Is Performing Eid Salaah Obligatory

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Dr. Zakir in the morning of the aid is a requirement for the Muslims to go out and do the prayer. Could you explain for the benefit of myself and the viewers? What are the rulings regarding the prayer?

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As far as the prayer for eat this concern? Our beloved prophet Muslim said it's mentioned a Muslim model number two, in the book of fasting and number 2534, Abu huraira men live up to me said that the Prophet Moses Allah, He said that fasting is prohibited on today's on eidl fitter, and

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that no two days of Eden, it will fit up the breaking of the fast any day of the that the day of sacrifice, these two days is prohibited. So no one can fast on these two days, as far as the ruling is concerned about the Salah for

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the difference of opinion amongst the scholars and the different schools of thought. According to Imam Shafi and Mr. Malik Shafi, then the Maliki's they say that the eat Salah is a Sunita maka. It is a very important Suna known as Mustafa,

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based on the Hadith that the veteran who comes and says that Allah subhana wa Taala has not made us compulsory any Salah

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other than the five prescribed Salah which is mentioned in more than one number two, page number two to three. So based on this idea that no other Salah is compulsory besides the five times prescribed Salah, they say that this Salah of Israel fitted and either other it is from the democra according to the humbly school of thought dumble as they say it is physically fire. That means the fire as long as some people in the community do it. It's enough. It's not forgiven every individual for the fire. And the third ruling that is 100 mama one Eva, may Allah have mercy on him. He said that it is far it is and this view is also of shikibu Tamia that bring you to fitter salah and it will add our

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Salah in the fourth. And the ruling is based on the verse of the Quran of circles. Chapman read it was number two we save in nothin alcocer foster Linda bacon facilier be governor means and turn to the Lord in prayer and sacrifice.

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So it indicated that you have to offer the Salah of each other and then sacrifice.

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So based on this one, they say it is complicity of the Salah. And there are various other say Hadith in which Professor Salaam has commanded

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the Muslims that they should offer Salah not only to the general Muslims, even to the woman who are menstruating. He said go for a Salah even if you don't have to offer Salah he said the veil woman even the virgin whether they're young or matured they should go for it salah and the ministry woman even if they can't offer they should at least go to the masala it's mentioned in sable hardy on number one in the book of Salah Hadith number 351. I've heard number three to four and various other deities. The Prophet even said that the children should go

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and based on this hadith imamo bonobo melomakarona mencegah potamia Now let's move on into they said that offering a Salah is fun. There's one more Hadith in Sona without or number one in the book of Salah Hadith number 1068. The Beloved Prophet masala Salim said

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that we have to eat together that is it was fitter and the Jew masala image Am I supposed to be very clean. So he says that after offering the eagle feather to Salah he says that those who do not want to offer Jew masala may not do it if they don't want to. But we will afford you masala indicating that because you offered us fitter do masala which is more important than the five prescribes Allah

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your Prophet said if you offer a drill fitter in congregation

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do masala may not be offered that day but natural they have to offer the nominal to her Salah. So this surely indicates that it will fit there is a further salah and agree with the view of Imam Abu hanifa and like mercy on him as well as check him with a Muslim am inshallah