Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2016 – Quran 30 for 30 – Day 2

Quran 30 for 30 day 2 – Al Baqara and Ale Imran

June 7, 2016

End of Surah Baqarah beginning of Ale Imran is a connection
The quran will intercede on the day of Judgement
These two surahs will shade the believer like a cloud – argue on your behalf on the day of judgement. Emphasize guidance.

Ale Imran –
1st section revealed early in Madinah – Muslims have just fought off their opressors so Allah shifts the believers focus.

Al Hayy Al Qayyum – Names of Allah (Ayat Al Kursi) (Two greatest names of Allah)
The quran is for those who are conscious of Allah.
This surah also addresses the People of the Book – all the revelations before were a guidance before they were changed. But the Quran is now the criteria for all those who have Taqwa.
Allah addresses the hypocrites – those with crookedness in their hearts. They focus on ambiguous verses and interpret it according to their desires and to cause corruption on earth.
Allah addresses the believers- people of knowledge accept every verse as it is all from Allah. We don’t escape any ruling. The heart is ready to receive revelation – it can bear any ruling of the Quran. The law is not too burdensome. The theme of dua still exists through these first three surahs. The focus is the purity of the heart and maintaining sincerity as well as remembering the aakhirah often and meeting Allah. The desires are not strong enough to take them away from Allah

Allah addresses the disbelievers- Allah has the best reward with him. They disregard this for their own desires. There are things more beautiful that what you desire over pleasing Allah. Unrestricted desires leads to a person fall into hypocrisy.

Allah clarifies that the way to HIM has always been Islam (submission to Him alone in the way that he orders you to submit with his guidance).

The people of the book only differed out of animosity and pride – desire and pride leads people astray.
Allah addresses them – the likeness of Jesus (as) is just like that of Adams (as) – Allah said “BE” and they came into being.

Warning to the people of the book to accept truth and not be deluded. Allah calls them to guidance. Some of them accept and some will turn away.

To the muslims – we do not want any element of Deen to be rejected we should believe in all prophets. We accept the entire body of revelation and divine guidance and so distinguish ourselves.
Allah will not guide those who insist on misguidance.
Can’t attain righteousness until you spend from that which you love.