.

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Religion, according to the Oxford Dictionary means a belief in a superhuman controlling power,

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especially a personal God, or gods that deserve worship and obedience. In short, of all Oxford Dictionary, religion means the belief in God.

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I start my talk by quoting a verse from Glorious Qur'an from Surah Al imraan, chapter number three, verse number 64. It says,

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Good, Yes, hello Kitab say Oh, people of the book, tallow electron mythen Sawa. imbiah Nabina. Come, come to come in terms as in us and you, which is the first term Alana in the law that we worship, none but Allah will initially kamisha young that we associated a partner with him while he's a bonobo than Alibaba minella that we erect not among ourselves, lords and Payton other than Allah. tala if they turn back, Felicia do eBay witness be a non Muslim moon that we are Muslims bobbing, eventual last mano tala. This was of the goddess Quran according to me, I call it the master key for Dawa whenever we speak to different types of people, people of different religions, the Quran says

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tala illogical meeting Saba in Burnaby come to common terms as been asked and you

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do the worse begins by saying Kalia Hello Kitab say oh people have the book. This was can be used for people of all religions. It specifically refers to the Jews and Christians but in general, it can refer to the people of all religions. And the first term is Allah Allah Allah that we worship, none. But Allah Subhana Allah Almighty God. One thing common Arambula in all the world's major religions is

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that the followers of any religion, they believe that the god they worship is the same for themselves as well as for others. For example, the God with the Hindus worship, they believe He is the God for the Hindus as well as for the Hindus,

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the God with the Christian worship, they believe he is the same God for the Christians as well as non Christians, and the God which we Muslims believe.

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We believe that Allah subhana wa Taala Almighty God is the same God for the Muslims as well as for the non Muslims.