Many Non Muslims are Accepting Islam but who is Taking Care of them

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AI: Summary © A non Muslim caller asks a question about a man named Masha Allah Sub Hospital, who is taking care of hundreds of non Muslims in Chennai. The caller questions why he is being asked to answer the question and suggests that people are not accepting Islam because they don't want to take care of them. The caller also suggests that people should be aware of the guidance given by Allah and keep on thanking them for their help.
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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Brothers again, I

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am here to ask a question on behalf of a non Muslim friend Alhamdulillah I

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am a Muslim. My name is yaku Qureshi. I did my new college

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and I'm settled in Canada.

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And I have seen you last October in Canada. Yeah, yes. Let's get to the question please. I am. So what is my question is here Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah we see a lot of non Muslims are becoming Muslims. They are reverting to a religion.

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And my question is, today we are so excited and happy. That Masha Allah Subhana Allah Alhamdulillah nara takbeer Allahu Akbar.

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But tell me honestly, who take care of them after today? I'm being very honest. Number two

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one question one question No, no, no let me finish that was my question. Now the question from a non Muslim one question at a time people are waiting in the queue. I'm waiting for past two hours people are waiting past three days no they can just two minutes before and they ask the question as this brother Sultan they are non Muslims whether Okay, let I'm asking on behalf of non Muslim one question please one more

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hour Isha prayer time is over. Okay. That's not my question is a non Muslim question. Let me ask you.

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Brother I was in in Canada in October How did you meet me in Canada in October to understand

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anyway ask you wished you were there?

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In November or october november October

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in July

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rather wasting time

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Yes, what I want my answer for my next question I'll give you answer. So why are you asking way better than asking the question that so many people accepting Islam say Masha Allah

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Subhan Allah who's taking care I'm asking this brother how many people have you taken care of

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just retarded question whether no let me let them on taking care no life taking Mashallah the person who give risk in terms of people I know many people in Chennai who is working

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okay, okay. The problem very excited. I was in October neither was either in November I was in July 1 week anyway you no problem you're getting excited I am a human being I can make it I know you can make other than you're making many errors Mashallah no problem. Brother sir who's taking care of I know many people are taking care of hundreds of non Muslim in Chennai. If you don't know the people of China The problem is with you and not with me, I am from yet you don't know people there are many people here in Chennai Mashallah who are taking care of hundreds of non Muslim there are many people in Bombay why not taking care of non Muslims? I know people in Canada who are taking care of non

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Muslims. If unfortunately you don't meet these Muslims, they are not your friends. The problem is if you change your friends, keep good Muslims your friend Mashallah. I know I can name organizations in Toronto, in Vancouver, in Halifax. There are hundreds of non Muslim that taking care of in Bombay, where I come from in scenario living in LA, but it is Allah subhanho wa Taala, who's the main person who's taking care and these non Muslims aren't accepting Islam because people should take care of them. Maybe you're misunderstanding them. They are accepting Islam, because they're finding peace. Even if no one takes care of them yet they would accept Islam than accepting Islam because people

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don't take care of them. It is our duty as Muslims inshallah to support them, to guide them to love them. Irrespective we do or not. Allah subhanho wa Taala his day, he will take care and Gundam Jana, they accepting Islam for Jana, not for people to take care here. So I don't know what this question of I had cropped up in your mind, but Masha Allah Subhan Allah, I know many but it should increase. We should keep on increasing. We should love the people who accept Islam, we have to support them. We have to be tolerant with them. That's a normal thing is some people are not tolerant. They aren't following the Quran the guidance given by Allah subhanaw taala and a beloved prophet masala