Zakir Naik – Manoj Accuses of Promoting Islam in the Name of Universal Brotherhood

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker is discussing their advertising of universal brotherhood for Islam, which is a source of profit for Muslims. They also talk about their confusion over the term " universal brotherhood" and how it is a source of profit for Muslims. The speaker emphasizes the importance of recognizing individuals and community for their individuality.
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My name is Manoj Raja, my first question is, under the name universal brotherhood, you are advertising Islam. And on the basis of that, please define your terms. When you are saying that universal brotherhood, you should act under the name universal brotherhood brotherhood, you should accept brotherhood to all weather Muslims, that is follower of Islam and non Muslims, which you say a kafir, who don't otherwise called the term Muslim Brotherhood, it will be okay.

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To ask a question that in the name of university, whether I am promoting Islam, suppose if I have to say that the best cloth am promoting best cotton market, and suppose Raymond has to be the best cloth. So it's the fact I'm promoting remains, it remains company's best. Anyway, I don't get any cut from them. It's just an example. I'm going to do payments. But if I say the best source is Raymond, and if the talk is which is the best cloth I have to speak about that. So I'm giving a talk on who is the best doctor in the world. And if I have to take a person named x y, Zed, and if he's a bad doctor, I'm promoting him. Yes. Similarly universal for the world. I'm telling you that Islam is

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a religion, which speaks about universal for the world and shows you a way out to achieve it. regarding a question that is universal without Can you call Muslim or non Muslim that better? Or only Muslims as

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the universal better of Islam is all human beings. I have brothers, I made it very clear metal. I'm not mincing with words. I'm very clear. Maybe it may have slipped. You may not have heard it. Inside my talk. It's sort of chapter 14 and verse 13. Yeah, as you are now. So in our

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own Sahaja Allah come Schumacher ba da da da, da karma come in the lawyer coffin in the law element COVID that all humankind we have created from a single pair of male and female. And I've divided into nations and tribes, so that you shall recognize each other, not that you shall despise each other and the most honored in the sight of Allah is the person who has taqwa who was righteousness was piety was God consciousness, in the universal without are all human beings. The person who has got piety is one of taqwa or righteousness.

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I've got two brothers. One is a good person. I could have one brother, but suppose I have two brothers. One is the medical doctor like this brother is treating the patient, etc. And the other brother, a drunkard, the *. Both are my brothers, who is a better brother, a brother who's a doctor and treats the people and doesn't cause harm to the society. The other brother is my brother, marinara, good brother of mine. Similarly, all human beings, but those who are closer to me are those who have Taqwa was righteousness was piety. Anyone was piety was righteousness was God consciousness is closer to me. It's very clear. I send my talk and I repeated

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