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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the upcoming season of absorption, including its potential benefits, including helping people to pray. The speakers emphasize the importance of worshipping a specific entity for a better understanding of history and future. They also discuss the loss of humanity and the lack of consideration for civilizations, as well as the afterlife of people and the shaping of the future. The course will provide guidance on practicing the surah Yaseen course and provide a brief overview of the concept of afterlife.
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out of alignment if you don't know Jim's Reno Amanda Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was happy to remain a beloved brothers and sisters in Islam cinematic martial law he obrigado Alhamdulillah has been to Allah, we have reached the 11th Night of the month of Ramadan and zpanel. I don't know if it's just myself, but it seems like this the season I'm on is going really, really quickly. We're almost up to the halfway mark of Ramadan and we plead to Allah subhanaw taala that we attained the benefits of the blessings of this month, we know that we are entering the second third of the month of Ramadan, which is the third of forgiveness, every

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evening that resources every evening or every day in the month of Ramadan. The people who were destined to go to Jannah or they're on the list basically of janam and Allah subhanaw taala exonerates them in this month that so many people they are sick, free, they are poor, or they are set free, saved from the fires of gentlemen, we pray with me to Allah subhanaw taala and we are saved from Pfizer jr number if we are on that listing, let us be saved. And it has to be set free by His mercy in his case. Meanwhile, Family Law, we also now continue without the serious reaction. And so we were in the second section of the solo. And this section was the story of the people of the

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town. And we said this unique town where Allah subhanaw taala seemed to them to profits. And then they rejected the messengers and saw a lot but as is known as Allah assisted them with a third messenger. These messengers were ridiculed and they were abused. And we mentioned some of the false arguments these people made against the MBA, not to not to follow them. And then Allah subhana wa Taala tells us in the story, there was a countryman one from amongst them that came to speak to this these people so we have a city, you have the Gambia preaching, you have the community rejecting the Gambia, I mean, one of the townsmen from far outside of the town, Madhya I mean, Axl Medina from

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outside of the town, basically the end of the town, he comes running to the city center, and you can imagine he means not speaking to a crowd of people. In spawn Allah Allah mentions more about this man's story than that of the Gambia. And what this man was Wali of Allah subhanho, wa Taala, this unknown person whose words are immortalized in the Quran, Al qiyamah. He really summarizes our theology and beliefs very beautifully. And he gives the Dow in a very beautiful way. And he says, you know, the arguments he makes is simple. He says, You believe that there is a father with a father who is more unique than Hanukkah holidays to create, but to further our means to originate

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meaning from nothing. So he says, If you believe that there is one who created all of this from nothing, and that in the end, we will all go back to that same that same origin later. And most people in the world believe in such an entity, then is it not? Is it not logical that we should only worship Him? And that what benefit is it to ask anyone for assistance to turn to anyone in pray in worship, or looking for Baraka looking for a sec looking for protection? What benefit is it to go to any other entity besides this originated Allah subhanaw taala. And he says that if I he doesn't mention them, he doesn't curse them, he doesn't abuse them. He says, If I were to do that, if I were

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to come and check, then surely I would have made a clear mistake, and I would be in error. So follow me and follow the Gambia, these people on guidance. And of course, in response, these people unfortunately, not only they reject him, but they killed him. And so Allah jumps to the afterlife. And Allah says in a beautiful idea what level of religion Nate was saying to him. And so in the agenda, he gets Jenna, how amazing and how lucky How fortunate is for him that he passed this test and Allah subhanaw taala directly sent him sent him to Jana is a few verses that are very beautiful in the sawed off some of my favorite verses. One of them is with this message called aelita, homie.

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He says, Oh, how I wish basically is he still feeling any great for his people. He says How I wish my people could see how Allah has forgiven me and see what Allah has made me amongst the marami meaning could see this Jana, and it's a beautiful thing to think about many of us in the month of Ramadan, we think about those of our loved ones who have passed away. parents, grandparents, Mama, Grandma, all of them are a blessing gentlemen, Allah forgive the shortcomings. And the month of Ramadan is the month of forgiveness, such as for us alone, also forgive them as well might be that someone who has died, the names on the list of punishment and it's through your door, that they are

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exonerated and saved. I mean, so those reports the way we think about them, and we will usually mean Ramadan, how nice it would be with us to be maybe around the fourth table, they are missing. But at the same time, a nicer thought would be that they are looking at the agenda. They are sitting there looking and enjoying themselves and they are thinking of us and say yeah, later how we wish our sons and our daughters, our grandkids can be with us and see what Allah has prepared for us of a reward and how we wish they have joined us and they can, you know, leave the world quickly and can join us in January we'll all be together. United. One of the great blessings of going to Gen Neff is that we

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will not intergender alone, we will intergender together and so we will appreciate Jana as families. I mean, may that be the case soon for all of us. I mean, and so this man dies and now Allah subhana wa tada jumps back to the town. So after we've concluded with the death of this valley of Allah, Allah now speaks about the consequences of the town. Allah is looking to leave

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We'd like that. That is the the pious man has gone to Jana. But now these people have crossed the line. Remember the NBS is the UI people must must recall that you are crossing a line and now they've crossed the Red Line they've actually killed a believer. And so now almost final dollar is going to take any tribution Allah says our political regime was 28 where my hands are now Allah call me he mean by the heme. In June de Mina summer he moondream. Allah says, and we did not sit down upon his people, meaning the man who died, we've not seen upon his people off the meaning of the he was killed any soldiers from the heavens, no would we have done so Allah saying you as a retribution

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as a way to punish these people, there was not a need for Allah to send down one of these he soldiers meaning one of the angels, or one of the elite of Allah creations, Allah says, These people are not worthy even for me to send, like special forces against them. I imagined maybe one country threatening, you know, a very small, tiny country threatening a big country and says, You know what, send us your your special forces send your most advanced weapons, and then as a response, you know, the strong countries and it is not even befitting for you to even seen our most advanced technology. We don't need to even send you one of our powerful weapons, you are so insignificant, so inferior,

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all it takes is something really simple to destroy you. So Allah says, For them, they will not even deserving of Allah sending down an angel upon them to destroy them. Some cities Allah subhanho wa Taala punish them by sending an angel for example, the people of north of Los Angeles realizes that I'm down and he lifted the city completely upside down. Almost is for these people. There was no need for me even to send my angels and my soldiers against them in Canada Illa say hotton wahida for either home huami doing all it took is just one loud scream one loud shout for either whom hominin Allah says a single one screaming it's sort of it is to mention here the how easy it was to to

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destroy them. All it took was a single shout loud scream for either whom harm anyone and then they were completely extinguished. So some points of this is the wording Allah Subhana use so again, a say ha, Allah the street a number of cities with the sky with a scream that people have Thamud with a stone with a say the people of nimisha muddy and they will also destroyed with us loud sound that shook the city and even cause earthquakes in it so it's a matter of vibration. It's something which happens suddenly without any warning you hear the scream and mean everyone in that is as if though, you know they fell down and died. Allah mentions actually the word Yeah, he doesn't say destroyed.

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Allah uses the word mcma when my home very interesting what's election Yeah, and mcmanamon is the word you use when you stomp out a fire completely. So there's a fire and you smother eat and he dies instantly, and not even a single image is live in is completely dead. And so Allah subhanaw taala mentions how Not a single one of them remained after the scheme was was upon them, of course, besides for the believers, and I'll also use the analogy of a fire because the fire is dangerous, and it can cause harm to others. So if you remember these people, it wasn't that they disbelieved that Allah subhanaw taala is destroying them. It was now that they disbelieve is actually harming

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the believers like this via that is not springing out of control, as a mercy actually to the rest of creation. They are they are completely extinguished. Another way is to think of him as a cancer, the cancer harms any sort of body and So now Allah subhanaw taala as a mercy is extracting them from the creation and removing them completely. So he is ending the harm and with this one single shout, they will complete the foul and they were they were extinguished Allah subhanaw taala protectors. Then the next I and again this is one of my favorite is of the of the soul. And it shows you really Allah subhanaw taala his desire for us to want to be successful. Allah subhanho wa Taala of the years

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destroy this nation. Allah doesn't want us to think that he is one that is looking to destroy or he's looking to sin, anyone's agenda. Rather Allah wants us to succeed. And Allah wants us to take heed and use the blessings He's given us so that we can get to Jenna. So in the next iotus Yeah, Hassan al a bad Hassan is actually a regret, it is more intense than another. The word nerdom in Arabic means to be remorseful or regretful hustla is even more than that is we someone has so much regret that he lost all hope. So Allah says, How are we grateful for the bad How will the great fall sorrowful and some of us he actually mentioned Allah Himself is saying this, some say to the angels,

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some actually say Allah is saying that how sorry he feels basically for that humanity, you know, in a manner which befits almost majesty, Allah is saying that he feels a sense of regret for the creation for his a bad for these and the slaves, even though they rejected him. They didn't obey Him but not worship Him. They stole his creation, Maya t mira Sunil Academy yesterday when Allah says they did not come to the meaning any group of people in the history of mankind, whenever he seems to them a Rasulullah a messenger. He's giving them this amazing gift of prophethood except that they will ridicule and they will mock and they will insult me sambia was giving you this gift, and

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instead of learning from it, you're benefiting

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You actually turn against the the messenger and so Allah saying, Yeah, how certain about how how regretful it is for the for the slaves. And we'll have to do this. And it's a theme that sadly it is that most people follow. And again, we should not think of ourselves external to these nations that before, it is most likely that he DC always tends to repeat itself, even always talking about nations that came many, many 100 years 1000s of years ago, it could be as it could be me we should all consider ourselves in the story. When we listen to the story of the Gambia, maybe you listen to the story of Nomi Moosa and Iran and who are you in the story, you must be one of the characters

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either you or the Navy Musab the story or the fit of the story. You're those who follow Nabi Musa, Oh, those are following. And so this is the same in this story, who are we have these are these people, we hope and we pray that Allah subhanaw taala. This has to be of the only and the successful ones. But remember, it couldn't be we are those who do not take all those words, seriously, we do not take his messenger seriously. And so a lot also mentions your ridicule, because the first step to crossing that line is when we don't take the message seriously, we think it likely we are forgetful. And once we start, you know this, respecting the message and the guidance realizing that

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the next step is to disobey it, and invest the first step into the progression and tolls panel or some even cross that line where they are liable for the punishment in the dunya and akhira. Again, we need to reflect like you're in Cape Town not so long ago, Allah sent a drought upon us and then Allah remove that drought, that drought, certainly we take note that these things happen with reason. So these are message for us maybe we have cross certain lines, we have done something wrong in terms of our relationship with Allah or our relationship with one another. And if we crossed those lines, it is for us to reflect and contemplate and to come back and to be humble. Now we have

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a new pandemic a new situation upon us and this is these are reminders for each of us to fix ourselves my last pilot Allah grant us to fix ourselves on loving continuous over that and he says yeah, Hassan a bad mad at me rasulillah kind of BS as he won't allow me to come I like nakaba hormonal curonian homie let him lie or join a lie. Now since a warning to the Quraysh. And to all of us these people that were destroyed are just one of many Allah says Allah Miro Do you not see come a hillock? Now how many nations have we destroyed before them in the past, meaning if we look through history and to analyze till today, we are discovering throughout the world, civilizations that just

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were wiped off the map, we didn't even know they existed, we find the ruins Are they gone? We don't know why they were destroyed. What happened to them, South America, so many nations, throughout the Middle East, you find so many cities that were completely destroyed, either through floods, or volcano, or even sometimes we don't even know what happened to them. They just disappeared completely. It could be like this, the Sahaba scream, and they were gone. So Allah says Have they not considered how many generations we know current generations are saying we have destroyed before them. And now let him lay out a john. And so they will never ever return meaning they have become

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completely extinct. Like we see the dinosaurs, they are gone. Not only is it not to die is one thing, but for the entire species to be wiped out, and they will never come back. Allah says how many nations or have they been and the word The reason I was come? It's obviously a rhetorical question, meaning you cannot count how many. And so it should make us worried that this is a general theme of what happens to civilizations, we receive the reminders and they don't may turn away from it, and then they become liable for the for the punishment. And again, it is not that Allah is saying that he wants to punish or although it is their own doings, that they live a certain life and

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they themselves are falling off a cliff. But um, they are trying to save them. And so salami gives a beautiful example. He says I am like a man that is standing in front of a fire. And they are moths an insect rushing into this fire. And I am coming to block them trying to save them from the fire. But no matter how hard I try, many of them will dodge me and they will hit into the fire. So it isn't that Allah push these people in the fire Rather, they were already on their way. And the messenger was the last, you know, barrier to stop them. But they of course ridiculed they didn't take him seriously. They didn't take the warning seriously. And so where you have to be left, they

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fell in that in that fire. And so Allah says they are completely extinct, they will never ever return. Then Allah reminds us Subhana Allah how beautifully flows from one section to the next section. Allah says we're in kulula gemi Allah Dana macaroon that even though we are many, many countless generations that are extinct, some of them that have been destroyed for 1000s and 1000s of years, they bones have become dust. Allah says we're in kulula jameela dana neuron, but indeed, surely all of them will be presented before us they will all come back and they will be presented before us. And of course, this is eluding to the day of the day of judgment when they have piano and

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that is now introducing the next section. well as for HANA data will give IR to enforce the concept of of the after. So we said one of the things that the Qureshi Of course maybe didn't believe fully in was the concept of an afterlife and Subhanallah many, many people today even they basically look at this world and they say, there is no life after this life. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala will, in the next section, give very simple examples to enforce

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The concept of the afterlife. And the most simple example he gives, just introducing the next section is Allah gives an example of how we look at a land. And for us here in Cape Town, we saw it, it was barren, it was dead. During the drought, nothing was growing, and all of a sudden rain was put upon it. And out of it, Allah subhanaw taala brought life. And so Allah is reminding you, you are seeing a resurrection happening, something we just completely did. Allah brings life to it. And so do not be surprised that Allah will do the same with us. And in fact, we will be in the ground, we are buried in the ground. And from it, we will come out we'll talk about that section in sha

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Allah tomorrow. So just to summarize, we did the second section of surah Yaseen, which enforces the concepts of prophethood. It enforces the ideas of Revelation and the relationship we have with the MBR, the warnings, and of course, the afterlife. And again, so if you look at the audience, so this is number one, this the second section speaks to the Prophet also long it gives him a comfort that look, you are not the first to be rejected. In fact, all the messages were rejected, all of them were ridiculed, this is really the part this is part and parcel It comes with the territory, they've already crossed the line meaning for you, this is what you want. When Allah in sinned upon them the

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other we know that a beautiful lamp was given the option, especially after the you went to five and preach to him, Allah gave him the option if you want you gave the green light now to destroy them. And then let me select the option and many of the ambia before they were destroyed, Allah subhana wa tada gave the Amir the last choice, you make the decision. Now, if you feel that these people are beyond fixing, and then the punishment is against him, but they are liable for it, of course, raw material aluminium, me so solemn, never ever invoked upon his own people, that they be destroyed, and he rather persevered and, you know, continuously took the hardship upon himself, and never did

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he make it work against his own his own people, even though they just believed in Him, then, of course, is a beautiful message to the Sahaba. This is true in I imagined abubaker. And as well, and you know, those are Sahaba that are being oppressed, they are learning that Allah is telling them that look, it might be that you are going to be killed, it is very possible that your own people might kill you like this while in the Quran. But in return, Allah is going to give you a great great reward, persevere part of it is a human struggle. And in the end, Allah subhanaw taala is going to do and then of course, the message the other audiences that have the courage that they are being

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one, they should go and look and see how many nations were destroyed before. And Allah is giving them another example of a nation that was destroyed instantly, just with one sound and they were gone. And this could very much happen to the Quraysh if they persevere on this, and then as we said, Allah subhanaw taala will move into the next the next phase of the next phase of the surah is talking about evidences that you can look in front of your eyes now wants to prove these these concepts through logic and reasoning Allah introduced you know, the concept of resurrection, our last panel that I explained to them on the word of this what he the concept of a creator. So now I

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was going to show them look at look at the natural world for evidences as to allowing the creator and there will be a resurrection of this life and inshallah that is our third section. Allah subhanaw taala blesses mama grant us to follow the guidance to take the reminders that Alessia they gave the scene to us. And may Allah Spanish Allah grant us success I mean Sokka Hi, Sarawak, Marbella.

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