Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2016 – Quran 30 for 30 – Day 2

Omar Suleiman
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So now I want to hasakah to everyone. So now I have the lowest latos law, and he was happy he Manuela. So welcome back to court and 3430. We're on day two now in Chatelet Tada, where we're going to now go into the end of sorts of buckle up, but really primarily focus on the beginning of sort of earlier Milan, since yesterday, we kind of gave an overview of sort of the buckler as a whole. So if we look at earlier, Milan, and if we look at a Baccarat together, and we see the way that they are connected, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he actually said that a person should particularly Connect themselves to these two sources, a person should particularly Connect

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themselves to sort of the Bukhara, and to sort of add Emraan because he said the poor and will the poor and will intercede on your behalf on the Day of Judgment, but he said as far as a baccala and early Emraan, these two suitors in particular, he said, some A lot of it was on them, that they would shade a person on the Day of Judgment, like the way that two big clouds would say, the person and he said something a lot of a sudden, or in the form in the form of two lines of birds, that would precede the believer on the Day of Judgment, the one who has these two suitors committed, and this in particular, the prophets license them said, would be an argument for you on the Day of

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Judgment. So these two suitors would actually argue on your behalf on the Day of Judgment. So these two sources are inherently connected there to schools that that emphasize the importance of guidance and that emphasize the answer to the gap that we make and sort of Fatiha, which is to stay on the path of guidance and to not be led astray by the things that commonly lead people astray. So when we talk about sort of any Amazon now the first section of sorts on Amazon, it's an interesting sort of, like many sources and, and parts of it were revealed at different times. But it flows so harmoniously, that somehow you would you would think that it was all revealed at one time,

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particularly when talking about Amazon. So I'm on the first section of it was revealed early in Medina, particularly the scholars say about right after the Battle of feathers, so you can imagine the sense of confidence that the believers have, they're establishing themselves in Medina now. They've just fought off their oppressors and in a very dangerous situation. And now they're in a situation where a loss of Hannah hooks Allah is, you know, adjusting their priorities, making sure that their focus remains on the hereafter and on the things that are good for them. So Allah subhana wa tada starts off this surah with Allah hula either Allahu Allah, how you look at you. And Allahu

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La Ilaha Illa who Allah there is no god but He and hi Alka yom the EverLiving and the others the ever sustaining these descriptions of hate Alka yom these names of Allah subhanho wa Taala also are in ayatul kursi, which is the greatest ayah in the Quran, an ayatul kursi actually follows in the beginning of the third just so you have in the same just the third Jews, Allahu La Ilaha Illa who and high alpha yom and according to some evidences and high Alka yom the EverLiving, the ever sustaining are the two greatest Names of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The prophets lesson I mentioned is Mullah and album, The Greatest Name of Allah. And he mentioned that these names are found in in

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Baccarat, and in sort of Baja and we find a high volume, the EverLiving, the ever sustaining, are found are found within ibaka and within sort of Baja, so somehow within the same just you have the greatest ayah in the Quran ayatul kursi. And then you have Allahu La Ilaha Illa who and how you will find you once again, to start off sort of earlier on how are they connected? If you remember certain Bukhara started off with and if now mean that he can kita will lie Buffy hood and in Mottaki. Allah said that this is the book referring to the poor and so to buckle up, this is the book in which there is no doubt it's a guidance for people of piety, people who have that all and that fear that

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consciousness of a lost contact, it's a guidance for them with tucking in sort of anti Emraan Allah subhanaw taala is speaking to the People of the Book quite heavily. And so earlier on we find an emphasis with REM Ron, towards particularly the Christians, so towards the People of the Book, the Christians and the Jews. And Allah says Allahu La Ilaha Illa who and how you look Are you naza and Al Kitab bill happy Mossad De Lima de nada, so Allah says he sent you this book, once again referring to the Quran. In truth, so we'll have most of the economy Medina de nada confirms that which came before it, what unzila terracotta will indeed and Allah is going to speak to the people

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of the Torah and the people of the gospel. So Allah says

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He revealed that Tila and the Indian that at one point, these books were revealed in divine nature and they were unaltered. And they were the instruction of Allah subhanaw taala for that time, and they were also revealed in Ramadan as the prophets lie some sudden and authentic narration of Baba Vani. So just like shuffled on Milan, and that he owns the the field, and the month of Ramadan in which the book The poor animals revealed, we also see that the Torah and the Injeel were revealed in Ramadan mean Kabbalah who then leanness and Allah says before those were guidance for the people. So what are the law referred to the core Anna's and certain Baccarat hujan limit 13 that it's a

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guidance for the people of taqwa for people of piety. And Allah says that these books as well, and so it's adding a Milan, Min kaaboo, who deadliness they were a guidance for the people when they were sent to a ends alone for fun and a loss of parents and a sense, the criteria the poor and is now the criteria that is now the book of guidance following in the same line of divinely revealed scriptures that call people to that which is good and call people back to a loss of Hannah Motown. So once again, just like inserted bekah Allah subhanaw taala then establishes the audiences how they're going to receive this revelation, how they're going to receive this book. So the first

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audience in sort of early Emraan in alladhina ficolo became zaven, feha tiberiu and Amata shaba hamin hobbit Eva fitna. with Eva wheelie. Allah first addresses the hypocrites and you might wonder why a lot first addresses the hypocrites, why doesn't he address the disbelievers first like he does in certain bucha because the assumption of earlier Milan is that the audience are already acquainted with or is already acquainted with Scripture. They already viewed themselves as people of the book. They already accept the authority of scripture in some form. So a lot first addresses in alladhina, equilibriums, even those who have, you know, deviance in their hearts, some you know, a crookedness

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within their hearts. What do they do with divinely revealed scripture? Forget to be around them out to shadow, I mean, obey the law and pfitzner What did the law really they they focus on the verses that can be interpreted in numerous ways. And they look at those verses and what they do with those verses is they they try to extrapolate the most the wildest interpretations, but the intention is to make those interpretations conform to their desires. So yet to be your own Amata shaba I mean, how they look to the two, the two shall be hard to the things that are unclear but unclear is not really the word. It's really ambiguous things that that could be used in different ways, and they ignore

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the authority of the Scripture. Instead, they use those verses to cause corruption on earth, and they use those verses to make the divinely revealed scripture conform to their own desires and conform to their own inclinations. So a lot dresses the hypocrites first because the authority has been established you already accept the law has revealed divinely revealed scripture. But if you have a disease in your heart and you have crookedness in your heart, you're going to continue to spin things out of control, you're going to always pursue those things which are actually not good for you with the intention of leading, leading yourself astray and leading the people astray, as

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well. So the first audience insert at Amazon are the hypocrites. Then Allah mentions the second audience, the believers, one last see who wanna fill me up who Luna

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Yeah, hold on, man.

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You know, people have knowledge. They say we believe in this could have known men and the albina. It's all from our Lord. We don't reject a single verse. We don't try to escape from a single verse. This is the spirit in which certain buckler ended with right. So the believers say, we believe in all of this, we

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sorry, we take the entire thing as Allah subhanaw taala gave it to us. And we're not going to try to escape any ruling from a lot, but rather we will remain firm and on our knowledge, the Rossi who an affiliate in the corona ama NaVi Kowloon and the rabina it's all from Allah. One night vetco illa Allah Allah Allah and Allah says the only people that will be reminded by this guidance are people of pure thoughts. People have clear understanding and a loss penance. Anna once again gives us a sense of how to love the direct and unfair to ask Allah for guidance, the dura in the end of Bukhara is that Allah keeps us firm on that guidance that we're not overburdened or we don't feel

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overburdened, and end up falling off of the path of guidance. And now it's internal so that they're at the end of a buck or is that the external circumstances don't become too overbearing to where we're

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burden beyond our scope, but the recognition that if the heart is fertile, if the heart is ready to receive revelation, then it can bear anything that Allah subhanaw taala gives to it that the issue is really where your heart is. And so while benalla to Ziff peruviana buried in her data a lot, don't let our hearts deviate. after You have guided us once again, who that is mentioned he died as mentioned, Allah, don't let our hearts go astray or deviate after You have guided us. We'll have it on. I'm in Loudoun, Carolina, and grant us mercy in Mecca until we have indeed, you are the Bestower. And so here we take what the prophets license teaches us. And his most frequent

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use of the law and he narrates as well as I'm Southern model, the line are the most frequent draft of the prophets all along, it was one of his most frequent prayer was yom openly been galoob some bits colombiana de Nick, oh, you who, oh, you who turns hearts, make my heart firm on your path. So here that there is a recognition of the internal so handleless Oh, so again, in fact, he had, he didn't know Serato must have been guidance to the straight path, the end of an bacara that we're not overburden that we don't find the revelation or the law, too burdensome for us to apply. Here. Oh, Allah make, you know, Let our hearts stay firm because if the heart is firm, and if the heart is

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strong enough, and if the heart is sincere, then it can bear what Allah Subhana Allah sends to it will happen. I mean, I don't know. But inevitably, we will always need your mercy in nicaea until we have, indeed you are the Bestower robina in the academy or na CDM in LA Eva fee in the La Jolla, California and our Lord, You are the one who will gather the people on a date in which there is no doubt Lau iba Fee Waiver fee. There is no doubt how to certain Baccarat start that he can keytab labor fee This is the book in which there is no doubt who Devlin looked again. It's It's It's guidance for people of piety and let me know when I will avoid those who believe in the unseen. So

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obviously at the core of the unseen is the is this belief in the hereafter. So in Mecca Jamia nasi de Omen now Eva feola, you will gather us on a date in which there is no doubt in the Lucha Libre easily fooled me around, and you never betray your promises of a lot loss of hundreds and there's not a Lost Planet, Allah will maintain everything in its proper place. So here, all the elements of the euro are still connected the way they you know, to sort of fatsia hunter suits with bacala. It's still a draft for guidance and adapt to remain sincere and firm upon that path of guidance. But the emphasis now is on the internal state of the heart and its ability to maintain that sincerity so

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that it does not deviate after the guidance has come to it. Because of diseased heart, when it will inevitably disease, the path that's been given to us as well, and will inevitably go astray in some way. So the focus is on the heart. And one very, very important element of this, as well, is the acknowledgement or the notion that the believers are focused on the Hereafter, that the believers are paying attention to their sense of the hereafter. And that takes away their appetite for the world. So the desires of this world are not appealing enough to them, to take them away from a loss of Hannah Montana, because they recognize where their priorities should be. And they recognize that

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the Day of Judgment is imminent, and a person should always remain focused on the hereafter. Therefore, they will not betray the guidance that's been sent to them. For worldly need, the way the audience one the hypocrites would. So the believers have no doubt in the hereafter. They have no doubt in their meeting with the loss of data and so they focus their attention on that. And their desires in this world are not enough to take them away from the path that a Lost Planet Allah has given to them, which is the path of salvation in the hereafter. Audience three in alladhina cafaro lentil Nia I'm home and one of whom Allah Allah domina la Isha audience, three are those who reject

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faith, that they're that their wealth that their children would not do any form of good for them on the Day of Judgment, they would not be able to avail them in any way whatsoever when they arrive on that day in which there is no doubt when they arrive on the Day of Judgment. So why do we forget the hereafter if you move on last cleanse ourselves? So you know the nasty horrible chahatein mina Nisa well benina Well, apparently real Maupin para Tina de hubby wellfield. Well, Hayden was a woman he will and he won't have that he can materi hyah to dunya or lover Ender who Krishnan Abba last panda Anna says that beautified for people is the love for that which they desire of course.

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spouses of children of sums of gold and silver, have fine branded horses and cattle and have good land. And he says so kind of what's added that is the enjoyment of this worldly life, but to Allah is the best return last time it has with him the best return and the best reward. video can be hiding in Valley Comm. Shall I not tell you what is better than that? Little Edina taco Anga have become Jana to integrity mentality Helen how Harley Dena fi hat was large And mahalo what at one woman Allah, Allah who will see it on video about Lhasa selling not inform you of that which is even better than all of those things that are beautifying to you. All of those things that lead you away

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from a lot if you give precedent if you give priority to those things or the desire of those things, over the desire of pleasing Allah. So let me tell you what's even better than that. last stanza says For those who have that taqwa, those who have the essential piety that's been emphasized as necessary to absorb Hidayat to absorb guidance, for them will be will be gardens in the presence of their Lord, beneath which rivers flow wherein they will abide eternally, and purified spouses and the pleasure of a loss of Hannah Montana and Allah is always seeing of his servants a loss of data always sees his servants. So Allah says, He basically teaches us here, that once again, unrestricted

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desires are what cause a person to fall into hypocrisy or cause a person to fall into rejection, the faith which is which aims to give them salvation in the hereafter. Then you move on to the next section of the surah Okay, or rather, before we get there, actually, in the next verse last cansada says about the believers alladhina coluna robina in an Amana for Lana novena. joaquina Davina, those people who say that Oh our Lord we believe Amanda fulfilled Anna so forgive us our sins and protect us from the punishment of the Fire. So Allah mentions once again, the believers remain focused on the hereafter and Allah will not disappoint them Allah will not let them down. So they forego you

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know channeling their desires in an impermissible way in this world, knowing that what Allah has is better and knowing that salvation the Hereafter is far better. The next section of sort of early on Ron a lot clarifies the fact that the way to Allah has always been Islam has always been submission, and attaining peace and submission to that one God in Diener in the law Islam, that that the way with a loss of Hannah Montana is Islam is submitting to Allah subhanaw taala submitting to the oneness of God in the way that he orders you to submit with his guidance and attaining peace there in and Allah subhanaw taala says one mostella for Latina or Toad Kitab in them in Burundi Mangia

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Humala anymore, Buffy and Vina home woman yuck for bi RT la he said in the last video and he said, Allah says that the people of Scripture the People of the Book, did not differ in regards to the guidance that was sent to them, except, except, out of their their animosity, their ego, their animosity, their pride amongst themselves, and whoever disbelieves in the verses of Allah, that Indeed Allah subhanaw taala is swift and taking account. Now what does that mean? And what is it what are the lessons we can take from that we set in sort of Bukhara, that the first, the first way that people can be led astray is desire. And the second way is pride. So Allah says that would cause

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the People of the Book to dispute amongst themselves and to go astray in many cases was their pride. So while the believers tremble in fear, you know, the true believers, those who respond to the guidance of Allah tremble in fear, and tremble and piety and all of Allah, the prideful, rejected, and they fight amongst themselves, and they use religion for material gain, and lost contact even mentions while Pardhu land mass and a narrow Illa yam and matter do that, they say that the fire if the fire was to touch us, it would only touch us for a few days. And if you compare that that arrogance, and that pride that even if we went to *, that would only be for a few days, if you

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compare that to the people that a lot just described, or been an Indian manner for Finland of Illumina. What winner The winner of that Oh Allah we believe so forgive us our sins and protect us from the fire. It's it's a you know, the difference is as clear as night and day, one group of people remain committed and they they remain with their eyes on salvation, and their sight focused on the hereafter and they tremble out of the fear of God, another group of people belittle the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala and belittle the value of salvation. So that's up until verse

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32 Okay, now at verse 33, a loss of Hannah Montana starts to speak to particularly the believers of Jesus peace be upon them, the believers of Christ. And the reason why this is significant is that this portion, which is about ayah, 33 to 63, was actually revealed, according to most of the scholars in the ninth year after hyjal. So at the very end of the prophetic Sierra, in which the prophets lie, Selim had a discussion and a debate with some of the Christians from non zylon. So, there was a group a delegation of Christians, it was, you know, they were received courteously, they were hosted well, and the prophets I send them how to debate with them over Christianity or over

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some of the elements of Christianity or the nature of Christ Himself, the nature of esigning his Salaam, himself. So this portion here 33, verse 33, to 63 is the most extensive and beautiful discourse on Emraan on Zakat Eonni, his Salah on mottingham, it has Salam on a sorry Islam, Jesus peace be upon him on the john the baptist it is Salaam, and it clarifies their position with Allah. So it's a beautiful discourse as to how mighty these people are in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala how beautiful they are, and how Allah subhanaw taala holds them in such high regard and how the believer should hold them in such high regard. And after Allah gives us the stories of Zakaria and

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Maryam and yahia and Isa and the family rambled on as a whole, this beautiful family, this blessed family, and the ugliest time of Benny destroyed in this most righteous family of Benny Swati, this chosen family that Allah subhanaw taala praises Allah then mentions the theological differences. So it actually gives us an a slope away a methodology and how we speak about a size now in Mali, I'm Solomon earlier, and so on so forth, that you speak about them with praise, you clarify their position with a loss of 100 Tana, and then the theological differences are mentioned in the method or Isa in the Leica method, he added, that barely the likeness of Jesus peace be upon him as great

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as he is the likeness of Jesus peace be upon him, in the way that he was created is just like Adam, it has some, a lot created them with the words B and they were so you know, admire Islam does not have a mother or a father, or a Saudi Islam does not have a father, a lot created them both in a miraculous way with the words be an alum mentioned that he signed a psalm himself saying what in the law has to be what we do have serratos the theme that is or Islam says And indeed, a lot is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him and this is the straight path. Then Allah mentions a call to the People of the Book a call to that common word boulia kitabi to Allah he like any mention Salah Oh

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people say oh, people have the book, come to a common word. So in vain and out when they come out with a Lola and this word is equitable between us and you. It's a common word that we will not worship anything beside Allah we will only worship one God, when a new sleek a V shape, and we will not associate a partner with him while I tell him about Luna, battlin, alibabam and dunlea and no one of us will take any Lords beside Allah subhana wa tada into one Lofa Polish shadow, the Anima Simone and if they turn away, then say, bear witness that we are amongst those who submit to the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala. So a call to a common word, let us worship Allah subhanaw taala

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alone, let us worship this one God and let's make a pledge that we will not associate any partners with a loss of Hannah Montana, and Allah says Makana Ibrahim yahoodi. And when Amazonia when Ark Encounter Hanif and muslimah, on my account, I mean, I must shrieking that Abraham was not a Jew or a Christian, but rather he was someone that submitted himself, Hanif and muslimah. He was a monotheist that submitted himself to a loss of Hannah Montana. And he, he never was amongst those who associated a partner with a law. So let's go back to the Abrahamic way, again, as a lot clarifies in Edina and the law in Islam, he clarifies that Ibrahim alayhis salam was always upon

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this way, and that this is the way of Ibrahim alayhis salaam.

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And he even says sapan went to Ghana, in the olden nasty bit, Ibrahim levena terbaru, who will happen to be one of the Dina Harmon who will law who will lead me in the last minute Anna says that indeed the most worthy of claiming Abraham are those that follow him in submission to Allah, and this prophets, this prophet, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, the prophet Mohammed, who's of the offspring of Ibrahim Ani, his set up, and those who believe in his message, and indeed Allah is the guardian of the believers. So basically, the greatest claimants to the to the message

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into the law, he might eat his cellar, or those who in reality follow the message of Ibrahim it his salon, the third section of the surah, verse 64 to 120, which will be the end of the third juice that we're covering today.

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This was revealed around the same time as the first section of the software. So after the Battle of mentors, and this is a warning to the people of the book to accept truth as it is and to not be diluted. So in this section after verse 64, this is where you see the most Yeah, athletic Kitab Oh, people have the book, oh, people have the book, oh, people have the book, oh, people have the book over and over and over again. And a lot cause them to accept guidance and a lot makes a distinct distinction between how some people have the book accept and some people have the book reject between the trustworthiness and truthfulness of one group and the wickedness of another group. And

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this is a recognition that lace was so out they are not all the same. And that there are people that will readily accept guidance that are that truly love, a loss of hundreds and will readily accept guidance and readily maintain the covenant with God. So Allah says women will kitabi men, men into men will be pinbar when you add the lake last franchisors and amongst the people of the book is he if you entrust him with a great amount of wealth, he will return it to you so you'll find trustworthy people amongst the people of the book. And he says woman home men into men who be dinar in law you at the lake, in the magenta, he called him last franchisors and some of them if you

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entrust him with a single silver coin, he will not return it to you unless you're constantly standing over him and demanding it. And Allah subhanho wa Taala basically, is showing us again that there are differences in the way that people will receive it.

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And in the people of the books, some of them desiring to uphold that covenant, some of them steering away. Then Allah Subhana Allah tells us as believers, he turns the the, the the discourse to the Muslims themselves, and says to us that just as we would you know, we hate that the profit size can be rejected, or that any elements of divine guidance be rejected, unless us to the believers to say amen Nabila one on one z Latina woman Zilla Isla Ibrahima ismar. Ito is half way in a pool when asked about when I owe to Moosa where Isa when they be Unum and what be him learn who Federico avena had him in home, when I knew that he was the one that to say, we believe in Allah, and we believe

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with what's been revealed to us. And we believe in what's been revealed to Abraham, we believe in what's been revealed to us married to Isaac, to Jacob to his descendants, and everything that came from them. to that which was given to Moses to Jesus, and to all of the profits from Allah, we don't make a distinction between any of them. And we are amongst those who are Muslims, we submit ourselves to that divine revelation. So basically, that we accept the entire body of Revelation, the entire body of divine guidance, and this is in accordance with the testimony that a lot tells us to make in the under certain buckler as well, and also to be not only La La Merapi. But we know that

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the messenger believes and that which was sent to him from his Lord as well as the believers, they believe in Allah, they believe in all of the books, they believe in all of the messengers, they believe in the angels, the day of judgment and so on, so forth. So this is basically a last contract telling us to distinguish ourselves in that regard, that we will continue to believe in Allah subhana wa Tada, we will continue to uphold that covenant, in a way that's pleasing to Him in a way that's beloved to him. And then Allah subhanaw taala since kfa, the law who Coleman cafaro burger, Eman him, Why shall he do en la basura? Huck? What, without whom will be an heir to Allah? Who is

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the common law? In the last patch? I says, and how could Allah guide people? How shall Allah guide the people who disbelieved after they've witnessed the messenger, and they know that he's the messenger, they know that he's upon the truth, the signs are clear to them. And they still refuse to accept that divine revelation. And what this means is that there were people in Medina, people of the book in Medina, that knew that the prophets lie, some fit the description of the awaited messenger. So they saw him as that foretold messenger, and they, they believed in him privately. So they admitted their private conversations with one another, that he must be the Prophet. But

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publicly, they insisted on fighting him and on rejecting Him. So how can guidance come to them? If they're purposely turning away from that and they're purposely trying to, you know, trying to avert guidance as it comes to them? And this is basically a warning to the people rejecting the prophets I send them right after a lot tells the Muslims don't reject any of the previous revelations or any of the previous prophets a lot than condemns those that reject the current Prophet and the current revelation.

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Knowing that he is upon the truth. So these are people that acknowledged in Medina, that he is the awaited Prophet, but they still turned away from him. And so that's the next section. And then finally,

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you know, the theme of Hidayat is clear that Allah will not guide those who insist on misguidance. Finally, a lot ends this just with learn 10 out of 10 people member to head born, which is verse 92, that Allah Subhana that never will you attain righteousness or the reward of righteousness until you spend from that which you love. And this is, of course, the verse that was revealed, if you go to the series I did last year called people of color. And if you search people of color, and this is the verse that was revealed about, or the verse rather that encouraged, I will tell how a great companion of the Prophet slice them to donate his most beloved possessions basically here, what

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Allah is telling you is that he doesn't just expect you to not be distracted by the dunya, he doesn't just expect you to not be distracted by the dunya. So that you can attain guidance. Rather, Allah expects you to shed the dunya for his sake and for the sake of salvation in the hereafter. And that's the mark of guidance on a person, that you're willing to actually part ways with some of the material things, seeking that that pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala and seeking that salvation from Allah Subhana Allah, rather than some of the audience's that were distracted by their desires or distracted by their pride, we ask a lot to make us humble believers that receive guidance and that

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recognize that recognize it and receive it and commit themselves to it sincerely. And we ask Allah not to allow us to internally or externally feel a burden or crookedness or deviation from that path and we ask Allah to forgive us for our inevitable shortcomings for you know,

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and we asked the last panel to and of course, to make us people for an MMA fighter I know I said that I wouldn't go too long today but it looks like it looks like 3430 is probably going to be most Jews are going to be around 30 minutes so I appreciate you guys's patience inshallah, please do continue to to share this inshallah to Allah and to share your reflections and of course to tune in everyday inshallah tada at 4pm. Eastern does not come along Fado salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

Quran 30 for 30 day 2 – Al Baqara and Ale Imran

June 7, 2016

End of Surah Baqarah beginning of Ale Imran is a connection
The quran will intercede on the day of Judgement
These two surahs will shade the believer like a cloud – argue on your behalf on the day of judgement. Emphasize guidance.

Ale Imran –
1st section revealed early in Madinah – Muslims have just fought off their opressors so Allah shifts the believers focus.

Al Hayy Al Qayyum – Names of Allah (Ayat Al Kursi) (Two greatest names of Allah)
The quran is for those who are conscious of Allah.
This surah also addresses the People of the Book – all the revelations before were a guidance before they were changed. But the Quran is now the criteria for all those who have Taqwa.
Allah addresses the hypocrites – those with crookedness in their hearts. They focus on ambiguous verses and interpret it according to their desires and to cause corruption on earth.
Allah addresses the believers- people of knowledge accept every verse as it is all from Allah. We don’t escape any ruling. The heart is ready to receive revelation – it can bear any ruling of the Quran. The law is not too burdensome. The theme of dua still exists through these first three surahs. The focus is the purity of the heart and maintaining sincerity as well as remembering the aakhirah often and meeting Allah. The desires are not strong enough to take them away from Allah

Allah addresses the disbelievers- Allah has the best reward with him. They disregard this for their own desires. There are things more beautiful that what you desire over pleasing Allah. Unrestricted desires leads to a person fall into hypocrisy.

Allah clarifies that the way to HIM has always been Islam (submission to Him alone in the way that he orders you to submit with his guidance).

The people of the book only differed out of animosity and pride – desire and pride leads people astray.
Allah addresses them – the likeness of Jesus (as) is just like that of Adams (as) – Allah said “BE” and they came into being.

Warning to the people of the book to accept truth and not be deluded. Allah calls them to guidance. Some of them accept and some will turn away.

To the muslims – we do not want any element of Deen to be rejected we should believe in all prophets. We accept the entire body of revelation and divine guidance and so distinguish ourselves.
Allah will not guide those who insist on misguidance.
Can’t attain righteousness until you spend from that which you love.

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