Bilal Philips – Ramadan 2019 – Reminder 24 – Are you forgetting an emphasized Sunnah of Ramadan

Bilal Philips
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of taking time off during the last 10 days of the year to focus on the calf and not missing out on opportunities. They also mention the struggles of working and the importance of focusing on the good job. The speaker emphasizes the need to prioritize one's work and focus on the calf.
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What do we have in the last 10?

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We have etica half

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the Forgotten so now

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at the caf

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which Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam did every Ramadan. This is what we call Sunnah moussaka.

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The sooner that he did every time all the time,

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it's almost like obligation. Like the two Sunnah prayers before fudger. We know that this called Santa Monica de means emphasized sooner. Because he always used to do even when he traveled and he dropped all of the suddenness. He only did the fart the two before fudger he kept so this is sooner

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the calf is sooner.

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The same way that we wouldn't like to miss those two units of prayer before fudger we should not miss the calf in the last 10 days of Ramadan.

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in most of the Muslim world today

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that's it

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who plans for it even you know what we plan with our jobs we take off days we plan we have holidays, we want to go here there, you know, for anniversaries and things and all kinds of other things we make plans for we ask in the job. Can we get so many days off at this time of the year so on so on, so it never crosses our mind?

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Can we get time off for decaf? The last 10 days of Ramadan

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doesn't cross our mind. Because it is forgotten.

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And even the idea that women can do it. It's like Yeah,

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The prophet SAW Salam and his wives did it calf in the last 10 days.

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But as I said today, it is forgotten.

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Well, this is what is in front of us.

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For most of us work carries on until

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the last five

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so even to think about doing it now is like

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too late.

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Well, too late for the first five of the last 10 promises alum

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last 10 days, he would stay in the masjid. Yeah, to calf means seclusion in the masjid.

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He would stay in the masjid 24 seven.

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Focusing on a baddha on worship,

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and the various elements of worship focusing on them and those last 10

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to leave the month on a spiritual high.

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We've been struggling all month long, the last two thirds just struggling between fasting and feasting we talked about earlier.

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The feasting element is so pervasive, so you know, all encompassing, it's hard to fight it. It's on us everywhere we go. Food is piled on us and we know we're supposed to be fasting.

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People feel insulted, if we don't eat as they would like us to eat and gorge ourselves show that we love the food that they've made. show our appreciation.

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So that's the struggle.

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And how do they lie in the attic if you don't have to worry about it.

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Because only so much food will be brought there and you will have complete control over your food. So that problem can be put aside

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and we can focus in those last 10 days. Fully focus on a badass

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worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala

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And this is, as I said, a mercy from Allah subhanaw taala

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to give us a chance to salvage our Ramadan

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in spite of the best plans that we laid, we said we ran into so many problems on the way

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it's through His mercy through His grace through his blessings that we have the chance to salvage

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and come out having benefited from Ramadan.

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So that is Yeti GAF.

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What do we do for those of us who have work all the way up until the 25th? Well, the best that you can do is at least

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commit the last five days to etica.

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Five out of 10 better than none out of 10

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most of us have never done it caf in our lives.

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And that is sad.

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But it is the state of the oma

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lost touch with this

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