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The Surah Fatiha cluster is the maintainer and the controller of Islam's meaning, with the importance of confirming what is meant by Islam's name and praying to the party. The surah is a recitation of the Surah's name and is a recitation of the Hades, protecting people from evil elements and creating a "theological". The importance of protecting from evil elements and following teachings is emphasized, as well as building a "theological" belief. The Surah Hades protects people from evil and creates a "theological" belief.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh last week we looked at the basics of understanding the Quran, the types of translations which we should use, and a few basic points on the importance of understanding the Quran Al Hamdulillah. This week we are looking at a very interesting topic, and inshallah this week what we are going to do is that inshallah we are going to briefly go through the Tafseer of some of the most commonly recited sutras in the Quran.

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The reason for this is that these are the sutras which the majority of us recite every day in our Salah.

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And many of us recite these students every day of our lives, but we don't know what you mean. And if we don't know what they mean they will not have the desired impact in our lives. If you look at sola, sola is meant to be a conversation between ourselves and our Creator.

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And sola is meant to be a means of law, it's meant to be a means of getting closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. But when we don't understand what we are reciting in for Allah, then it loses this meaning, and for many of us, Allah becomes a ritual. With that we find that many of the benefits of solar are lost. So inshallah, as we grow in our understanding of the sutras, the value and meaning of the sutras and the solar in which we recite them will grow accordingly. Really, it is the understanding of solar, which took the early generations to a very high level of Eman And I want to first look at one example of just how different the approach of the early generations was to Scala

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as compared to us.

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Let us look at the life of Abu Bakr radiallahu Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu. Most of us should know him as the first belief of Islam and the closest friend of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and one of the earliest converts to Islam.

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Now, during the early days of Islam in Makkah, the Muslims were persecuted by the disbelievers. And so Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu once wanted to leave the city, he wanted to make a drag and move somewhere else.

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And the disbelievers of Makkah told him that he can stay in Makkah, and they would not persecute him, but on just one condition. Listen to the condition. The condition is that he does not pre histology in public. That's all he did not ask him not to do. It did not ask him not to recycle. And they did not ask him not to be a Muslim. Just don't lay your Salah in front of others in public. Why? Because we rajala and who used to play Sala he used to recite the Quran, with such understanding that he would be crying in the Salah. And anybody watching him play would begin to cry as well, that even the disbelievers who are witnessing in play would be the heart to be softened

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towards Islam, and they will begin to cry as well. And so he had made this one condition that don't play in public, you can stay in Makkah, we need to think in our soul our likeness, do we feel this connection with Allah when replace Allah? Do we are we moved by our own Salah leave alone moving others as well. This is how the early generations were impacted by the fallout. And this is what we should strive for all the time to reach this level of demand that even our solar becomes a means of power.

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So inshallah, this week we are going to look at the Tafseer of Surah Fatiha and after that we will go very briefly through the major themes of the three coils and if we have time inshallah, we will try to look at the Surah Surah cluster and Surah alcocer as well. I chose these short surahs because for the majority of us these are the sutras we recite in our Salah, so it's important to understand them and the major themes and inshallah to benefit from them, particularly to a party. Why? Because Surah Fatiha is the surah that Allah has chosen for us. Allah subhanho wa Taala has chosen to the party to be recited in every Salah. And it's not just a random choosing, there is a reason why Allah

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chose this specific surah to be recited in every solar. And if you count the amount of times we recycle a party hat in a day. It is minimum 17 minimum 17 times we recycle about a day, how do we come to that amount, which count we come to the amount of 17 just by counting the farm Raka to in budget for enjoy her for an answer, three in Margaret and four in a shop. That's 17 times a day. If you add individual and the sooner followers it becomes much more so a minimum of 17 times a day we are required to recite surah Allah subhanho wa Taala himself praises the surah in the Quran in Surah Al Hasan chapter 15 verse 87

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Allah subhanaw taala says, indeed, we have given you several Amina masani. Seven often recited verses and the great Quran.

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Now if you open any book of the series to see what is meant by seven often recited verses in this verse, a surah hedger, all of them have a series we'll say that this is referring to Surah

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Surah Al Fatiha at the seven offered recited verses recited a minimum of 17 times a day. So Allah subhanaw taala praises the surah in the Quran, which is something very unique Allah subhana wa Taala does not normally mention one surah in another surah. So, this is something unique during the high status of this surah.

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So, what are the themes of Surah Fatiha we recite the surah every day, so many times what is it about? Well the first half of Surah Fatiha is about the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala tawheed and the different ways that we should confirm the oneness of Allah and the second half of Surah Fatiha is a dua for guidance.

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If we look at the first four verses of surah, Al Fatiha, we find that they deal with different aspects of a loved one just have to he Allah subhana wa tada begins to wrap it up with Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. Please is due to Allah, the robber of the universe. The word Rob indicates His rubia His Lordship, and many of us translate the word robot to mean Lord. This is a correct translation, but it does not give the full meaning of this word. The word robot carries the meaning as well of being the Creator, the maintainer, the Sustainer, and the controller. Really when we say that a lot is Rob will either mean to law the universe, we are confirming that nothing has any power

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in this world except Allah.

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In Arabic we say La hawla wala quwata illa Billah there is no strength of power, except from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this is Allah lordship. This is what meant by a loving God, that we accept that nothing has any control over anything in this universe, except Allah subhanho wa Taala everything is within the power of Allah. He is the only creator and the only controller and maintain

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the second verse are Rahmani Raheem. The most Gracious, the Most Merciful. And the third verse, Maliki Yomi Deen, Master of the Day of Judgment. If we put these two verses together, they are both talking about Allah subhanho wa Taala His names and attributes his name, Rahman Al Rahim, and these attributes of mercy of being the Master of the Day of Judgment. So here we are learning that we need to confirm whatever names and attributes of Allah subhana wa Taala has described himself within the Quran and the Sunnah, we have to believe in it as this as these are, what Allah has revealed about himself. We believe that Allah subhanaw taala is unique and like anything in his creation, and we

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believe in everything he has revealed about himself. So Allah subhanaw taala is talking here about some of his names and attributes. And really we are going to the surah very briefly, if we had to go into a detail tafsir of Surah Fatiha, we find that there is one subset of Surah Fatiha available, which is 20 hours is another tafsir of Surah Fatiha available, which is two volumes of writing. That is how deep seven verses are. Today, we just want to get a glimpse of what are the main points of the surah so we can understand it when we are playing out Salah.

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So you can go into details as to what is meant by Allah being Most Gracious, Most Merciful. What is meant by Allah being the Master of the Day of Judgment, but just doing the translation, inshallah, you can ponder over that. And you can begin to see the way that his mercy manifests in our lives, and how him being the Master of the Day of Judgment, you know, the impact it should have in our life. But accepting that Allah is the Master of the Day of Judgment should put in our hearts, a feeling of accountability and responsibility to Allah, everything we do, we will one day stand before Allah to account for it. So these verses talk about our last names and attributes and the

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tauheed of them.

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And the fourth verse of Surah Fatiha deals with what is regarded as one of the most important aspects of tawheed. And that is the worst economic minister in you alone we worship and You alone, we ask for help. Now, this verse is talking about worship and we know that the purpose of life The reason we're allowed to handle what Allah has created you and I is to worship Him alone. And so in this verse 17 times a day, we are confirming that we will go

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Worship Allah alone, we will seek our divine assistance from Allah alone. Now, just a brief explanation what is meant by seeking help from Allah alone? Because many of us we might have a bit of a misunderstanding on this point.

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Did this mean you cannot ask your friend to help you? You know, we just studies. This means you can't ask your parents for help. No, it means anything which is beyond human capabilities. Should we ask them Allah? Anything, which is beyond human capabilities? Should we ask Allah because when you asking for something beyond human capabilities, you are believing that that person has the power to granted only Allah has the power to grant them. So this is what is meant by the law alone. So Surah Fatiha again. The first four verses tell us what is the heat the Allah is the Lord of the universe. Right? So we believe that Allah Subhana Allah is the only creator and controller of the universe,

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and he is unique in all of his names and attributes, and he is the only one worthy of worship. These make up the three aspects of tawheed which you will find in the books of Islamic belief. It is this belief and upholding it in our practice of Islam, that is the essence of Islam. So this verses are very, very important understanding these first four verses of Surah Fatiha are very important for our guidance. And the second half of the surah is a do arm.

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Now, I'm not sure how the law is making telling us to make this duel multiple times every single day. Because this is the single most important to our, in the life of a believer. What is the duel that we make sure

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that what is in a spirit

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guide us to the straight path Serato Xena and I'm dialing the part of those who have earned your favor. We really do. We are Lee mala Claudine, not the part of those who have earned your anger or the part of those who have gone astray. In essence, to do our which we which we are supposed to be making 17 times minimum every single day is a doula for guidance. Why? Because guidance is the single most important thing a believer could ask for. It is more important than our health, our wealth and everything else in this world. Because without guidance will be lost in both worlds. Furthermore, guidance is not a one off thing. We are constantly in need of guidance. Because we are

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always slipping up. We are always making mistakes. We are always faced with new challenges. So every day multiple times a day we are in need of Allah guidance. So we need to make this dua with all our hearts every time we recycle our partner in the Salah. So praying and reciting to the party, our concentration understanding in every seller, every day is vital. It is vital for keeping us on the street. But

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now imagine those of us who don't read Surah Fatiha we don't recite to our partner with understanding we losing out on the most important day of our life. Even worse, what about those of us who don't pray at all? How can we achieve success? If we are shunning Allah subhanaw taala guidance and we do not ask quite regularly.

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We need to understand that Salah is a crucial part of being a believer, and this is the only tool for our success in both worlds. To be a Muslim means to pray five times a day and praying five times a day should transform us and make us better people.

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That the Surah Fatiha is a gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala that He has given us this beautiful glob. Imagine Allah subhana wa Taala left us without What if Allah subhanaw taala has left us without sola?

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How would we find him How would we be able to achieve his guidance? We need to think about these things because this is very, very important.

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So this is in brief, the Tafseer of surah alpha that we believe and we accept that there is no god except Allah. He is unique and we worship Him alone and that we pray every day multiple times for the guidance of Allah subhanho wa Taala inshallah, we will continue with the Tafseer after the next break. Before the break we are looking at the Tafseer of Surah Al Fatiha and we had went through the major themes of Surah Fatiha the sewer party deals with toe heat who is alleged to have a handle with Allah and what our our responsibilities to Allah subhana wa Taala and it deals with a dua for guidance.

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Now the Tafseer of Surah Fatiha is not complete to me. without going through what I regard as one of the most beautiful Hades which I've ever had. And this Hades completely transformed the way I pray my solar and it has completely transformed my life.

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Standing up to the party. This Hadees is found in Sahih al Bukhari as well as in Tafseer. in Nicosia, in the Tafseer of Surah Fatiha it is a hadith Pudsey which means it is narrated from Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So please pay very special attention to the wording of this Hadith, and inshallah it will have the same impact on you that it had on me. Abu huraira rhodiola who narrates that he heard Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam See, all along as our job that alerts to behera know what Allah said, cause some to salata beanie kwabena up Denise fain I have divided solar between me and my servant into two halves. So Allah subhanaw taala says that he divided solar between us and him, meaning when we are installer, we are in conversation with Allah subhanho wa Taala and sola in this word in this hadith refers specifically to Surah Al Fatiha.

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When the Abdi masala whatever my servant asked for in this Allah I will answer

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what is called al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. When you say oh please do to Allah, the Lord of the worlds all a law hamadani Abdi Allah replies that my servant has pleased me

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to be noticed that when we are praying, Allah, Allah replies to every verse

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that didn't we see al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Allah replies that my service has praised me.

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What is our call, Manny Rahim?

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And when he says, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful call of law. As Ali Abdi my servant has declared my praises

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what is a call a Maliki you mean? When the servant says, Master of the Day of Judgment, call or law for what I believe my servant has delegated all his appears to me.

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So you see what's happening when we resize to a party in solid understanding, we are having a conversation.

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Now the next line is very beautiful.

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What is called Abdi he abou

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when the servant says, You alone we worship and You alone we ask for help. Allah Allah replies has been he will been Abdi while the Abbe de masala, this is between me and my servant. This worship with my servant has declared solely for me, is between me and my servant. So my servant for him is whatever he asked. And just be alert to the handle that says that you will have whatever we asked for what is the next line? What is our color

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then we say, Guide us to the straight path. So

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this, you will have whatever you asked for. And the next thing we ask for is guidance. The part of those who have earned your favor, not a part of those who have earned your anger or those who have gone straight. Unless your handler replies and says has the ugly, while the ugly masala, this is for my server, and my server will have whatever he asked for. I wanted to just think about this. This is a very, very beautiful narration. And really when we are praying our Salah, stop and think about this, every verse, feel a lot of response to it. Feel Allah's response to you. I've written an article about this Hades called beautiful solar, which is available on my blog. If you go online,

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you can find it. And it really shows how this understanding of this Hadees should impact our Salah. That Salah is no longer just a ritual for the conversation between you and Allah for every line of surah party how we decide Allah response. So let's not rush to a party, but treat it as it should be treated.

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Now, the next challenge, which I want to discuss very briefly, are the three equals should last for a follow up.

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And the reason is that for many of us, we recite these tours in our solar because they are short. And also we recite these tours every morning and evening. Because Rasulullah Salallahu Islam has taught us that the recitation of the sutras every morning and every evening protects us from evil.

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Now when you analyze the themes of the sutras, you will find that each of these sutras has a theme which protects us from a different type of evil. For example, The first of these three Surah Surah ikhlas, who who Allahu Ahad say he is allowed to uniquely one

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Allahu Allah the one towards which all things arise. Let me lead Willem EULA, he does not have any children, nor is he born of anyone. For them yaku went ahead and is nothing like unto him. This surah is affirming once again, the toe heat of Allah subhanho wa Taala. This surah is encapsulating what is the heat in four verses.

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This is why the Torah is referred to as one third of the Quran because the message of the surah is the message found throughout one third of the Quran that Allah is what if you understand to heat according to Surah ikhlas then inshallah you will be protected from shirt and from Cooper.

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So, when we are reciting the surah, for protection, it is for protection from shirk and Cooper, and this can only come about when we understand it, and when we apply these principles to our lives.

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So, the overwhelming theme of Surah ikhlas is to hit who is Allah? What are the attributes of Allah? What is the uniqueness of Allah? And in understanding this, we are able to stay away from sugar and Cooper.

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On the other hand, if we look at Surah

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Surah Al Pollock focuses more on the evils that we find from other people in this world.

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Kula odoban Pollock, see, did I seek protection in the Lord of the dawn, mean Sheree mahalo from the evil that he created. And almost mother goes on to talk about the evil of

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the magician's and the evil of jealous people. So

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it's very interesting point in this verse, it is toora is the second verse. Allah subhanaw. taala says, When Sheree mahalo that we seek protection in Allah from the evil that Allah created. And this is a very important point of Akita. And it deals with a topic which comes up very often in interfaith discussions nowadays, that for many people,

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they cannot accept that God created evil. You know, for many people, that one of the reasons why they do not accept the existence of God, they say, look at the evil in this world, where did it come from, and some religions decide to believe in true creators, God, the Creator of good and somebody else is the creator of evil, Islamic justice. In Islam, we rejected everything, Allah created everything, that Allah confirmed in this verse, that those things, which we perceive as evil, we also create a lot. But we need to understand this, that what we perceive as evil, very often, it is something which is not evil, it is relatively bad.

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If you look at the things in this world, which people look at as badly of two types, they are either the actions of humans, or the natural causes, as for the actions of humans, that Allah has confirmed in the Quran, that he has created us, he has put us here to test us and he again, he has given us the ability to choose between good or evil. So when humans choose to do evil acts, it is their own fault, and they will be held accountable for it.

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But as for the natural thing, which many human beings look at as being evil, for example, debts and calamities and catastrophes, these things are actually sometimes good for us. For example, somebody died, it looks like a bad thing. But he died upon in mind and he has gone through paradise forever. Is that really a bad thing? You see, so this is relatively evil, it seems like something bad, but it might not be so and we find it in other parts of the Quran as well. In surah Alka, the story of Musa alayhis salam and the property, his or Elisa, when they were together, read the story we're understanding inshallah, next time you're reciting surah Kahf. On a Friday, read the translation of

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the story of Musa Akiva and you will see how things which seem to be bad. There's always a divine wisdom behind it. For example, that story, the the young boy that is killed, and his or Elisa explains to Busan Islam. They alone knew that this boy was going to grow up and make life difficult choice period. So Allah decided to take the life of his boy while he was young, and give the parents another child will be righteous. Of course, the parents will never notice it grieve over the death of their child, not knowing the wisdom behind why Allah took a child's life at such a young age, but there is good in the thing which we perceive to be bad. So yes, Allah Subhana Allah created evil, he

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created humans and gave us the potential to choose between good and evil, which you have watched some humans choose to do

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And then those of us who choose to do good, we recycle rapala to ask for protection from this evil. So inshallah we will continue with the Tafseer of Allah kisara das after the next break Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu we were looking at the Tafseer of surah Pollock before the break, should I follow in which Allah Subhana Allah tells us all the way rockville Pollack say that I seek protection in the Lord of the dawn means surely mahalo from the evil which he created. Well, I mean, surely hos The king is our walk up from the evil that happens in the darkness of the night, woman surely know that it will occur, and from the evil of the magician and sorceress who blew or

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not, woman surely has it in his or herself, and from the evil of envious and jealous people, when they get jealous and envious.

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So we find the Allah subhanaw taala, in this in the surah is teaching us to seek protection from the different forms of evil which exist in this world. And before the break, we are looking at the concept of why Allah Subhana Allah created things and allow them to do evil. We spoke about this world being a test, and that will be held responsible for our deeds on the Day of Judgment. The final verse of surah, Allah has a very important

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message for us. And this is the verse which Allah subhanaw taala tells us to seek protection from the evil of jealous people, when they are jealous of us. Now, jealousy is a sin and a disease of the heart, which has no place in Islam, and Muslim should never get jealous of someone in the sense that they don't want that person to have what they want. They want it for themselves. Okay, if you want good for yourself, and for others, this is from Islam. But where you don't want others to have good? you asking? Why does he have Well, why does he have a nice car? Why does he have a good family? This form of jealousy is completely against Islam. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has taught us

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that law you know, arducam had a bully uh, he might have been enough. See, none of you will believe until you love for your brothers, what you love for yourself. This selfless attitude of loving good for everyone is how a believer should be. And really, for those of us involved in business, I want us to think about this. Because according to the modern, capitalistic,

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materialistic mentality when it comes to businesses become everybody for themselves. You know, we have adopted the Darwin theory of survival of the fittest. And so everybody's trying to do well at business at the expense of somebody else. That's not an Islamic principle. as Muslims, we should love that we do well in business, and everybody else does well, as well. It shouldn't. It shouldn't just be us. It shouldn't be all about us. It should be a united

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effort from all of us. So they should not be this jealousy of others that why is Suunto doing well and I am not.

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So we as Muslims should not have jealousy. At the same time, we should realize that there might be people in the community who do have jealousy. And if this is the case, surah Allah was revealed for protection from it from protection of the different ways that jealousy can harm us. Jealousy could harm us through different ways, either through the evil eye, or through in feelings, or through seeking revenge or seeking to hurt people hear different ways that ham gets caused to jealousy. And so supaloc was revealed. The other says Michelle Rhee has to be a hazard seek protection in Allah from the jealousy of jealous people. So we said Surah ikhlas was revealed for protection from

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Sheldon Cooper. Sara Pollock was revealed for protection from the hands of people, people who are involved in sorcery people who are jealous, we are seeking protection from the hands of people.

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The last of the three protection sutras surah NAS deals with the topic of protection from shaken

00:29:14--> 00:29:59

who will be robbing us see, I seek protection in the lord of humanity Moloch in us, the king of humanity, Isla Hinata, the God of humanity. I mean surely Allah was watching finance from the evil whisperings of the curse devil, a lady you must wish to be to do it in us, the devil which was put in our hearts. We know Jean that he went nuts from amongst the humans and the jinn from amongst the jinn and humans. So this surah is protection seeking protection in Allah subhanho wa Taala from shape one, the one who was supposed to us who puts bad thoughts in our head, think bad about this person. Look for faults.

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That person be jealous of so and so, these thoughts come from the devil, we decide to last every morning and evening for protection from home for protection from the devil. And very interesting in the surah Allah when talking about the devils on the shaytan, he says, without unity oneness from the devils amongst humans engine,

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meaning is not only the gene the invisible beings who can be demolished. But even amongst humans, they could exist human, who are they are they do exist humans, who are evil influences on others. And this is why Islam emphasizes that we have good company Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has told us, our Raji Lu, Allah Deen, equally,

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humanity, mankind, people in general, follow the religion of their closest friends have the best friends? Well, humans are.

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So each and every one of us should be very careful in choosing our friends, in very careful in choosing your friends, and we see this even from psychology, psychologists have shown and proven that each person personality is made up of the personality of the five closest friends. So we need to have so Islam teaches us to be friendly with everybody, be friendly with everybody. But those people who you make your close friends, those people who you allow to influence you should be good company. That's that's where

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that's what this message is about. The people you allow to influence you should be good company. Today amongst us we have two extreme understanding of this. We have those

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people who say that,

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that you know, we should be friendly to everyone in all ways. And then we have those people who say that you must only be friends with good people. No Islam says you be friendly with everyone. But don't allow people to have influence over you unless you know they're good.

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And influence you in the right direction. So, in this surah, we find that Allah subhana wa tada is telling us to seek protection in Allah subhanho wa Taala himself from

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to seek protection in him from the devils, which devils amongst humans engine. So we can see that the three predictions are not just tourists we decide for protection, but their message is about protection. The surah in class, if we understand it and follow its teachings, it will protect us from sure can Cooper surah follow up if we understand you can follow its teachings. It will protect us from jealousy and from sorcery from the evil eye sutra and as if we understand it and follow it, teaching it to protect us from the devils and from evil influences. So it's very important for us to recite the sutras every morning and evening for protection, but also to understand them and follow

00:33:03--> 00:33:04

the teachings.

00:33:06--> 00:33:34

Now, another very important surah one, which we find is recited very often in sola is Surah Al Asad. Now for most of us, we recite Surah Al Azhar in South Africa, it's one of the shortest surah in the Quran. Like I said, it's only three verses. So for us, it's nice short surah really quickly hamdulillah Dhaka is over. But these three verses are so powerful. They are so powerful that

00:33:35--> 00:33:36

Imam Shafi

00:33:37--> 00:33:45

Rahim Allah had said that if only surah Asad had been revealed, it would have been enough for the guidance of humanity.

00:33:46--> 00:34:07

A very powerful statement. This is such as short surah it only makes up one and a half lines in the Quran. But Mr. Sharp is saying that these one and a half lines three short verses, has sufficient understanding them is sufficient for the guidance of humanity. Why? What is the surah about this surah is what

00:34:08--> 00:34:19

Allah subhanaw taala swears by time in the internal of the apostle. Definitely humanity is headed for destruction, headed for loss headed in the wrong direction.

00:34:21--> 00:34:37

In Lola, Xena, Manu Amina Stoli Harkey, except for those humans who have the correct beliefs and do good deeds, whatever, so be happy, whatever, so be stubborn, and they assist each other to do good and they assist each other to remain patient.

00:34:39--> 00:34:59

Now if we look at the surah in circle, so Allah subhana wa Taala is informing us of five qualities for success. First, Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that if we don't follow the guidance of the Quran, if we don't follow these qualities, we will not be successful we are headed towards destruction and

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

loss. And then he mentioned five qualities. And really these five qualities are all we need for success. The first one is Allah Gina among those who have the correct beliefs to believe spoken about in Surah Fatiha last, do we have these correct beliefs. That's the first thing, the belief not enough but what Amina saw the heart and do good deeds, good deeds is part of faith is not enough to see I believe, and it will live a righteous life in order to be successful, in order to gain Allah Subhana Allah forgiveness and mercy. We need to

00:35:36--> 00:35:40

do good deeds as much as we can and stay away from sin as much as we can.

00:35:41--> 00:35:51

And this is not easy on our own. That's why the next principle and the next point mentioned in this verse is what tawassul and to work together, to be united to be one

00:35:52--> 00:36:40

that we help each other in what is good. In other words, Quran Allah subhanaw taala explains in sr, our new allowability with taqwa for that our dollar is me one assist each other work together in that which is righteous, that which is good, and do not work together in that, which is evil. So, we need to work together in all righteous and good causes. This is the way to paradise, what the what the why, so bill Huck, to assist each other in establishing the truth, establishing the truth that as Muslims, is not always easy to follow the truth. And it's not always easy to speak it and to convey to others, but if you work together, if you make a consolidated effort, it becomes easier.

00:36:41--> 00:37:06

And the final point is what else what I want to be sober and to work together in remaining patient, because this world is a test and you cannot pass the test without patience. So these are the five main points mentioned in circle. So inshallah we will conclude this year after the next break, as salaam alaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Before we went for a break, we are looking at the Tafseer.

00:37:09--> 00:37:12

And we say the pseudo answer is such a powerful surah. That

00:37:14--> 00:37:42

Sharpie said that this surah alone would have been sufficient for the guidance of humanity. And we say that the surah lists five important components of being a successful Muslim. The first is having the correct beliefs. And we discussed what the correct beliefs are in the tafsir of Swati heart clubs. The second is doing good deeds, that for a Muslim belief is not enough. You have to show that believe in your actions, you have to do good, and try your best to stay away from evil.

00:37:43--> 00:37:57

The third is to assist each other to work together to be united in doing what is right. The fourth is to follow the truth. You know whether we like something or not, if it is the right way to do something, it's true, we have to follow it.

00:37:58--> 00:38:34

And the first is patience, to be patient and to assist each other in being patient. Because this world is a test. And each and every one of us are going to face many trials in life on the way to paradise. And the more higher you are in spirituality, the more difficult the trials get. Because Rasulullah Ali some has told us that the most severely tested people are the prophets, and then those closest to them in piety and then those closest to them in piety. So test will come and it's only by assisting each other in being righteous and being patient that we can pass this test.

00:38:35--> 00:38:46

So in following these five principles, we find that each of these principles covers a broad area of Islam. So by following these five principles, the inshallah will be sufficient to guide the person

00:38:47--> 00:39:03

to follow Islam in its totality. And that is why circle Aster had been said to me a surah which is sufficient sufficient for the guidance of humanity. So hamdulillah today we have looked at the Tafseer of Surah Al Fatiha Surah

00:39:04--> 00:39:05


00:39:06--> 00:39:21

Al follicular class in Surah Al Asad inshallah we have a little bit of time, so inshallah, I'm going to very briefly go through the Tafseer of Surah alcocer. Because terracotta is another surah, which we commonly recite in our Salah.

00:39:22--> 00:39:34

And again, for most of us, the reason we recite Surah alcocer is because it's short. It's three short verses, but Surah alcocer has a very interesting history.

00:39:35--> 00:40:00

This was look at the translation of the surah is to be la hora de Rahim in our clinical cosa, definitely we meaning Allah has given you meaning the Prophet Muhammad Ali, Salaam alcocer Fausto Lily, Rebecca one half. Therefore pray to Allah and make sacrifices for Allah in nutshell, a girl who was definitely

00:40:00--> 00:40:08

Your enemy will be cut off. Now in order to understand the sutra, we need to understand a bit about the background and history of the Shura.

00:40:09--> 00:40:44

Shura Shura Council was revealed when one of the disbelievers of Makkah had insulted the property values and call him a bitter, bitter mean someone whose lineage is cut off, because Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam did not have any surviving male descendants. So because of this, the disbelievers mocked him and told him that his lineage would be cut off, he'll be forgotten, you know, and that he will not be able to continue after he passes away. So Allah subhanaw taala revealed through alcocer comfort rasulillah

00:40:45--> 00:40:55

when reciting the surah is not just a short, short surah This is a sutra which was revealed to comfort our beloved Prophet Muhammad Ali Salah. And when you look at

00:40:57--> 00:41:32

the first verse, Allah is telling Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam about one of the great bounties which is given to him and him alone in our clinical course, and we shall give you a closer and closer refers to a point in Paradise, which will belong exclusively to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So this point in paradise will be given to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And inshallah you know that the believers will be able to drink from it. And then Allah Subhana Allah say, says about,

00:41:34--> 00:42:09

about the enemy who spoke badly about our solar system in Russia was definitely this person who, your enemy who talking bad about you, he's the one who can be cut off. And so when we look at history, we find that today Rasulullah sallallahu, wasallam has gone down as the most influential man in the history of this world. He is remembered and praised all over the world every day, while this person will insulted him. Nobody knows who he is, he has disappeared from history, he is gone, he's over, he's done. So this is a very beautiful suit.

00:42:10--> 00:42:48

So I just give a very brief introduction that surah inshallah You can read more about it in an E book of Tafseer. So in conclusion, we can see that these are not just short sutras which are easy to recite, but rather each of them contains deep and important meanings which can transform our understanding of Islam, raise our image and make us better Muslims. I hope today's glimpse into this stuff See, it will inspire you all to read more about it up seals to go deeper into it, and inshallah, she makes a lot more beneficial for all of us. So this concludes today's episode of the Divine connection. inshallah, next week, we are going to be looking at the stories of the Quran and

00:42:48--> 00:42:50

how to understand them correctly.

00:42:51--> 00:43:14

So inshallah I hope to see you next week for that. In the meantime, don't forget to follow me on Twitter or to like my Facebook page, we will be discussing verses of the Quran and the tafsir everyday during the month of Ramadan and inshallah I will see you next week for understanding the stories of the Quran is Allah hiren wahoo Davina and hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh