Heres Why We Never Doubt The Mercy Of Allah

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To him, you are forced to think of the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa taala. And how this desire, cure depression and anxiety and distress.

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Because every single calamity you go through is injected with a lot of Allah's Mercy compassion and kindness. Whether you realize it or not, Allah says hola hola to you from very bad de Allah he's gentle and compassionate with his sleeves. When he brought him Allah He said I was thrown in the fire. Allah made it cool and peaceful. That's Allah's compassion and mercy to Ibrahim Ali is Salam during the calamity. Now um, this is what we're supposed to think of a you Valley he's Salam. When he was bedridden for 18. He's couldn't move from his bed due to the sickness that was upon him. Even his family, the whole community ran away from him. And he lost his wife and he lost his children. He

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was alone, only his wife was with him, she would carry him to the bathroom and back. And after a teenis you know what he says? He says, a lot of misogyny of bullying. Lord,

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the pain has touched me. While I'm Todd Hamilton, mean, and you're the most merciful. Allahu Akbar, I tell you something, all of us. In times of goodness, it's very easy to say Allah is the most merciful, but trying to say it, after years of calamity and suffering, then at that moment, it will be an achievement. So when you're going through anxiety, depression and distress, and you say, oh, man, you're him. You're fighting that evil whispering of a shape on who wants you to doubt the Mercy of Allah.

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So you realize that Allah is merciful with you? He's always been kind and good to you. You know, Yusuf Ali is Salam. MashAllah we're talking about use of Allah is set up. I give you an information about him. How many tests Did he go through? How many calamities Did he go through? He was thrown in a well, he was separated from his father and his mother and his family. He was sold as a sleeve. He ended up in a fitna, close to Zina, then Allah saved him. He ended up in prison.

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Calamity after calamity after calamity. And at the end of the Surah, you know what he says? When he gathers his family? He says to them, or son, Abby, my Lord has always been kind to me. My Lord has always been compassionate and merciful to me. That's the attitude they had, even though he went through this entire life of calamity. So when you read Alhamdulillah, Allah, Allah him, you're forced to think of the Mercy of Allah. What I meant was you're at

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the mercy of Allah has encompassed everything. Why do you think it has an Encompass you?

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This is from the Shavonne and this is how this idea it cures depression, anxiety and distress