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Islam has its backup with regards to the west to such a degree. Muhammad was a warlord.

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And I don't know what to do about that fact.

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Like one thing you can say about Christ, which, you know, breeds a particularly pathological form of ideologically rigid Islam that basically enslaves their women bred in rather vague that, that Islam is, in essence, a religion of peace. And, but when I look at the historical data, say, stemming from Medina, the Medina time, and then moving forward, and the fact that that Mohammed was definitely someone who engaged personally in warfare, to what extent do you believe that discourse with modern Muslims can lead to reform of the ideology, such that the gap between Islamic and Western beliefs can be bridged? Well, I guess we're gonna find out about that, because that's one of the things I

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want to do over the next couple of years. Have you heard of Jordan Peterson? Ah, the name does rebel. Yeah, he recently he got sick. Why? Yeah. Whoa, for what he got on an anti anxiety Kalani pin, oh, anxiety medication, you know, I think he's getting a little better. But for people like him, like Jordan Peterson or others, I mean, they're highly intelligent. But then sometimes people end up talking about to get out of their lane, and they start talking about Islam. Uh huh. And they haven't even read the Quran yet. Or a good translation of the Quran or sat with a Muslim. Ah, so what would you tell something like this to Jordan Peterson, somebody knows intellectual. If you want

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to know the truth. You have to go out and search for the truth yourself. Don't rely on CNN. Don't rely on a political office that runs the country. If you want to know the truth. Go out and find out. Take the Quran. The Quran is the source of Islamic knowledge is the source. It's the, the the, the the source of all of our religion, it's the it's everything encompasses everything. If you want to learn, go out and read, read the Quran, go to a Masjid, go to a mess. Don't be afraid they will be the most loving, inviting people you could possibly imagine. When you tell them, yes. You know, I'm Christian. I'm Jewish. I'm atheist. I'm Hindu. I'm Buddhist. It doesn't matter. When you go in

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there and say, You know what? I don't know much about the religion. All I know is what I see on CNN, the news, and I would like to learn some information about what it is so panela they will be like, Oh, please. Yes, come, come, please. Here. Can I get you some coffee? Would you like some water? Here? Let me get you some information. I have a shake here. I have an email. I'm here. We'd love to, of course, what can we do for you, please? You're always welcome. Anytime. Yeah, that you know, that's being academically sound, because I mentioned his name Jordan Peterson. And because there's many people know him. There's many people like that again, to get out of their lane. They start

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talking about Islam. They got an opinion, they formed opinion off some fake news. Right, exactly. The wrong information. Yeah. How you used to 22 years in the military intelligent individual was Christian minister about to be a deacon. And you went against all odds, the deen show, as one who submitted as well to the Creator, the heavens and earth. That's it. And go ahead, finish off. Yeah. So it's, I mean, you have to go out you have to go. Don't be afraid. Because you know, one thing I can say the biggest fear for me in becoming a Muslim was my own fear. My fear that didn't exist. Yeah, I was fearful of the unknown. I was fearful. I was thinking religion. People don't change

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religion. Nobody changes your you don't change your religion. You are born a religion. You live a religion you die by that was a false pretext. Yes, yes, it is. You know, and it's, that's kind of like the the mindset. And I see that even with my own family, it breaks my heart, like, especially now that I'm Muslim, they're still Christian. It kills me because there's so much rooted there in traditionalism. This is traditionally the way it has been. This is traditionally the knowledge that I know, this is what I practice. I've done this for 50 years, 60 years, 70 years, my parents, you know, for them to, to think after having spent an entire lifetime following a religion, and then to

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say, you know what, I think I'm going to change my religion. It's not normal. So for Jordan Peterson and others, you mentioned read the Quran, get around, go visit a machete and go to a Juma ask questions. Okay. I say Do you know what? I have to do more? I got involved with the diaconate I got involved with the church. I became a Eucharistic minister. I became a an acolyte collector. Yes. Yes. Very much so very much. So. I started teaching religious education is above the minister. Yes, yes. You're on your way to go. Yes. Priest in the ranks. Yes. So in fact, Deacon is actually the first official level of

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ordination in the Catholic Church is the first process of ordination. So you have Deacon, and then you're ordained as a deacon. And then you are ordained as a priest. I see. So, Mr. Deacon priest, yes. So all priests start as a deacon. And then when they finish their finish the seminary, then they're completed with their ordained as the as a full bloom. So now you're a minister, and what are you thinking? So I'm thinking, I'm like, you know, here I was, I was serving doing God's work. But I had something inside, I had something that was really troubling. Deep down inside. I couldn't believe I'd never believed that Isa was God. I didn't Let's stop there. Because they just did a new

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survey that you do have today. This is recent 52% of Christians or more. Don't believe that. Jesus was God. Did you read that survey? Oh,

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this is Rena just spoke about it. Also don't believe that he's God. Yeah. So that's part of our nature to kind of reject that. It is human being it? Did. You were you were you were as a Christian minister, you were having trouble with that. Exactly. Because what kind of feeling what do you you know, it was a it was a deeply unsettling, I was deeply unsettling, deeply, unsettling, deeply unsettling. How could I, as an ordained Deacon, as becoming ordained as a minister of God? How can I be teaching a theology that I did not believe?

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That's hypocritical? So you so you're believing in the oneness of God, that monotheism, absolute, you're having a problem now with the Trinity, or it's, you know, it's a whole factors, saints, using saints as intercessors, asking, praying to a saint to pray to God, no, look at the teachings of Jesus, looking the teachings of UCLA for them. Never, ever did he say, pray to him to go to God, never did he tell anybody. He never said, Pray to me and all pray to God, no. He said, pray to Lord your God. pray to Him alone. Pray to no other. You know, if you look, everything says pray to God alone, your Lord your God is one. It's there. Don't make idols. And I think myself, Well, I look in

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the Holy Land, people go and they see these these these relics, and they, they kiss them, they venerate them, they they pray to them, you know, and I'm thinking to myself, you're praying, you're making idols. Here's what happened to God. Why are you not praying to God? Why are you putting so much emphasis on Jesus, when you should be putting that same emphasis into God? Because it Yes, Jesus did miracles. But he did them with God's permission. He did them by God's grace. You know, he wasn't.

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He didn't just do it by himself. Did that come off as more feeling more natural now? What you're saying, oh, it makes total sense. It did. It did. And, you know, but I it was such a such an odd troubling feeling. And, you know, I hamdulillah I had this wonderful friend of mine, his sister from Indonesia.

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My sister ayanda, who actually just recently got married and is expecting this December, handily. 100. But, yeah, but so she and her family, I was talking one day and said, You know, I'm supposed to be going in the diaconate. And I forget how we were talking about something, and I never spoke about religion. You know, she's Muslim. I'm Christian. You know, so we never really talked much about the religion, but you know, it was bothering me so much. I don't know what it was, but something inside me felt compelled to talk about it. And I was like, you know, what, something's really bothering me. You know, it's like, I'm supposed to be going into the dadgummit. I'm supposed to be preaching all

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of this, but I don't believe it. And you're telling this to and I'm telling this to my Muslim sister.

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You know, and she was like, Well, you know, everything that you're describing is exactly what Islam teaches.