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Assalamualaikum and a very warm welcome to the philosophy of fasting Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. All praise is due to Allah, peace and blessings be upon Muhammad, the last prophet and messenger of Allah. As always, it's my ultimate pleasure to welcome in the studio, Dr. Hatem along dad, I Salam Alaikum doctor when it comes down to mobile. Okay, thanks again for joining us in the studio. Welcome back. Well, as you know, Dr. We were talking about Ramadan, and we were talking about specifically reading the Quran in Ramadan. And we got to a point about a story. So enlighten is more about the Quran in Ramadan. Like men are Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam

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ala Rasulillah. One of the unique characteristics of the Quran is that

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it has been preserved by Allah and Allah.

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And we said that there is an amazing story regarding the preservation of the Quran by Allah. That story goes back to the tongue of Alma Moon Alma one, he was one of the caliphs, abassi caliphs, okay. And he was a scholar himself, despite some of his opinions. And he used to sit with the people and discuss things in one time, one time. And moon, so a person who used to be

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from the Jewish community, right, he used to be a Jew. So he told him, You, you were a Jew, isn't it? He said, Yes. He said, You accepted Islam. He said, Yes. Then he said, Can you tell me why did you accept Islam?

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So the man said that he used to have a good handwriting. Right? And he said, that he wanted to check whether the Quran is the word of Allah that has been preserved by Allah, or it is not truly the word of Allah. Right? So he said that he took a copy of the Quran and he wrote it, and he altered a few things, here and there. And he took it and he wanted to sell it. Right. So he took it to the you can say bookstore or the market. Yes. They said that he gave it to the first one. So the first one, the bookshop, he said,

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This is not gonna

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take it. Then he said he took it to the second person. And the second person read it and he said, No, this is not Quran. He took it to the third person. So the third person said, this is not

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this guy who wrote it. He said, after that I realized that this book has been preserved by a lot snowmen climate change it and I accepted Islam immediately. Mashallah, Sofia, Anna 31 of the scholars said, this is mentioned in the Quran. Allah, Allah, Allah says about the Quran, yes, in Noona, Xena dechra were in Allah who have evolved, indeed we have revealed the vicar and it is upon us to preserve it to God, right while regarding Torah, and indeed, Allah, Allah, Allah left it to the monks and rabbis to preserve it. Allah, Allah Allah says in the Quran, yes, como Burnaby Yun and Lavina, Islam, Latina. hadoo. And then Allah, Allah, Allah says, and this is the point, definitely

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what we're burning you now well, that will be Mr. Filming Kitab Allah. So Allah Allah, Allah Allah says the rabbi's. And the monks be must filming Kitab Allah means Allah, Allah, Allah left it to them to preserve their books. Definitely. And because Allah Allah, Allah, Allah left it to them to preserve the books. They weren't, they were not able to preserve the books, as we know. So this is a very unique characteristic of the Quran and you do not find any copy of the Quran in the East or in the West except it is the same copy and here

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As we are mentioning, this, I would like to pinpoint

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as we are, go ahead, addressing people from different backgrounds. Some people say that they found some copies of the Quran that are a little bit different from the Quran as we see, say, we can say that

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there are different ways of recitation of the Quran and there are approved copies of the Quran that might have different ways of writings in order to reflect those different research citations. Okay, so these are well known to everyone in the world. Yes, other than that, other than that, if there is any variation in the Quran, even if it was found in some manuscripts, then we say that wrong that Roenick that is not the Quran Subhanallah and this is Subhan Allah, Allah, Allah Allah bless the this Oma. In fact, I would like to say that Allah Delilah did not bless this on only Allah, Allah, Allah bless the whole humanity of khoy sending this book and preserving this book, definitely, to

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have them watch, you know, coming through very strongly is the Quran is very special. Indeed. You're telling me that basically and the viewers at home, that there's no distortion in the Quran at all we had the story, Allah, Allah, Allah preserved it. In fact, some of the scholars, you will be amazed I came across a statement by one of the scholars in the Republic, he said that the Quran that has been written by Earth man, well, the Allahu Allah, Allah and he means he recorded, right? Yes, with the companions and that team. He said that Quran looks like the Quran that Allah that Allah Allah preserved in the Preserved Tablet, yes, Allah inspired the companions to write the Quran in a way

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that Allah Jalla wa Ala wrote it and keep issue above the seven heavens. So Quran is something special in our life. And is something unique for the whole human. See, that's why Allah Allah, Allah Allah, look,

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if I may say, Allah Jalla wa Allah says, in two verses in the Quran, the first verse, yah Yohannes. O mankind not all believers, are they are at Comella either to move or become what she found on Lima fields to do. Well, who then what I mean, yeah, Are you her nurse, or mankind? Are they there at home? Maybe even a reminder came to you or from you, Lord, Allah deliver Allah here is that an odd thing?

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Believe believers only Muslims only. And we would like to stress that the Quran is not for us as Muslims is for everyone who wants to read it and submit to it to add Camilla to never become what she found only Matthew sudo and the healer for the problems in our hearts, where she felt old enough to sudo well, who then will never ever turn limitata Johann NAS but they are at Gmail ever to ever become what she found on Lima for sudo. All the problems in our hearts will be treated by the Quran definitely then it is a guidance. And then Allah, Allah Allah concluded by saying that it is Rama, Rama for those who submit to the Quran. So the people who want to have the Rama of the Quran, they

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have to submit to the Quran and they will see the benefit and the impact of the Quran on their life. On the other ayah Allah Allah Allah Allah says

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yah, yah nurse, are they they are accom Baja Nomura become we're Angelina Eli, Nora, Nora Medina, all mankind. I will hand a proof came to you from You, Lord. And that's why we say

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to the whole humanity between us and you is the book of Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, read the book of Allah, Allah Allah and you will see what we are talking about Russia and you will see whether we are following the wrong religion or the right religion. The key point is read the Quran with an open heart or at least read the Quran from an objective perspective. Definitely not not biased to just find things in the Quran that address as mistakes then you become blind and you will not see the beauty of the Quran. In fact

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In fact, many people who read the Quran in order to find mistakes in the Quran or to refer to the Quran, they were compelled to submit to the Quran Subhanallah yeah Yohannes acampo Hanamura become definitely one Zelina we have revealed to you knows light and there is no light in the whole earth except the the light of Allah, Allah, Allah and the light of Allah, Allah Allah was revealed to the humanity in this book, that definitely I agree with you. That's why if if I may say again Subhanallah because it is very exciting to talk about the Quran. Allah, Allah, Allah says, and other Iron Woman Yeah, sure, undecorated man, you know, a Yoda who shaped line and for whoever the one who

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turns a blind eye towards the decoder for Rama, either he doesn't want to remember Allah, or the vicar that came from Allah, what will happen to him? Naka Yaga who che Atlanta for Hula, hula Kareem, we will appoint a che upon to be his companion all of the time. And then Allah, Allah Allah said that they will stop them from submitting to the, to the truth. So what I want to say, and I would like to send a message to the whole of humanity to all viewers, of course, Muslims, or non Muslims, if you want to be enlightened by the light of your Creator, by the light of the One who created this universe, by the light of the one who knows everything, the one who can give you the

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light, read the Quran, if you don't believe in it, just read it. What is the harm of those those non Muslims? I'm asking them as a question always just read the Quran, who has read the Bible? You have read other books? Why don't you read the Quran and see whether we are telling you the truth or we are lying just to check even if you do not want to submit to it, just read it and see what is there. And even when you argue or when you have a debate with a Muslim, you can say to the Muslim that Listen, I have read the Quran. And this is that this is this this is that a good point. And Doctor, that's all we have time for right now in this part, we'll pick up after the break. We're just going

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to take a quick break. Stay tuned. Assalamu alaikum Welcome. My dad.

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Assalamualaikum and a very warm welcome back to the philosophy of fasting. Well, you know, the views, I was so excited at the beginning of this program, when Dr. hatom was talking about the Quran and Ramadan, I just wanted to share with you doctor a quick story before we go any further. You mentioned before the break that you know, reading the Quran, and Ramadan is very special. Of I want to share something with you. Because, you know, it's important that we believe in the Torah and we believe in the Bible. And being a Christian previously, I read the Bible. And every time I'm reading the Bible, it didn't seem to sink into my heart, I had to find in a different chapter of the Bible.

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What does this mean? What does this mean? And do you know Subhanallah all praised is due to along? I pick the Koran up and I read I read the first page and does it not say an Arabic You can tell me better? Please read read carry on reading. I read the Quran. And nowhere did I have to turn a page. I didn't have to think oh, what does this mean? What is Allah trying to say to me? Everything I asked was in this in this book. Amazing. You accepted Islam before I accepted Islam before? Because

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it was very strange story. No quickly I won't go into how I accepted Islam, Allah hamdulillah

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however, it was just something that I felt I had to do I read the Quran because I'm thinking

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my life is so empty, and my heart very quickly, brother.

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I had everything I wanted in life everything you couldn't I couldn't ask for more Subhanallah However, every day, my heart and my head was black, very black. Why am I on this earth? Why?

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God please help me and didn't you do know that time before?

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You sleep in your head is on that pillow. And you're going, please God. And I used to say please God, please God, I believe in you and you only you, you can only help me. Nobody else. And I didn't know any. I was, you know, stuck realizing I was very against Islam coming from the west.

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This is the submission. And you, you had an idea about Islam. I did have no idea about Islam I was generally speaking, you're against Islam, I was against Islam, because of the Western media being I was a normal English person in the West, growing up, nice job, everything I wanted nothing. And

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I just thought to myself, what's the point in my life? Why am I on this earth? And well, Hamdulillah, Muslim Wallahi brother buffet, this is a message and see maybe your words may be more effective in the, in some of the viewers, especially non Muslims, for sure. And we ask them to listen to you, and you are a neutral person. You are not born as a Muslim, you are against Islam, definitely them because of what Islam provides. Yes, that no other religion can provide. You accepted Islam and you are happy and you feel definitely what you mentioned that the black point or the emptiness that you had, has been what filled by the light of Allah and Allah definitely talk to

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them. No, I haven't. Everyone says I have nothing. I live in Egypt. People say, Oh, why have you left the West? Do you not strive for things like this? Are you not lonely? Or let me tell the DEA of you is no. Because if you leave everything Subhanallah

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stuck through it just got lucky because that Calaca I remembered so many stories, so many stories of people who accepted Islam like this, you know, I don't want to exactly.

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I stuck with the law. I don't want to mention certain people otherwise, you know, we might break certain rules and regulations. But you remember the story of brother USIA Evans, he used to be, he used to be a priest. And he said that he was against this and I might as well. And anyway, he had to buy a bad idea about Islam and Muslims for sure. And one time a person gave him the Quran. So he left it at home. And he didn't read it. So one time

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he was asleep. So he woke up at tonight and he was maybe he wants to do he wanted to do something different. So he said that he picked it up, for sure. And he said let me just flip through this book. Let me see. So the first thing he opened was the first page on Surah Al Fatiha

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and he said a precise chapters, talks about everything. And he said this is amazing. This is amazing. And then he said let me just read. So he read and if Lam Meem Valley Kalki tabula EverFi the you know the first chapter in the Quran after Surah Al Fatiha is Surah Al Baqarah. Ali Fleming Jellicle Kitab loughrea Buffy. So, this is the book. There is nothing wrong in it. There is no doubt Sorry, there is no doubt in it. Larry Buffy when he said, I put the book aside, and I said, Who is this author who can write a book? And he's so confident to say, look, this is the book, there is no doubt in it whatsoever. Definitely. He said, Every author will say, Well, I tried my best to make it

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the best of books. And I tried not to have any mistake in it and so on. Then he said, this book must be a different book. Let me just read again. So he opened the index, and he wants to read surah Maryam Mary, and he started to read and he said it was very simple. Direct is straightforward. It explains everything about Maryam Ali has Salam not like our book. I mean, the Bible has so many discrepancies and contradictions difficult to understand what he's trying to say definitely. And then he said the next day he went to a masjid, etc, etc. And he accepted Islam Subhanallah because of this, that's why

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Allah Allah Allah says in the Quran WADA heed whom be Jihad and can use the Quran as your tool for jihad. And this is the most powerful tool we

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You have as Muslims Dantley I would like to address non Muslims to say that see, we are not a race, we are not an ethnicity, a certain ethnicity. You are a pure white person. Yes. And you felt that the Quran is for you. Definitely I am an Arab person. And many people say that the Quran was revealed in Arabic. By the way, maybe it is a good point that we need to speak about why Quran is in Arabic, and what you need to do. Of course my point is, someone might say that you are an Arab person, the Quran is is revealed is made for you of course we cannot say is made for you is revealed for you is given for you is not for white people like yourself, of course but have you felt, I'm

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asking you now, have you felt that the Quran is not for you than it is for me? The Quran is definitely for me Subhan Allah, it is for the Holy human exactly this it was to be said, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah says, yah, yah, yah, yah, all mankind, not only for, for certain ethnicity or certain group. This is what we're here for. Dr. Latham because we want to get the message across Islam is peace. Islam is for everyone, not just for a single race, ethnicity, or a certain person, it's for everyone. The amazing factors here not to have them that, you know, we're here as Muslims. And you know, what can we do as simple people to get that message across to one person who's not a

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Muslim? Because do we want them to have a bad ending? Do we want them as as you can tell us more doctor, but is it not one of the first things that you learn as a Muslim? What you want for yourself? You want for other people? Exactly, exactly. This is SubhanAllah. Very good point. Yes. We as Muslims.

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We, in one of the episodes we will talk about to you just to remind it, yes. And we will talk about the DUA, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he used to make for non Muslims definitely in order for them, to accept Islam, to be what To Him be enlightened by the light of Allah. And as you said, one of the basic things that we learn as Muslims is to love for the whole humanity, goodness, but we have to understand what it means exactly like the whole humanity to end in paradise, of course, to end up in paradise, we would like this. This is the true meaning for love of goodness for the humanity, of course, and anything that humanity can achieve. If they do not achieve paradise.

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They are what losing? Yes, and you know, the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when

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he said that, on the Day of Resurrection, Allah, Allah, Allah brings a person who is about to go to Paradise, and he brings another person who is about to go to fire of hell. So the person who is about to go to Paradise, he used to live a very difficult life, but he will be ending in Paradise. Allah, Allah, Allah puts him for a few seconds in paradise and take him out. And then Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah asks him, Have you ever faced any difficulty in your life? Just because a few minutes, a few seconds in Paradise, he forgot about all difficult things that he wants to throw in his life, death on the other side, the person who was enjoying his life, finding everything, as you said, but

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he's going to end up in the fire fill, Allah puts him for a few seconds in the fire fell, and then takes him and he would say to him, Have you ever enjoyed your life? He will say, No, I've never enjoyed anything in my life, just because of what because of a few seconds in the fire of hell. And that's why any happiness, other than the happiness of Islam, that is going to lead us to Paradise is void and null. And she's not really happiness. Thank you so much for that doctor. I do appreciate you supporting us in the studio today. That's all we have time for right now.

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Well, viewers, I guess we've learned today, the Oneness of Allah, and all about Quran in Ramadan. Until next time, I'll leave you in the safe care of Allah assalamu Alikum welcome

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