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You know the $100 movie when a star in a stock bureau when minidoka lolly when I mean surely on kusina woman CEO Dr. Molina Mija de la hufa mo de la la familia de la de la

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la la la la hola hola Sharif Allah. What should I do unless Aegina when Nabina Muhammad Abdul Allah sudama bad.

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Abdullah ibn Massoud rhodiola wanna call?

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Who Allahu alayhi wa sallam call la Yoko Janata man canopy called me Miss Colorado in

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Colorado alone in our modular your Hebrew a akuna sobu Hasina Wanda aloha Santa caller in aloha Jamil, yo Hey boo Jamal, Al kibou. Huck wantonness Muslim

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Abdullah bin Masuda Raja lon who narrates

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the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once said that nobody will enter Paradise who has a atoms worth of arrogance in their heart?

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One of the Sahaba Upon hearing this became worried.

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And he asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he asked him, you know, I like to wear nice clothes. I like to wear nice shoes. I like to look good. Is this arrogance?

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam replied,

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Allah is beautiful. And Allah loves beauty.

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Me the dressing well is not arrogance, it is something that Allah loves. He then defines arrogance. And he said that arrogance or pride is to reject the truth and to look down upon people.

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This Hadees is narrated in Sahih Muslim.

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And he's of course authentic and well known. And we have discussed it before from a variety of different angles. But today I want to focus on a

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on a nother aspect of this Hadees. Or related to this Heidi's a type of pride that we don't discuss often enough.

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So what is pride? The definition of pride or arrogance in this Hadees is two things, rejecting the truth or looking down upon people to any type of mindset, or philosophy, or personal belief that makes you look down upon others that makes you reject the truth is a type of arrogance. And to arrogance isn't one thing. There are many different types of Kippur.

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There is the common types of gibberish that we know about. For example, racism. Racism is a type of arrogance where someone assumes that they're better than somebody else, because they born into different races.

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Another type of arrogance is tribalism, where again, someone thinks they are better than somebody else, because they are born into different tribes.

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The other types of arrogance as well. So the more common one that we speak about when we talk about people in our goodbyes is worldly success. That when someone becomes a millionaire, or billionaire, when someone becomes successful in dunya, when someone becomes famous, they may become arrogant because of that, especially they attribute their success to themselves.

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But today I want to talk about the fourth type of arrogance, one that we don't speak enough about and one that is a major problem in our community. And that is religious arrogance.

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to assume that you are more pious than somebody else to assume that you are better than somebody else. This true is a type of arrogance that can lead to the hellfire.

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And this type of arrogance is demonstrated in the Hadees in which the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said that in the past nations, there was a righteous man and this righteous man, he knew another person who was an alcoholic. And every day this righteous man would give advice to the alcoholic.

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Until one day, he became angry with him. And he told him, Allah will never forgive you for drinking alcohol.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, and there are various variations of this, but all of them include this part over here where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when the man said Allah will never forgive you, on the day of judgment, Allah will tell that men who are you to decide who I'm going to forgive. And so Allah punished that seemingly righteous

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Man, for his arrogance, for, for assuming that because of his piety, he had the right to decide who's going to heaven and hell. And he forgave the alcoholic for his weakness. This Hadees sets the stage for today's topic,

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religious arrogance, to assume that you are better than somebody else, because Allah has guided you to Islam, because Allah has guided you to be a righteous Muslim. This is something that is a trap of shaitaan.

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You see, shaytan can make you commit sins that are open, he will make you commit a sin that is hidden, and the sins that are hidden. the sin of arrogance is one that is most

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people who have this sin don't even know they have it. A person who is arrogant, rarely ever knows, rarely ever has the self awareness to realize I am being arrogant. It is something that just comes out.

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Other people may recognize it in there. And the only way to recognize it in yourself is through mahasiswa through self reflection, through introspection, looking inwardly, and realizing something is wrong with my heart. It comes out in many ways. You we see it recently, when someone walks up to you and says, oh, you're wearing a mask? I don't have I don't wear a mask I have tawakoni Allah. If you have to boast about having to walk in Allah you don't have to.

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Why do we feel the need to boast about our good deeds? when someone tells somebody else you're accurate 100 last night?

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Why do you have to tell someone you pray 200 last night,

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see religious arrogance is when you want to show off to somebody else, that you are better than them. Because you do more worshipped Indian.

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Do you know who did this was the first person to do this. A beliefs were Allah told he believes to bow to add them in please have been worshipping Allah for 1000s of years Adam was newly created, and it leaves it on the highroad men who are interested in him.

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So don't assume that you are better than somebody else because you worship Allah.

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So what are the signs, and the purpose of this footpath is not for us to look at other people in the community and say, This person is arrogant or that person's out of the note. The purpose of this footpath is for myself and yourself to look inwardly and to purify our own souls of any people that may sneak into it. Because this is how she can lead us astray. So I want to talk about eight signs, eight signs for us to look at in our own lives. If we have any of these eight things, we have a form of religious arrogance. Number one is showing off your good deeds. If you feel the need to show off your good deeds, this is a type of arrogance.

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The true believer not only hides his sins, He hides his good deeds as well. Some good deeds you have to do in public, you cannot pray Juma in private, you have to print them out in public. You have to pay the five salary in normal circumstances in public in Java, right? Yes, certain good deeds that you do in public. But do we have to show off? Do we have to, you know, show people that we pre sell out better than them? show people that we fast more than them. Showing off is a sign of arrogance linked to showing off number two boasting about our deeds. So maybe you did the deed in private, you did something good in private, you prayed 200 late at night when everybody else was sleeping. But

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the next day you post about it on Facebook, so everybody can see Mashallah.

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This is boasting, boasting about your good deeds, boasting about how much you studied Islam, boasting about how many people like your Facebook page, boasting about how many people watch your videos boasting about how many people took Shahada at your hands? All of this is not from Islam.

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You will not hear anything like this from the Sahaba they would not show off the good deeds, they would not boast about the good deeds, they will be worried without was going to accept the deeds. They will be worried about whether I did good enough to be accepted.

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So showing up in boasting are the first two signs. The third sign of religious arrogance is focusing only on the exterior. What do we mean by only on the exterior, so some people are only obsessed with the way they dress. And so you will meet Sometimes a person who may look the most religious in terms of his or her dressing. He may have the longest road and the longest beard and the longest turban

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but when you talk to him

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Every word out of his mouth is boasting. Every word out of his mouth is putting the next person down. Every thing he says, shows up some arrogance. Why? Because our religion has an exterior and interior side, you can only focus on the exterior. So someone's only focusing on if they look pious, what they are doing is they are ignoring the heart. And shaytan is working on the heart if you ignoring your heart shavon is working on it. And so if you only focus on the exterior, the interior is being corrupted. And this is why some people look religious, but the hearts are full of darkness, the cure to that focus on both focus on improving your exterior, but more importantly, a lot more

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importantly, focus on improving your heart, focus on purifying your heart.

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Number four.

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The fourth sign of religious arrogance is that you actively seek out the faults of others so you can feel better about yourself. You actively look for the faults in others so you can feel better about yourself. When you go to another Masjid. And you look around, you see all the people in this Masjid depleted sooner very fast. Mine must be pretty out sooner slowly. I this is what looking for a fault in another brother, oh, the mom of dead mustard, his beard is too short. Our mom's beard is nice and long. This is arrogance. Instead of loving your Muslim Brothers, instead of wanting good for your Muslim Brothers, we look for the faults in others. And we do this online. And we do this, you know,

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by going to other people's private histories. And we do this as an obsession, that we want to get the dirt on the next guy. Why so we can feel superior, so we can feel I am better than him. This is the way of shaitaan This is not to be of Islam.

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The first one linked to finding faults in others. What does that lead to putting other people down for the weaknesses. And this is exactly what's mentioned in the Hadees that we started with. A man picked on another man for being an alcoholic. And because of that Allah forgive the alcoholic but not pick, he did not forgive the man who picked on him. And we see this even amongst the Sahaba that there was a Sahabi who was an alcoholic. And one of the other Sahaba said something judgmental towards him. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Don't say that because he loves Allah and His messenger. Don't say a bad word about your brother because of his faults. And so this is the

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fourth sign of religious arrogance that we put people down because of the weaknesses. When we look at other people, and we tell them, oh, you know, pray Salah, I pray five times a day. Oh, you you you are a porn addict. You don't want to go to China, or you are alcohol. And if you're not gonna go to China, we don't have the right to say this. We don't have the right to decide who's going to agenda and who is not. One of the main signs of arrogance is when a person thinks that he is the gatekeeper.

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And that he decides who is worthy of gender, as if he knows the hearts of people in the secret good deeds of people and the secret sins of people. The true believer has his full trust in the mercy and wisdom and justice of Allah.

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And so we don't say about any person, you are going to gender you are going to Johanna. But we remain optimistic and hopeful in the mercy and justice of love. And so when we see someone who has a weakness, we make dua for them. We ask Allah to help them, we ask Allah to guide them, we ask Allah to forgive them, we don't put them down because of the weaknesses.

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Number six, a sign of religious arrogance is that you take enjoyment, when there is a drama or controversy about somebody else's sins or mistakes, you actively enjoy seeing other people suffer, seeing other people being put down. So a true believer wants everyone to go to China, they want everyone to find the right part. And so they are happy for others when others are progressing on the path towards gender. But someone who is arrogant, wants everything for himself. And if you see someone ahead of him, he hopes that person falls down. He hopes that person slips up so he can feel superior to him. So when a drama happens, a slender blade breaks out, a rumor spreads, he gets

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excited, he gets happy, because now he has an opportunity to feel superior to the other person. This is arrogance.

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Number seven, and this is a big one in our community. A big sign of of religious arrogance is sectarianism, where you assume that because I belong to sec a and he belongs to sec B. I'm going to change that he's going to China.

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Again, we don't get to decide that. Only Allah knows who is going to forgive and who is going to accept

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Someone may be born into the wrong set. And they may have never learned the right teachings of Islam. But they were sincere. And they were honest and and they honestly thought there was the right set. Allah me forgive them for that. Somebody else may find the way to the right understanding of Islam, but they become arrogant about it and boastful about it. And they spend all their time obsessing over the faults of others. And the Day of Judgment, all they have to show is a lifetime of backbiting. A lifetime of gossip, a lifetime of putting other people down.

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So they may not get to Jenna. So yes, certain beliefs are wrong. certain practices are wrong. But we want people against the beliefs and practices for we still treat our brothers and sisters in Islam, with that love for the oma of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam we still want goodness for them, we still ask Allah to forgive them, we still ask Allah to accept the good deeds. We don't have this attitude that only the people from this Masjid are going to gender and the people that must be they're going to Johanna. That is an arrogant attitude. And that is not from Islam.

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And finally, the last and the most obvious sign of religious arrogance is if somebody calls themself pious, if somebody says I am a pious person, if somebody says I have to walk bull, if somebody says my drawers are always answered, of highest person doesn't think of himself as pious. Throughout history, every person who we know to be a pious individual, one thing they all had in common, they all felt themselves to be sinners, and they all worried about whether or not going to accept it needs.

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A lot of a handle tells us in the Quran, whether to Zaku unfishable. don't declare yourself to be free of sin. don't declare yourself to be pure.

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Don't say I am pious if this kind of wording slips out of our mouth, and we need to check our heart because this is a sign of arrogance. We Allah guide us may purify our souls may be removed from our hearts every bit of arrogance and replace it with humility and truth and sincerity and honesty. So behind me is mercy foon was Salam ala l mursaleen. Was hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen.

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In Al Hamdulillah Naboo en esta esta mi Nobita huaca de abajo in esta casa De Sica tabula bajo Haji Haji Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Bashar Al Assad to have a coup d'etat indeed our vocal up again God Allah Roku da da da, da.

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So we spoke about the problem or the problem, we spoke about the disease, the disease of the heart. And it's not fair to speak about the problem without providing solutions. So what I'm going to do over the next five minutes is provide four solutions for things we can all do to prevent ourselves from becoming arrogant, or if we already arrogant to get rid of it, right? four things we can do to keep all types of givers out of our heart, including religious arrogance. What are these four things number one, who's not gonna assume the best of others. It is narrated from one of the early Muslims that he said, even if he saw alcohol dripping from the beard of someone, he will make an excuse for

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that person. Assume the best of others. If you have heard a rumor that somebody has sinned, say perhaps the rumor is not true. If he is confirmed for you, without a doubt that that person has sinned, then say maybe he will make Toba or maybe he made Toba.

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If you don't know whether he made Toba or not you make Huawei ALLAH forgive him or guide him. There's no need for us to look down upon someone. There is no need for us to condemn someone. Our religion is the religion where there's always a way back to Allah. There's always a way to redemption. And so as far as humanly possible, and there may be some cases where it's not possible. But as far as it's humanly possible, maintain, who's not one of the next person, assume the best of the next person. You hear this somebody committed Zina assume that the only time in his life he ever committed that sin, and he has made Toba and it's over and it's in the past. Don't Don't start

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thinking maybe he's done it before. Maybe he's doing it more. Maybe he's a two phase maybe he's a hypocrite, don't allow those thoughts into your mind, assume the best about your Muslim brother. Number two, when dealing with anybody besides yourself, your primary thoughts about Allah for that individual should be the Rama Allah should be the Rama of Allah. That you should realize that Allah has saved 99 parts of us Rama for the Day of Judgment, and that Allah is going to forgive and forgive and forgive on the day of judgment and he may be that person you are looking down upon them.

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person you are judging will be one of those people who are forgiven on the Day of Judgment. And so always approach people from the position of Rama. May Allah have mercy on you, we say this for our people who have passed away. May Allah have mercy on him, Allah have mercy on her. Why don't we apply to the people who are alive? Why do we have to wait till somebody dies before we ask Allah have mercy on them? Do we see this in our communities? The sister doesn't do a good job. People pick on her people fight with the people judge her people mocker and yes, it's a sin. Right? It is a sin. But she may have 1000s of other good deeds and make up for that one, sir. She may have 1000s of

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other goodies you may call Allah to forgive.

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But your constant picking your constant arrogance, you're constantly thinking you're better than her. Allah might not forget that. But what happens is the past is the way we all see me. Allah have mercy on us. None of us are even thinking about the fact anymore, that she never used to wear hijab. But why can't we do that? Why in the person is alive? Why can't we do that while someone is alive? That we look at the person, okay, this person has a fault. May Allah forgive them, Allah have mercy on them. Why can't we have this attitude towards each other? So many years ago, one of my teachers, he was trying to find a common,

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a common trait amongst pious people. And the common trait he found amongst all the pious people we interviewed and with biographies he studied, is that all of them, all of them everyday would make dua O Allah have mercy on the oma Muhammad, Allah forgive the Mohamad. This was the attitude for the entire ummah. anyone in this room or whatever this is, I mean, Allah forgive me, Allah have mercy on them, an attitude of urashima towards everybody. That is something that will prevent arrogance of entering our hearts. Number three. The third way to get rid of arrogance is to serve your community, be of service to others. When you are of service to others, you don't have time to judge them. You

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see their problems, you see their difficulties, you see their struggles, you humanize them, and you stop judging them. You know, that sister who you may be judging for not winning the job, she may be a single mother who's struggling with her groceries and you judging her for this, when you could have been helping her with that at least. Now, maybe if people were more helpful, other people would be more inclined towards the religion. I forgot to mention this at the beginning. I was supposed to start with this. The reason why I chose this topic is very often when I speak to young people who stopped practicing Islam. One of the things that pushed them away from Islam is the arrogance of the

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religious people. The arrogance, and this is the word they use, that the religious people they meet are arrogant towards them. What kind of a religion makes people arrogant, and the religion doesn't make people arrogant. It's the fact that we don't practice our religion properly. That makes us arrogant. So we need to move away from that serve people. When you serve people, you don't have time to judge them. Rather, you develop the brand, the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood with them, that can be a means of guidance for you and for them and a mutual forgiveness for you. And

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number four, number four, the final and the main point, the main way to get rid of arrogance is through Maha Sabha holding ourselves accountable for our own sins, looking inwardly and looking at our own faults. Your anytime you someone begins to think I am pious, I ask that person, all of us, all of us at any time, a little bit of arrogance into our hearts, let us all look at our own sense. Look at your own sense, and nobody is free from sins. And as soon as you realize your own sense, all feelings of arrogance will go away. And you will realize I am a sinner and I have no right to be arrogant. You la look internally, why am I false? What do I need to work on? Instead of worrying

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about what everybody else is doing? Let me find my way to agenda. Let me try and earn the mercy of Allah and let me help others to do that as well. I am not saying that we should not command the good and evil No, we must. But with Rama and wisdom, I am not saying that we should not discuss things like Buddha and Akita and fake No, we must. But with Rama and with wisdom, and not saying that it's fine to do sin. I'm simply saying that it's not our job to tell somebody else you are going to Johanna. Roger, we acknowledge something is a sin. But we get asked a lot to forgive that person for the sin. We can ask Allah to guide that person. We can ask Allah to help that person. You don't have

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to hate that person and judge that person because they have a weakness. You can still love them as your brother and sister in Islam and ask Allah to guide them and to help Andrew Have mercy on them and others.

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And that is the final message that I wish to give today. That we need to realize we are sinners and a sinner has no right to be arrogant towards another sinner. Just because Allah has made somebody else's sins public and kept your sins in private.