Are Muslims Terrorists

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Muslims today are labeled as terrorists.

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Many times,

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two different labels are given for the same activity of that same individual.

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About 6070 years ago, before India got its freedom, the country better come from

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the Britishers were only India, there were many Indians, who were fighting for the freedom of the country. These people by the British government, they were called as terrorist.

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But to come in Indians, we call them as freedom fighters as patriots, same people same activity, but to different levels.

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If you agree with the view of the British government, that they had a right to know India, then you have to call these people as terrorists. But if you agree with the view of the common Indians, that the Britishers came to India to do business, they have no right to rule over us, then you will have to call these people as patriotic as freedom fighters, same people same activity, but to different levels. And such examples you can give multiple such examples in world history.

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A day you should know if there are many examples which example should you use where so that he understands because Quran students will Imran chapter three verse 64 Tala will occur within Sabha embedded, Amina come to come in terms as a senior, the moment the Indian is when they call Muslim terrorists. And when I give this example, then they understand the picture better. Two months back, I was in UK, after the bomb blasts after seventh of July. There's supposed to be a gun conference, Tony Blair jacket was supposed to come last moment, they didn't come. But the chief of police was there, the mayor was there. And they're also used example. But my examples are different.

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I said that in the 18th century.

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We know of the American Revolution.

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The Britishers. were ruling America. There were many Americans who were fighting for the freedom. In 1776. They got the freedom.

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And top of the line war, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, they will call as terrorists number one by the British government.

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The person who was terrorists, number one, George Washington. Later on, he becomes the president of USA, imagine terrorists. Number one, become the president of USA.

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And he is an example for all the presidents to follow, including George Bush.

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This is media. That is number one becomes the president of the country which we look up upon USA, USA named most advanced country in the world.

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Who was the person who was the first president a terrorist.

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We have the example of Nelson Mandela. Before New South Africa was formed. South Africa was released from the white apartheid government. Nelson Mandela by the white apartheid government. He was imprisoned for 25 years in Robben Island, he was called as terrorists number one, later on, when South Africa gets its freedom from the white apartheid government. He's named the president

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of New South Africa and Linden. He gets the Nobel Prize for Peace.

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And he doesn't get a Nobel Prize for Peace for a new activity, not that he was a terrorist first, and then he did some good activities and a bad person has become a good person no no for the same activity for which he was called a terrorist. After a few years, he gets a Nobel Prize for Peace.

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It is weird, same activity for which he was imprisoned for 25 years.

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He was called as terrorists for the same activity later on, he gets the Nobel Prize for Peace.

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So this is how the media

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can convert day into night, black into white Hero into a villain and a villain to hero in short, whoever is in power, whatever he says,

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turns out to be the gospel truth. We know when Hitler

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was invading Europe, many countries were visiting even France. The resisted these French people by the German devil call us terrorists.

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This is how the media

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paints a picture. Unfortunately we Muslims. Unfortunately, we are way behind. We should know how to turn the tables over