Zakir Naik – Origin of Polytheism

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the history of Islam, including surah 7 and the origin of polytheism. They explain that Islam has taught individuals to obey instructions and delay punishment until the day of Judgment, leading to "slack and misogyny." They also mention a "haste of polytheism" that began at the time of "ship of polytheism" and is the origin of "haste of polytheism."
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In surah, chapter number seven Muslim 11 to 18 that Allah said to the angels bow down, all bow down except the bliss. And when Allah arson Why have you not obeyed my commandment? He says, I am better in creation than Adam because I was treated from fire and Adam was treated from clay. Then Allah says get down you disobedient. So a bliss request Allah that gives me respite, that you're punished me, but delay my punishment. And Allah says, I give you respite, I delay your punishment till the Day of Judgment. Then English says that I will assault your followers from front and from behind from left and from right, and I will misguide them. So Allah says those who believe in me while my

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followers will never be able to misguide, but all those who misguide you and then I will fill with *. This incidence is the origin of ship of polytheism. The idea

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to do so by Allah and the origin of shift and polytheism is from that time

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