When Is It Ever Okay To Lie

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When is it ever okay to lie? A lot of diversity presents QA with magic Mahmoud. Lying is one of the most despised manners in Islam. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said an authentic hadith that it's not possible for someone to be considered a complete and true believer yet lies or betrays, may Allah protect us from both traits. However, with this being said, it is permissible in certain and specific cases where you can actually lie I will mention three inshallah, number one between the husband and wife, for example, maybe some of us have heard it personally, is the wife would ask, does this dress make me look fat? Did you like my food, etc. In this case for the husband

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to flourish that love and grow with, he can feel free to lie to a certain extent, of course, the other case, for example, in case of war, because war is based on deception, as Muhammad Ali was enough said, but for example, to make it a bit more realistic for you, someone who was in the battlefield wearing the camouflage type of clothing, if they're fighting in the forest, he's wearing green color. If he's fighting in the desert, he's wearing like a lightest brown to yellow just to deceive the enemy just do what you see the enemy. The third and last example is to reconcile between two people. For example, you tried all sorts of ways to reconcile between Person A and Person B.

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It's not working, the only way that you have is now lying. They feel free to do so with certain limits. May Allah bless you and protect you. We will be discussing this and much more inshallah in my upcoming another seminar in a city near you in Allah Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.