Abdulbary Yahya – Allah Love That Which Is Pure – Al-Nawawi’s Forty Hadith 10, 40

Abdulbary Yahya
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You play your means peer

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in the ladder you layer

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and Allah does not accept anything except for that which is pure. We're in our meaning me my alma mater

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and Allah subhanho wa Taala has ordered the believers, that which he has ordered the messengers. And he says, Yeah, I heard also Kulu Kulu miracle Eva to Emanuel saleha Oh, prophets or messengers eat from that which is pure and do that which is righteous? Well I'm so sorry. And then Allah says, Yeah, you have an avenue or you believe so he speaks to the messengers and orders the messengers what he has ordered what is the believers what he has ordered the messengers? Yeah.

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Are you who believe whom into EBIT da Rosa Konerko from the that which is Pierre, from what We have provided for you? And then he mentioned a man you do suffer. He has been a long journey. I thought about his hairs be shovel.

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He is full, he is filled with dirt. He is dirty, has dirt, dust all over him. Dusty

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ilosone He raises his hands to the heavens. We are, oh my lord Yara Oh my Lord, what am I wrong? But as food is how

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women are miserable, who were mature who Hara and drink that which is from his haram.

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Haram and is nourished from haram for under Eustacia. So how is he going to have his dua be responded to well, how is he going? How is his dua going to be accepted? So in this hadith, let's speak about some of the benefits in the middle of it. In Alaska in the Allahu

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Allah subhanho wa Taala in Allah subhanho wa Adana is for you. The word

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is it means Pierre Pierre from what Pierre from that which is deficient, Allah subhanaw taala is not deficient. And he is not his peer from that which is dirty or filth, filth. So, the opposite of Pierre after a year of his work, the opposite of the year is hobbies, hobbies, and hobbies, youth is that which is impure, that which is filthy. And I'm gonna make a lot of handwriting analysis. Now, yes, there will be two or three you that which is filthy is not the same as that which is pure. That which is filthy, is not what not, which isn't the same as that which is pure. And Allah says answer and sort of the NOR.

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Have you thought to them, have you seen that those who are filthy are for those who are filthy, male and female? I'll tell you that. Well, can we tune a little hobby,

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and those who are filthy, who are male, are for those who are filthy, female women, the female men, the men, the men, who are filthy are for the moment who are filthy. And the women who are filthy, are for the men who are filthy, so the healthier for the filthy, meaning those who are who are not here, and Allah says what a year to a year in and those who appear or for those who appear male and female, what the winner that you bet. And so Allah Subhana Allah and he says in Allah and Allah,

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Allah is Pierre, the meaning of which is that there is nothing that is

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efficient or nothing that could be blameworthy or shameful or bad. Lots of Hana data is peer and a lot of Hana. Hana is complete in his

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in his purity

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and in its actions, everything, Allah subhanaw taala for you and himself he is for you here in service pier and it has names. I also tell you the name of Allah subhanaw taala are also the most peer and he

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has attributes and characteristics are also the most pure and his movies.

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When you say this is not permissible and that's not permissible, and that which is permissible that which is allowed and not which is not allowed or filled. Some

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Time, that which is allowed us feel that which is allowed is haram. It's dirty, it's impure, like they allow many things, a person in this country may be allowed to do many things are considered filthy. They can do, do men always clean with equally my esto yes moment when everything that comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala is pure, there is nothing done from any facet whatsoever.

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A massive hand in Allah him, he is Pierre in every aspect, every aspect is purity. Nyaka value in that Akiva and Allah Subhana Allah does not accept except that which is pure. So when Allah Subhana Allah says, He does not accept that means Allah Subhana Allah,

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He does not accept anything in terms of our the words that we say, the actions that we do, except for that which is pure. So what are the actions that will appear that Allah subhanaw taala will accept and that which is impure, Allah Subhana Allah Allah will not accept what are they. So everything that is impure, that is filthy, will be rejected by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will be rejected by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So amongst them is sadaqa charity that you give charity that you give, when it is Pierre Allah Subhana Allah accepts it. When it is not peer, Allah Subhana Allah will not accept it. And that's why the prophets of Allah Allah He was so loved he said in Hadith min

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PESA Kabir idli? Tamra mentally three men for you, men playing you, love

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whoever mentor sadaqa the idli Tamra, 10 min. per year, whoever gives the equivalent of one of one, one date, the equivalent of one day really anything that's worth just one date. If it is Pierre, then Allah subhanaw taala will accept that and other will as well Allahu Allah. And Allah will not accept anything except for that which is Pierre in Hola, Diana who Yeah, who had the Yemeni and Allah subhanaw taala. Take that sidecar that you give with his right hand? Will you be hakama europea hydro kung fu well who had that Hakuna.

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So that's that which is peer that you give, even if it's just the size and the word or the equivalent of one date, Allah Subhana Allah take it. And Allah will magnify the reward when it's peer, and it will make it equivalent to a mountain.

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You will make it equivalent to a mountain the reward that you'll get, just like how you raise your you raise your animal, when it's small, you take care of it, and it grows bigger and bigger. It grows bigger and bigger, because the sheep and the camel everything that when it is born, it is small, and then it grows when you raise it so Allah subhanho wa Taala will make your charity grow and grow and grow. Why how, when it is peer, when it is thank you. And so what does it mean? If something that you give is thank you is Pierre, the first thing for you remedial Arman, that which is pure of the deeds that we do maganda Hollis or lillahi. Murthy, the Sharia, that which is Pierre

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for the sake of Allah

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in it is also following it is also this is also in accordance to the Sharia meaning according to the Quran and the Sunnah, so that deeds appear are two aspects. They're sincere they're done solely for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah and that which is done also according to the Sunnah of the prophets of Allah and you can have good intentions, but if you have the intention, but you're not if you don't do it correctly, it will not be accepted. What do you mean?

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I mean, um, what, what are you have been unwell and that which is peer of the wealth that we have because a deed is peer and your wealth is also peer. Right? So when you're giving sadaqa that word that you give has to be PA and when you're giving sadaqa the intention that you have also has to be pa

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It has to be correct. So we give the cat for expenses gives the cat to anyone. You can't just give the cat to any organization or anybody. You can't just give us a cat to any, any person on the street, let's say they're on the, you know, the, the begging on the road, you don't know who they are, you don't know whether they're Muslim or not, you just give it to them, you can get their conditions. So, you have to do it correctly. And when you give the cards you have to give the right amount also. So it has to be in coordinates to be accepted. So certified charity, they have to be done correctly, they have to be done

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sincerely, and the wealth you have has come from

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pure sources, you can steal some money and and consider that to be some other kind of charity and hope to receive reward from a loss to handle data for no Allah were not accepted. And the loss of Hannah Diana says, we're in the moment and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, we're in Allah, meaning Bhima Amara b l mercerie. And Allah subhana wa Tada orders the believers just like He orders the messages. That means that Allah subhanaw taala

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has ordered the believers because of their highest heat from Pierre. What mellows Hari Ha, and do righteous deeds. And so ALLAH SubhanA was hundreds and Hala sources and that what you eat, your eating is also highlighted. Because if you don't, if you don't take from that which is why like for example,

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alcohol, wine, or any other things are the essence itself is haram. Or you're taking from means that are haram, then Allah subhana wa Terrano passed. So if someone hits from that which has not been slaughtered properly, like Mehta

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hit a deer and he gets the meat and he eats it.

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The meat itself is haram because it's not permissible to eat that.

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That meat. The next is someone who of course, some who acquires it in from a haram source. So someone steals a an animal, steals a sheep steals a cow, and then they slaughter it, they started this mean and they eat from it, then that also is not for you. But it is not halal. It's not pure because he stole it from somebody. He stole it from somebody and

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Pierre Malou salejaw and also do righteous deeds, and do righteous deeds. So ALLAH SubhanA Rattana orders the messages for Mr. Humble led me here, our body and then he orders us to as a result, as a result of eating that which is pure to strengthen our body, to also do righteous deeds, use that strength, use that energy and use that in the obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala and Mallow Saudi

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and do righteous deeds, that which is Pierre do righteous deeds that which is sincere, and that was just in accordance to the Quran and Sunnah. And so, the set of the scholars that before they said a llama lasagna, Magana, Holly Swan, so Abba, Magana, Harley Assam soever Iman sada righteous deeds are that which is sincere and correct, sincere, then the

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meaning and philosophers oh you will be

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Kulu mental University madrasa canal calm it from the peat that which is pure, from that which We have provided for you eat from that which is PM.

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Data is ordering the believers, to

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to to follow the example also just like you ordered the calendar, the messengers, to eat from that which is pure. And so next, the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said from

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and he mentioned a man, you Lucifer. He is traveling on a long journey

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means your hair. You know when you're traveling, you don't have time to comb your hair and look nice

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especially in the desert, you're not you're like, you sleep, you're tired. You just sleep the way you are, you wake up, you continue. And you sleep where you sleep just on the ground. Right on the sand. You wake up and you're dirty ash I

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need your hair is is be shoveled. It's not calm properly. And you know more than anything like you don't have time for that when you're traveling. You don't have also the means for when you're traveling because you have your resources are also limited. I shot

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and you're dirty, because anytime you're traveling, even on an airplane, right? When you're traveling, if you're sweaty, and you feel dirty, you want to go take a shower, but there's no shower. Right? There's no shower on the plane, right? Unless you're like Emirates first class or something like that. Not anyone, not every one of us can afford $70,000 With going to Africa for ticket, right? Otherwise, you're not going to be taking any showers.

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You're taking the showers no matter what because you know, you're tired and you're you're traveling you don't have the means you don't have the amount the water that you normally have. And you don't have the

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amenities that you normally have when you're at home. So you think to Sahar, and this man, the Prophet saw a lot of said ash, Alba, Yama, Delia de ilosone, he has been in a lot on a long journey, not just a short journey for us. Most of our journeys are very short. They used to travel for months. Like even remember my uncle, when he went to make hij they would go from you know, from the city from his village, to the city, that's a whole day, the whole day. And then you have to go from the city to another country. And sometimes you're taking a boat. And you know, that boat takes weeks, takes weeks you have to wait. And then from there, you take another road and this one he was

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making he made hij. And sometimes you take a short flight, you're able to go here for just to get too hot just to get to Mecca. I remember just to get to Mecca, my uncle said it was a month,

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about a month and he was and he was able to he had money, he was able to take the faster, fastest route that was possible. That fastest route that was possible. And this man he was flying and some of the legs like for example, he would fly from that's how they used to make highs before. And then when he when he would leave the whole country. Not the whole village country would send him off.

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Like the whole country, people would come from different villages, he's going to make Hutch. It's going to make homage.

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Like he's going to make Hajj. And people don't know when he's going to come back. You don't know. And so they will go and they will take a long time. And that's the time of even the beginnings of aviation. Right? Right after World War One World War Two beginnings of World War Two. You know, like before World War Two. This is when my uncle actually he was telling me about how he made Hajj and he ended up in Somalia.

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He got he got stuck in Somalia, because when he came back when he left, he was he went to study and

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he went to study in Mecca and when he came back, he had to leave because they when the war started, they stopped teaching in the masjid. All the classes were canceled

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in the masjid, so I think all the classes were canceled and there's war going on. And he's trying to come back home. And when he comes back home he gets stuck in Somalia. And you guys tell you stay and you get stuck in there you know like we agents we love seafood. Do you know what else we love? We love crab shrimp

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and you know and we and we're and squid squid. And do you know where they have the most

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Somalia the causes of mine that's all

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yeah the fisherman and he says the fishermen they go fishing and only the poor people eat fish. Right only for the waivers. You have he said we have the have gas you give them fish that's bad.

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That's bad manners. He said only the poor people eat fish. So the fishermen would go out and they would catch they would get you know like lobster right and shrimp. Very expensive stuff. Yeah Allah

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that's the good stuff.

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That's because the way you throw it away is just give it to figure next time all right you guys wanted to keep it and they would sell the cheap stuff like when they would think it was cheap

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but they don't eat it like nobody knows I eat it I don't know if he's just still like

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still like the lobster people capture the

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cups yeah supine Allah. Yeah. Still.

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Okay, I can pray Fudger here

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and you

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