Haifaa Younis – Ramadan Series Day 15

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how to improve on their cake and how to be themselves. They explain how to make their cake look more stylish and how to prevent breaking. They also mention a video about a Facebook post about a cake and encourage the audience to take a break from fasting.
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So let's get going. I want you from now to remember the cake example

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on what I shared with you was a cake.

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Meaning if I put the nine nasal drop maybe the cake will be burned. Right so far we learned this and hamdulillah and I avoided all this now I have a cake out. So all the billions of Muslims bake the cake. My goal now is to be garnished.

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I don't want to give a lot

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so I want my cake to be the best. And this is what you need to learn how to improve beautify, not improve beautify my classes. What do I do things that is not very hard, I just don't think of it to put this beautiful chocolate frosting. And then I'm going to put like closes. So I think of this and we're going to go through this one by one No.

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Break your fast cookie.

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I'm not talking about you're gonna have to eat all the nine yards, but the dates and a simple flower that's it and haste quickly. The moment you see what when the model is there you go and do it and you're not doing it because you're hungry

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and you're not doing it because while it's in front of you everybody is doing you're doing it because it is seen because that's an act of worship.

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And this is what the helicopter was what he thought was so laser focus will be my job.

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You will meet people are in a good shape and a good status as long as they quickly hopefully break the fast quickly so don't say I'm still cooking well wait a minute let me finish No no, you go and do it quickly. Most of us does. But I want you to do it not because you're hungry. I want you to do it because it is so nice. Meaning I will get the reward and beautify my cake so that's number one.

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The other way you look at this Hans,

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he was fasting back to you.

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Right couldn't believe he suffered for Solomon. So we were

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in a trip and he was fasting we don't know if it's Ramadan or Hassan hiked up I'm sorry, totus might call you Rajan. He told a man in zip vaginally hold down and bring me some water.

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The man looked at him and says can we wait till the evening to get all the darker to ashwani saltos. And he said go and get me the water. The mannequin said can we wait a little bit to get a little bit darker. Then he says Get down and mix my container with water and bring it to me. When you see the knight falling from this side. The first person shouldn't break as fast.

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So break it copely It's a signal. So that's the first layer of the beauty of the frosting. Very simple, doesn't need anything. You tell me what I'm joining I'm at work.

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I got stuck in traffic. What did they do water in your car, open the

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cider box and get it out and just take one sip hose but do it because it is as fun

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