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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi concludes the series of the Ramadan Khatirah with the Dua of Ibraheem in Surah Baqarah, Verse 127 -128.

“And [mention] when Abraham was raising the foundations of the House and [with him] Ismael, [saying], “Our Lord, accept [this] from us. Indeed You are the Hearing, the Knowing.Our Lord, and make us Muslims [in submission] to You and from our descendants a Muslim nation [in submission] to You. And show us our rites and accept our repentance. Indeed, You are Accepting of repentance, the Merciful.”

Why are our deed not accepted by Allah?

  • If the deed is done to show off and please someone else and not for Allah.
  • If it makes you feel privileged over the others.
  • If it makes one feel arrogant about his good deed.
  • If the deed or charity is done from Haram money.


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De La Paz salatu salam ala rasulillah vida de he was like to be here woman what a hummingbird.

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Today will be our final lecture when it comes to the eyes of the Quran and our quarter series for this Ramadan. Tomorrow there'll be a talk that's not related to the two hours of the Quran. And as we conclude this month of Ramadan, and I cannot help but reflect that I'm also concluding my time here in Memphis. And in all likelihood, this is also one of the last times that I will be speaking to you from this particular podium. I'm leaving very soon and even in the time remaining, I will not be here in Memphis and inshallah when I come to visit, I hope I'm not speaking from this podium, I'm going to be speaking from inshallah the new Masjid insha Allah, Allah. So thinking about which do is

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to choose the obvious for not only the ending of Ramadan, but also for me, this is one of the last talks I'll be giving from this podium, and it's something that I feel very profoundly moved. It is the day of our Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salaam Surah Baqarah verse 127, and 128 hot burner Taco Bell Minh in a semi rhodium. What to violin in the wobble Rahim. I could not think of a more fitting do our to conclude our series with and also for me personally, this resonates immensely. Before I began my next phase of my own life. The Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam. He is the only human being in the whole Quran, whom Allah says to our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam take him as a role model.

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No other human being has been said to our own newbies, the law is seldom that you should take as a role model naka de Canada confy Ibrahim oestrogen escena you have a role model enabled on him, you have somebody to look up to. And once a man came to the Prophet sallallahu it he was sending them and addressed him by saying, oh, best of all of mankind? And he said, No, that was my father, Ibrahim. And of course, we believe that the Prophet system is the best of mankind, but his father Ibrahim and him are in one special category, and only those two have that category. And that is the category of Hilda Holly Lola, only two people in all of human history have reached that status of

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being called Helene. What to have Allahu Ibrahima kalila a lot took Abraham as a Holly and Holly Hill. When you don't when you when we apply it in the modern Arabic It means a special friend. It means a hos friend, it means a friend that is the closest will support me. So Allah Ibrahim as a colleague, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Allah has taken me as a holiday as he took my father as a holiday. So only two people are the holiday of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we are all aware of the tests of Ibrahim Ibrahim, I've given many talks and hood was about that. This

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is coming from the tongue of Ibrahim. But when is this do outcoming think about the context of this.

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Our Lord told Ibrahim to build the first house of worship on Earth. The first mosque there was no Masjid there was no consecrated land. Remember Ibrahim alayhis salam he is before the majority of profits that we know the only major profit before I'm going to soon wise is Noah. So Adam, no Hebron these are the earliest the most of the money is thrown in all of the money Israel profits are after Ibrahim Ali Salaam 5000 years ago, from the beginning origins of time, no prophet had built a house of worship what we call the mosque or synagogue or church, there was no such thing as a consecrated land at that point in time. So Allah told our father Ibrahim and his son, his Marine, that I want

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you to build what will be the most sacred house for all of mankind. And I want you to build this house in the barren valley of Becca. And we know that this is the character that he built. So Allah mentions in the Koran that Ibrahim came back is married as a young man, and they have passed all the tests they have reached that level. What is your Pharaoh Ibrahim will cover in a minute beta is marine. And recall when Ibrahim was building the foundations of the caliber, the same foundations that are still present to this date, the exact same place where the Kaaba is, is the place where he put those foundations so many 1000s of years ago, and his smile was with him. Our Prophet sallallahu

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Sallam said Ibrahim would put every brick in place and it's my aid would hand him the bricks. Ibrahim himself

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with his own hands, he is building the cabinet brick by brick. And his smile is bringing every brick to him and putting it there. And the both of them what is on their minds, what are they making, when they are building the very first house of worship? This is the door that they say are open to have been mean, integral Atlanta similar on him, oh, well, except this from us, except whatever we have done. For You are the one who hears and you are the one who knows, understand the significance. This is the first mosque This is the holiest land, this is the symbol of Islam. Billions of people will face this gather. Millions and hundreds of millions will come and perform tawaf and sorry and promo

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and hedge for the rest of mankind.

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This will become an icon, and Ibrahim is building it and he understands the significance and what is on his mind and also who told him to build it a lot by name. Allah inspired, Ibrahim said you and your son is my email bill, the Kaaba, still what is on Abraham's mind? What if Allah does not accept this from me? What if all that I've done is in vain. So the main point that they have robina, Taco Bell, Mina, Overlord, except from us, one of the scholars of the past will haven elevated he recited this verse, and he began to cry, or have been at Aqaba, he began to cry. And he said, Yeah, honey, Lola, Oh honey, love Allah, you are building the house of Allah and you are still worried that it

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might be rejected? How about us and our deeds? You are building the house of Allah and you are worried what if Allah does not accept Then where should we stand when it comes to our own deeds? My dear brothers and sisters, as we come to the end of this month, let no one be deceived by one's own actions. Let not shake on come to us and inflate our egos if we might have stood in our internal way every single day. If we might have recited 30 minutes of Koran throughout the month, if we have fasted the month of Ramadan, realize what is important is not the deed what is important is a laws acceptance and we do not know a lot of acceptance we do not know if the deeds that we have done will

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actually be accepted by Allah. Let not our chests puff with pride. Let not satanic arrogance enter our hearts let us be humble and realize we do not know if whatever we have done is worthy of Allah subhana wa tada is acceptance. Now you will ask why will Allah not accept deeds? The Quran mentions and the sun dimensions a number of very clear reasons why deeds will not be accepted. First and foremost, my dear brothers and sisters, that deed must be done for Allah to Allah directed to Allah without even the slightest hint of showing off. The deed has to be pure with Islam to Allah subhanho wa Taala realize the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said had it put since I Bahati that a law says an

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ohana Shoraka

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I am the least partner who is needed any shares, you know partners they share whatever happens right? Allah is saying in the Hadith could see I have no need to share anything. Whoever does a deed This is the Hadeeth whoever does the deed intending to please me and somebody else. I will leave the other partner let's see if he can reward the person thought up to who was Yuriko, whoever does the deed, wanting to please the law but also wanting to impress other people. Your Nia is not pure for a law. Your knee is also Oh somebody is going to see as a right to check somebody is going to see as I stand straight and Sunnah somebody is going to see you as an open up the Koran, if you intended to

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please others, Allah is saying I have no need, go get your reward from other people. So one needs to be pure, his loss has to be 100% not 99, not 99.99 100%. The second of there are many things in this called hot roll mentioned three or four. The second reason why Allah might reject a deed is that and this is related to the first is that you feel a sense of privilege over others that you've done the deed and this leads to the concept of arrogance. Allah says in the Quran Yeah, you already know Amano la Tobu saw the article many many will adapt or you who believe do not destroy your own charity by reminding people that you've given them charity by causing harm to people so you gave a

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check to somebody then you'll meet in the next day. Oh, I hope you know the money I gave you a hope you know you you you put it to good use. How is the man going to feel? How is the person who gave charity gonna feel you've demeaned his honor. And Allah says what not to potato saw the article 21 do not destroy your solder cup by reminding others of the favors and by

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Causing irritation. This is a that is irritation, you're going to make the person feel bad. Well Then why'd you give him the check? Why'd you give him the money, it would have been better if you didn't give anything. So by reminding others of the favor, you are destroying your own good deed. Other things that the Quran mentions the story of hobbylink our bill, the two sons of Adam,

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Allah says in the Quran, the both of them presented their offerings in front of Allah, for to obey them in it him one of

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the one of them, his offering was accepted, and the other his offering was not accepted. These are the two sons of Adam directly their father is Adam. So what ended up happening the one kill the other and that shows you had an evil heart. So pedalo one thing that Allah chose, and he took his anger out on his brother the first murder that took place when he tried to kill his brothers had why was in my offering accepted. What did the brothers say? In Yakubu mineral Motoki, Allah accepts the good deeds from the people of taqwa. If you have duck wa your deed is accepted. If you do not have Taqwa, and here with the meaning of taqwa have to be very explicit here. If a sinner does a good

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deed, Charlotte will be accepted. But if a sinner does a good deed, with a sense of arrogance, with a sense of pride, what is meant here is not just that you have to be Mashallah 100. Out of 100 No, even if you are a sinner, and you do a deed, Allah will accept but if you do a deed with a sense of entitlement with a sense of arrogance, with a sense of Oh, I've done it alone must accept it. That was the arrogance of a police never forget, it believes was a righteous person it believes was a righteous jinn who worshiped a law for millennia, who worshiped a law for a time we cannot even imagine, but he felt entitled he felt a sense of privilege. He felt if I've done all this, I must be

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better and Allah does not need the deeds of a police. Allah does not need our deeds allow once our taqwa Allah once our humility in Maya Taka para la mina machete. And here we have another I insert a Toba that demonstrates what is actually intended here in sort of totoaba Allah mentions a group of hypocrites, who when they gave to the Prophet system, they were stingy. And then even in that stinginess, they reminded him you know, you should be grateful we'll let you come to Medina. You should be grateful you owe us a lot. Then Allah azza wa jal says, will unfair kowtow and oh Quran lend you to Kabbalah men can go ahead and give willingly or unwillingly In either case, Allah will

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not accept from you. Allah will not accept from you even if you have done the deed. Why? Because there was a sense of entitlement. There was a sense of arrogance and the one unforgivable sin in Islam. It is arrogance and sure they are the same thing really. Because when you're arrogant to Allah, you come and shoot kibber and worshipping other than Allah, they're in the same category. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the one who has an atom's weight of arrogance shall not enter Jenna so when you do a good deed, and you have in your heart or somebody has in his heart, I have done this I am this I am that Allah does not need your good deed Allah azza wa jal it is a no

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deed of arrogance. And as well of course when it comes to money, and good deeds of money than a load with only accepted the money is pure in the la de la Yakubu, Illa Yabba. Allah is pure, and he only accepts the pure so if you give charity from out on money, Allah has no need of how our money Hello once only pure money. So the point is, there are many many scenarios and situations where our deeds might not be accepted. Now that we are winding down this month, now that we're finishing our ibadat of Ramadan, now that the Torah is coming to an end, and we're Graham's community coming to an end, firstly, don't stop your private worship continue. But secondly, never ever feel a sense of

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entitlement. never feel okay. I have done it. Now that we're winding down remember that Abraham as he's building the Gabba robina cabal Minda of what uses all of this if you come on judgment day and all of your deeds are not there, and Alon mentions multiple scenarios in the urine of people who come on Judgement Day. The analyzer Jen mentioned that for Jana Hubba and Mathura all that they have done we will take it and turn it into dust that is scattered Allah mentions in the Quran that had attacked it while she would human harsher Amina to now Siva Jocelyn out on amiya they will come people tired, they have done their whole lives work, but they will still end up going to jahannam.

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Why? Because their work wasn't done properly. once thought passed by a group of hermits monks in the desert, they were standing in the heat in the sun, not drinking, not talking for decades, they would live very difficult lives. And of course they're worshipping you know the Son of God. They're worshipping another god, and that should have been our religion. And Tom began to cry. And they said Why are you crying? He said I

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really feel for these people, they've spent their lives now of course, he's not passing a verdict on individuals alone those individuals, but generally speaking, those who worship other than a lot are not going to be rewarded by Allah. They spent their lives in worship, only to be found out on Judgement Day that is not going to be a benefit. And he said they reminded me of the verse in the Quran, which is the conclusion of sort of telegraph pole hallelujah Bill, Bill surina Armada Should I tell you the worst of all people who are doing deeds, Allah the noble sir Johann Phil higher to dunya warham Yasser buena sooner sooner, they spent their whole lives doing deeds, thinking they're

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doing good, but they're not doing good. They're doing evil. So one of the hot topics that I saw these people reminded me of that verse, it caused him to cry, my dear brothers and sisters never ever feel a sense of entitlement. Yes, we should feel a sense of joy that Allah allowed us to pray a lot allowed us to fast but never feel arrogance. never feel as if it's a transaction of Allah I did this Now give me that know the believer is always between fear and hope. You will hope for the best. But you're always worried about rejection. You hope Allah will accept but you're never sure you're always worried what if Allah will not accept and that's what Abraham is making that to our robina to

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cobalamin we conclude with this hadith in Sahih Bukhari that are a shot of the Allahu anhu she recited surah Tell me noon and in Surah Menon there is a beautiful verse that Allah says that while the Drina world Edina, you tune Mr. Otto will Lubumbashi the tune. And Amina Ravi Mirage, your own and those who Allah is describing the people of Jenna, those who give from the money that we have given them, and still their hearts are trembling. They're scared as they give charity. Ayesha said, Jada Sula, this ideas and bodies are beautiful. Heidi, I should say, Dr. rasulillah. Are these people, the ones who they're drunkards, they're sinners, they do evil things they steal, and so they

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give money not knowing if Allah will accept or not. The Prophet system smiled and said, law you have been to sadaqa he would call Ayesha bento sadhika when he was being playful just full. Oh, Doctor have a Siddiqa. Yeah, Binta. So these are no these are the ones you have to sort their own way. So moon wire soon we just use alone. They pray they fast they give charity but they are worried what if Allah will not accept their good deeds? Their hearts are trembling, I've done everything. What if Allah does not accept Of what use was all of my deeds? I was thinking this idea must apply to the sinners. They're the ones living evil lifestyles when they give 510 dollars like Willow like scepter

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not and the prosper Solar System said No, these are the righteous people. They have done everything they have done all they're supposed to do, but then they're worried what if there was a mistake? What if they were showing off? what if what if, what if, and because of this, their hearts are trembling and terrified? My dear brothers and sisters, as we conclude this month, as I myself conclude my beautiful, beautiful decade long in this community, a very blessed time for me that I truly truly blessed it really enjoyed and I pray that Allah subhana wa tada also found it beneficial for you as we come to this conclusion. Jen genuinely we make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala robina

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Taco Bell Minh in a semi REAL ID robina Taco Bell Minh in the Qantas simulator ID Rob Burnett cobalamin in this alley, and if there were any mistakes the next phrase were to buy Elena in Santa Barbara him if we had any mistakes over law than a will law you will accept our repentance You are the one who accepts and the one who is All Merciful was said on Monday.