Mirza Yawar Baig – Living Islam: Salah The Proof of our Iman #6

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of being in a blue state for waking one's behavior is discussed, along with advice on purifying oneself and avoiding false accusations. The segment emphasizes the need for practice and caution in avoiding touching one's private parts. The speaker also provides tips on washing and conditioning the body, as well as a session on WhatsApp about explaining the history of Islam. Pr engagement and caution are emphasized, and further information is provided on the importance of learning the history of Islam to avoid getting wet.
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Let us look at the issue of purification which is the fundamental of Salah, there is no Salah without wudu there is no Salah without verification. As I mentioned to you earlier if you are in a state where you are much bool where you are helpless and there is no option option and for Tara there is a different matter but wherever we have the option of the hara then to be in a state of the Hara is something which is not just highly desirable it is something which is greatly recommended. Including one of the things which I have been taught and which I also teach and recommend to you is try to be in a state of Budo 24/7

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And the simplest thing to do is anytime you go to breaks anytime you go to the bathroom make wudu

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and stay that's it oh then you have to you have to go and you know again to the toilet to go to the toilet and make work and come back. So you are always in a state of blue, including before you go to bed make although before you go to sleep make although and then do the Ascar of the night and read Serato mole console and then you go to sleep and also Nosara salem said a person in that state every time the person moves in sleep nama like make dua for the forgiveness of that person. So you are sleeping you slept in the state of Gulu every time you turn the maloca make dua second thing is as well as ourselves that if you make wudu and go to sleep, then you wake up in the night for whatever

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reason you maybe you don't need to go to the toilet or something or your sleep is disturbed. You wake up in the night. Now we should have said the DUA the person makes at that time Allah accepted acts of

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sleepiness state of Bordeaux and when you wake up in the night make dua and ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will accept this dua.

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What is the dua we should make? Oh ALLAH forgive you our uncle.

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Hazara bring in Allah when Allah Raja

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Did he go seriously? Yeah, please. So make this dua and you can make otherwise afterwards but

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there's always a deal.

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Inshallah Inshallah, let us make dua for each other in sha Allah, may Allah accept the dua for each other. Incidentally, the Surah Surah Salam said when you when you make dua for a brother or sister, Allah subhanaw taala appoints an angel to make same dua for you. And now we said as Adam said, the dua of the angel is more accepted more than your own one.

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That's one of the reasons you might you might have seen every time I do I say, well, I'll give you this give you this guy No, I never include myself. And that many of you probably think that oh, mashallah, you know, so altruistic he only prays for us, pray only for myself.

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When I give you this give us that the angel gives us anything.

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So the fundamental of the hara, which is this ayat of

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surah Majda, Allah subhanaw taala said all you will believe when you intend to offer salah, wash your faces and your hands, forearms up to the elbows, and rub by passing wet hands over your head, which is the Messiah and wash your feet up to the ankles, these three things formed what is called the fourth or the five of

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us, who will come to all of this in detail Inshallah, between today tomorrow. And then, and then there's I had said, if you are in a state of Geneva, which is after sexual *, or after the emanation of sexual fluid, in the case of the male, purify yourself, which is buried your whole body which is made goes up, but if you are ill, or on a journey, or if any of you comes after answering the call of nature, or you have been in contact with women, which is sexual *, and you find no water then performed their moon with clear clean earth and rub their with your faces and hands, the way of performing time is to is to put your hand on the something which is just as this

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way and pass over your face once and then do again and pass over your right arm and your left arm this is the MO Allah does not want to place you in difficulty but wants you to wants to purify you, and to complete his favor on you that you may be thankful. This is the level to which

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ease has been introduced into the religion such that we never have to miss Salah irrespective of what the situation might be. Obviously, we need to do the best we can but where there is a problem Alhamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala has shown us a way in which we can still purify ourselves and we do the

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We make the salah. Now, in the case of horses, we come to horses and we look at Google Inshallah, one of the important things I want to say to you and this is these, quote of ISIS Delana. She said, may Allah subhanaw taala bless the Ansari women who asked questions without being shy so that we could learn our religion. If you read the Hadees, the Sahaba and the Sahaba were lost Rantala bless them, and give them the highest station Jana, they asked questions in such detail

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that today in our you know, our hypocritical modesty because where we should be modest, we are not modest. Where we should not be modest, we act as if the sky will fall down if you ask a question that relates to your personal purity, and so on. So

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we feel oh, how can I ask this question? If you don't ask the question, how do you know the answer? From where is it going to go? People used to ask questions. And this is not my topic here. But sometimes there is an opportunity, I'll tell you that there are people who cave women who came and ask questions of such intricacy, you will be amazed.

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And they ask them in public with other people present before Mr. Salah. And as well as them praise the question is a very good question. Excellent. Did you hear this and then he gave the answer.

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Now also becomes necessary in five cases. Number one is the release of sperm with pleasure. So if spam comes out without accidentally or something, then hosel is not doesn't become obligatory, but it's still better to may whistle in any case.

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And then you in that case, you can make Google but it's better to maples in any case. Number two is that when spam is released, that area where the sperm is there should be first washed. So even in the puzzle, first clean that and then you do the rest of the puzzle. Number two is when there is a * with Seminole discharge. Third is whenever the tip of the man's private part enters ruins private parts, intentionally or otherwise, whether it happens accidentally, in foreplay and so on, or whether it's happens as a part of serious sexual *, it need not be it's not necessary for a entire * to happen and we're all even the dip entering the private part obligates a

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also to be done after that, and the fourth one is the monthly periods of women and the fifth one is a new fast which is the release of blood after a woman gives birth. These are the five cases in which also which is the ritual bath becomes obligatory. Now, please understand there is there are two kinds of purity there is physical purity and there is ritual purity. So there is what in in order to what we got Pocky and the Hara. So the ossify and Bucky. Now, physical purity refers to cleaning whatever impurity is there on the body. So whether it is sexual immorality impurity, or is a kind of a birdie wash or whatever makes Ghosal or wuhou liable, that must first be clean. So with

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that remaining on the body, you can't do the hosel and the widow it won't work so that has to be washed off

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and made sure that it's clean and after that we come to the ritual part of the purity which is the hosel itself and that must be done in the order which inshallah I will I will explain to you now how many people know the Father whistle let me ask you to show hands because generally that becomes a magazine

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The reality is that I'm going to teach you the fire the whistle and I want you to shut your your stop watches and see how long it takes you and then ask yourself how come you didn't spend that 20 seconds till you alive till now if you don't know the for the most to learn this thing because it means that till now and May Allah protect you and make Toba and inshallah Allah will forgive you a false and accept all your bad luck, it means that you have been living in a state of impurity

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till this moment until you learn the for the most of the how sad is that. And we have, we have situations we have people who have, who are mothers and fathers have many children who do not know the Father hosel, which means that you are living in a constant state of impurity. And technically speaking, no Ibadah of yours is accepted.

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And you're not bothered, you don't even care. And how much time did you need to change that situation? 10 seconds.

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You didn't have 10 seconds for yourself.

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To please let us correct ourselves. This is high time we wake up and behave like responsible adults and stop living in this kind of robotic life. So very quickly now, as I said, set your stop watches and see how long it takes two or three for the hosel number one

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Wash the mouth and goggles so the water goes inside if you are fasting then you don't have to take the water inside but just to do you know gargle and if there's anything stuck in the teeth and so on so just remove it make sure you guys will do that number two watch the inside of the nose so take the water and push it inside the nose try to get it as inside as possible Have you wrote the water doesn't have to go into your brain but you know take it inside so that the water completely all the nasal passages are clean and the third one is to wash the body from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet one time ensuring that the entire body becomes wet and water touches the whole

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body to the base of the hair to the base of the hair of the beard and so on and so forth. How long did this take

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that's it

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only water Furthermore

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by all means use all the soaps and shampoos in the world you like no problem further wasa

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Islam makes it easy for you right if somebody says no use only luck soap and then you must use only

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whatever you know yeah or

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they that's why Islam makes it easy for you just What are you talking about the ritual purity now in addition to this of course you can do you know you can use all the soap and water and conditioner whatever else but the point is just this the reason I'm saying it is how long did it take you to learn this? Not even 10 Seconds

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How complicated is it? How difficult is it to remember?

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gargling what is the nose full body wet harass you are clean handler

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that is our pet owner

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he had talking about the form of OSA

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now he's the cure everybody

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please understand this and my submission do is make it your aim in life to ensure that every single front of y'all understands and knows the format of gossip

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Graham I will do this

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do it as gently and nicely as possible make sure we have people who are in their 50s 60s 70s who have who have never done a wholesale in their lives

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you don't want to die in their cell believe me seriously. Go home and teach people this thing it takes you 10 seconds that's it period three things. How long does it take to learn that

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right so please understand this. Now the Sunnah of Ozel

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wash both the hands and private parts even if they are clean and if there is any injustice anything impure on the body wash it off. Number two is perform a complete weirdo.

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Right number three is make near the whistle. Now all Nia whether it is near the proposal or widow or Salah and so on does not have to be spoken

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and this is one of the things that especially in our country this is something which we we have been taught to do it and many times the children are taught to say the NEA and you say okay repeat what neath Are you making that the teachers teaching him so that and he's asked him to repeat it so that he under he knows he's doing it correctly, but this guy now carries it with him and his old style I am making Nia to make for regatta of Salah I'm making near to make Salah so when does it when we actually make the Salah with this a nice wasn't my knee at carta whoa near Kenya Carta and then you say I'm making Salah for regard on this gentleman which is red colored with white spots and facing

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the Qibla behind his imam who I don't like so much but anyway I still have to prove you anyway not my fault so on as far as making the long near

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right is no need for any of that near is in the heart

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so we make the near Rosa mudo Salah whatever news is that but consciously you don't just dump board on your head and so I think I might also

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uh, what else was I doing? You know, God knows you don't know we I don't know. So no. So make the near as far as the whistle is concerned, but it doesn't have to be spoken for is pour water over the entire body three times. First the head then on the right side then on the left side making that every part gets totally wet the water must reach the roots of the hair

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and the whole body must be wet. If any part of the body remains dry with water not touching then the hosel is not complete. Number five is now in the hosel if you touch your private parts, then as far as in the among the 100

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He's the author is still valid, and also does not break. And so you just finish your puzzle, and you're done. But we do have a Sharpie and others it is

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the hosel is necessary to make also to make wudu at the end, if your hands have touched your private parts, which obviously they will. So at the if you ask me, I will say the safer bet is you make wudu first, and then you make the make the NEA do your whole puzzle, and then make Budo at the end and come out of there and ensure that your your hands don't touch your private parts. And if that happens then make make a wudu again, so you are safe. But

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Allah is you know, very kind on this matter. So he said okay, that is the case, even if your hands touch your private parts, that's okay. But the basic principles that I recommend and I try to follow is to be to err on the side of caution. Don't take liberties with that Budo is Ibadah also Lesiba so if you make although twice, two times you're doing it by the two times so what's wrong with that? Don't read it as a burden. This is Allah is giving you a reward for this so I'm gonna insert a one you make it too hard, you do it twice. So this good i inshallah. So this is the whole issue of puzzle. I showed you the fried and I also told you the Sunnah of also Inshallah, is it is it clear

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to everybody. So please make sure that at least the further puzzle, you will teach every Muslim that you know, no matter who they are, especially a lot of us have Muslim servants in the house, and so on and so forth. They don't know, they don't have a clue what is happening, and you don't teach them also, believe me, you as the head of the household, you are responsible for the whole household. And the household in Islam means you your and whoever is your dependents who are living in your house, including any full time servants and so on that you have, whether they live with you or not, they are part of your responsibility. And their religious welfare is also part of your responsibility.

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You don't have to beat them or something, or you know, force them to do this or that, but inform them, give them time. One of the things we are now coming into our next couple of months, we will also do a session on detail session on Amazon closer to the time Inshallah, but one of the problems in our homes is that we have Muslim servants, we who do not even get time to pray properly during Ramadan, because we keep them so busy making food. So they are in the kitchen, they are cooking and you know, all kinds of things are happening and so on and so forth. And you are sitting there in Salah and zikr and waiting for your samosa and the poor woman is cooking the samosa and she's also a

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Muslim, she also has to pray to Allah subhanaw taala, but you don't give her a chance. Because you want your samosa as hot from the, from the from the whatever, where where does this come from?

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Now another, we come to the widow,

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that Rasulullah Salah Salem, how did he do that? And this is also part of Nevada Delano, his freed slave home Ron, he said that was smart enough under the law, no call for water. He washed his hands three times. Then he runs his mouth and nose. Then he watched his face three times. Then he washed his right arm up to the elbow three times. Then his left arm up to the elbow three times. Then he wiped his head the Messiah. And then he was washed his right foot up to and including the ankle three times. And then he washed his left foot up to and including the ankle three times this and then he said I saw Rasul Allah is Allah Salam, doing moto as I have done it. And then now is our

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Salam said whoever does although as I have done it, then he prays to raka in which he focuses completely on his salah, his previous sins will be forgiven.

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This is in say, a Muslim. I imagine see the beauty and ease of this religion Alhamdulillah

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you made widow and you pray to regatta of novel after that.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive all your previous sins and all my previous says

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what is the value of this tell me just to recap don't have made Hulu and Touriga gonna fail.

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There is a Hadith where Rasulullah Salam as Bilal when Roberto Galarneau he said that I heard your feet, your footsteps. I heard your footsteps in Jannah when I went in Israel El Mirage. He said I heard your footsteps in Jannah What is this Amel. What is it you are that you do because of which Allah gave you this honor?

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And beloved Bella Bella

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When I was eight years old I do not know what is Mr. Wood what I do is after wudu after I make although I pray to rock out of nothing

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and now he's a wrestler said well I maybe this is the reason Allah subhanaw taala gave me the Surah So Allah forgives all suggest to Rakatan I feel after making all

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I'm loving

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