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AI: Summary © The speaker gives a tour of Surah Yaseen, a combination of a traditional Chinese title and a modern Japanese one, and provides examples of words and phrases used. They also give brief explanations of the language and its meaning, including a video game where players use their tongue to produce a sound. The segment then covers home and school math classes, including a mix of rock music and English music, and provides guidance on practicing different sounds and making a commitment to a sound law. The transcript concludes with a recap of Surah and a goal of three hours a day for a certain amount of time.
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Salam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah. Welcome to our next que RC, Quranic reading circle for surah. Yaseen. Everyone here at Oracle is very excited for all of us to get the opportunity to read through the book of Allah especially the heart of the Quran, Surah Yaseen, have a notebook available with you and most importantly, have a Quran. We want you to get the feeling and the opportunity to touch the book of Allah and to experience it. If you're taking notes on your iPad or some electronic medium, then feel free to always remember that there is the physical book that at least once or twice a day, you can try your best to read. It has its own feeling in its recitation. In sha Allah we're starting

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page number two at the 100 speed where we're going to be working on word construction and really breaking down the idea you can start with me by saying Ruth to be Lehi Mina shade for new Raji

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let's start here, the letter is wasa there's an east to west so try it with me was

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on was

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often I lay him watch the transition between own and I was

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orden I lay him as though their home and if noon are going to connect the doll in raw are going to connect and our dough home. Give me a little growling your raw, though, though, though who home now touch

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lamb during the home, um, lamb tune the home. Here we're going to pick our lips and a little bit of that we touch tried to ink the sound to

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the home. Like

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you mean you don't remember we practice this word together on the last page. Stretch the law. Make sure it's not coming out law, law. Tilt the chin open the mouth.

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Law you mean no.

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Sharp? You mean you can and you all know that when you end on a letter when you end at the end of either 10 or any if we're going to put a connect at the end so law you mean guna is going to become law you mean I a number 10 Read altogether was

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on I lay him

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though or the home?

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Lamb doing the home? Love you mean New Moon? Excellent. Did you notice something here and Thou are a growl and here is more of like a it was more of a flicker? The the thou? The It's a rule of Tajweed that's going to come up but I want you to hear it whether the raw growls or whether it doesn't in some cases it does in some cases and doesn't you make the transition in the video? Don't say under the home and I'm Lamington zero home. Watch the opening of the lips as though that home

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to the home law you mean goon? Excellent. Let's bring that nasal sound in in namah namah pucker doing the rule money and hold that every time we see the W hold money. Dab ah man need dabba if it is the raw money dabba Vic ra we talked about the dowel bring the tongue out of the mouth, money dabba Vic ra Well, her she 1234 All are going to be equal. Well ha she Ra, man now, when we see the WD Shuddha holder sound. Well ha ha ha ha. Little bit off. So try to open it up and say where her she Ra, man namby Loihi job. Do it with me, Bill, Bill, avoid job. Now you're gonna see the shutdown again. Ferb.

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Is she who by bus she'll who be Mel feel Auntie you ah be Mel field are you educating KD again for Bashir who be Mel a field on theme

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urging carry say it's straightforward first what AGID in Kadeem now give a little life to it. What editing care ka say the word rink rink what I jetting care what I jetting caddy excellent I number 11 In nama doin the room my need, dabba is the or well Ha, she well hall she ra mana be lovely ferbos She who B Mel field or fi ra E R? B Mel field or team

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edging carry IO number 12. Same strong nasal sound and blow the air in. Nah, no, no. Yield melta Let's pull it together in

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no no yield no. Mo Da. And again, click it. One neck to boo connect neck to boom. By demo by demo. Now we're going to stretch it wet. Ah, ah, not our wet, wet earth. Or whom look at the word. It's the letter thorough. It's just like that, where the tongue peeks out of the mouth. What on earth are or whom? puckering smile? We're cool. Lashay in worku Lashay in Shinto, yeah, che in blow the air like you're checking your breath. Ah,

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soy now who? FY? Ema mean. Imam in two lines at the bottom followed by meme Eema meme will be in a number 12 in. Nah, new, no. Yield. Mo

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onec. To boom. By demo. We're

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raw whom? Follow along positive you need. We're cool. Lashay in our

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soy, na Hoo, hoo, Fi EMA meme Mubi in Mubi in AI number 13. It's that big bought sound. It's like riveting. When a frog rivets, the front of his mouth doesn't move, but the air feels on the side. So you're gonna press your tongue against the big teeth. Keep your tongue flat and press it to the side.

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You're gonna try it. It's a new sound, as long as it doesn't have a D or a z in it as long as it's unique. So try wet, wet. Well, well, and give it a little bit of time. Let's see if you can hear it at home. While

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you feel that a little bit at home. It's not a D or Z it's the side of the mouth. Well read. Well read well read learn home math. Lan. Well, it even allow home math ln now feel the air else have

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already Yeah. Korea t. If we stop on it, we give it the stereo sound else humble Korea. Now we're going to try it together. Commit to your raw growl a little bit a little bit. All Yeah, there if we stopped already. Yeah.

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From the beginning

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While the below home math, learn else Ha, Korea

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blow the air keep a vibration sound in. I don't know if you like the sound of the word blowing. Maybe that word confuses you. So try just to vibrate your tongue a little bit in Jazz.

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A hell hell more Salou tune in jazz.

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More so soon. I number 13. Well, the biller on whom matha learn else have been

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In Japan,

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hello more Sallu

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more sadoun I number 14. And remember if you want to do three eyes a day, if you want to slow down your pace, you can go ahead take a break and come back to it if you need to. If you want to continue, then remember that you're continuing to iron number 14, and that you need to take some time it's going to take rest it's been a couple of minutes you might be tired. If you need to take a quick stretch, go ahead and do that. If not, we're starting i A 14 Same way we started the 13th Hire in our cell.

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II lay he Muth morth Nene forget the Boo Houma hold it hold the W for again there boo hoo man put your teeth together for our

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for our for our eyes Zeze Zeze it's going to be like the buzzing sound for Isaiah says no be sadly seen fell off to be Sir Sir Lee thing fell off

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or fell or Lou in

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ELA cool I'm more Sallu moon I number 14 is oh SEL

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ELA he moves.

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Nene * as the Boo

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for is Zeze Nam be Sally Ethan

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thoroughly seen sir. First of all do in

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IE lay more Sallu moon I number 15 Now we're starting to see a little bit of flow. The words are basically the same look at the letter, the sound the accent, I have 15 or you know

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make sure your lips are are touching not pressing Ma Ma to flat or loose do man

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and doom catch your tongue and doom now give it a little bit of of float and to eat. Love Burchell room neath Luna

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two eel

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Burchell room Meath Luna

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now we're going to try to connect Miss Liu na and then pick up wet mat wet mat, one

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as xello Ah, man who were

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ra, ma man who the tongue is going to be doing a lot of work the lips not doing much here, one

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as raw, Manu Mian che bring it with me. Men, che

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and Z. Raw Manu mean che in. Now let's give it a little bit of life say the word men

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SHA like you're coming into the noon, Manisha min che in, in and doom altogether. Mean che in in and doom a little bit of float and to eat love deck the moon deck the moon natural click deck the moon excellent I am number 15 or loom

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two eel love shell rune for us your full sheen the full power of bash shell room myth Luna one

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Hello raw Manu men che in in

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Doom, clear definitive sounds man che in in

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two each

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deck the moon. Excellent. We're now finishing up iron number 16 to shorter iron, try to lift up your voice now increase the sound it's a video at the end of the day. I can say that. I hope that you're trying but you really have to make the effort. We're doing the best to make this as simple as possible. You do your best at home. Lift up the sound by raising your voice or Lou or rob buena or rob buena make that full sound Rob buena you yeah I love ya Lemuel Don't jerk it all do Rob buena Yeah, let me open tongue Yeah, I learned more in

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ELA cool comb learn more saloon law. More sadoun mean connector Ra. You're going to make a commitment to the sound law more or sadoun

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and our starting iron number 17. When I lay in, remember whenever you see this iron letter, think the word lift. Don't push. Wah wah Ma. I let that meme sound finish. When

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I lay Alena

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Il Lal Birla hula Bella hula Mubi in and to break down the eye a little bit more warmer. Alena Elena Lal, Bella hula Mubi in make sure you're reading them nice and slow. I a number 18 Now we're gonna get started. By you're going to hear some light to heavy transitions, you're gonna hear the word ah, and then you're gonna hear all within a word. So try it with me. Or Lou?

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Doubt, or that all all you in that all now bring in the Yeah, you're gonna kind of have to suck on this. Yeah, a little bit. You have to pull that sound inside. Doll toy. Doll toy.

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Doll toy yell. Now. It's a little bit of a complicated word. It's basically where we're going to spend a little time splitting up there. Then press the tongue ball. Hold the sound in your mouth. Del Boy. Del Boy. Yell, yell or NA. Or Lou in. Down boy yo na B comb. E O. B comb. Now we're going to drop this noon because the W is stronger than it say La l dropped the new and completely c'est la il say the word Lily. Lily. Now c'est la vie. Lem, let Ilam the noon gets dropped completely. Let Ilam done the who now floated the who? Dan de who? Learn now. Learn now or juman Nakhon. Learn now or juman Netcom

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Lift up your noon. Lana Juma Nakhon Na, O Na Na la no juman now Kume wha LA? Yeah, so we have wala Yeah, and then meme. Well, yeah my son. Now comb, comb. So I want you to count off the word while I am seven. After you finish saying the noon then take home a lot of times and this is something maybe you can catch on your own. When we have big words we tend to cut off the last sound while I am Asana calm Sana Sana while mess Zen calm while I am as

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Kume completed let's take it from the beginning of the iron

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ore you in NA Tao boy yellow namby comb la Ilam dun da who learn our juman back home while my son goes home with a comb I'm going to do the same things hold it go I mean

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cool. I mean,

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either Boon le Say it with me lift up the Aryan please. Ah, I you're pressing it if you're saying all all either Boon le

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as an urban either urban Aleem with an air so listen to the word either job and listen to the word ad litem

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to complete the Elif and the eye indifference please. We're going right into it number 19 All you all all e RW Kume give me a little bit of practice here. I want to see you at home not making dua don't touch the lips at all say Tata Tata Tata. Go ahead do it with me for a second. Tap these back to teeth. Tap them, say tatata tatata tatata good. When you're getting that tap, I want you to now stretch it. Say portato say or E RW Kume. Excellent. So we've got the word or do or E ruku M ma uncouth ma calm lift up that line.

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In in in and then you have the letter that after it so say Zucchi Zucchi and connect to the raw the killer though kill the kill tomb so let in is going to be floated a little bit try it with me. Let him zoo kill your tomb. Let him like saying the word in but float the noon a little bit late in zucchini tomb the killer Doom Bel Air to bail and Tom float the noon bail and doom big Oh go move um most eerie food in the whole aisle 19 Or do or E ruku. MA

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in in zucchero two Bell two OH Most re foun let's get through iron number 20 what Jeff what Jeff

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mean? Our core slaw. What I

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mean alcohols law now I'm gonna go from the slot filled the pump to the committed lamb. Oh slide, slide. Medina the NAATI ARPUs lol Medina, the raw Jew loon are called soil. Let's take it. Do it with me. Apple. Slidell full tang, Medina de Raju Leung, Louie Raju, Louie Yes. Ah. Raju Louie yes

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Allah yeah fo me. Yeah Go me on. Yeah. Oh meet that meet the connecting hold to the TA meet there be ru or LA ya yeah go meet Debbie roll I will drop the while the lft LF connect straight to the labs you're gonna see this big jump here say roll. More Sally more Sally in it number 20 wotja I mean, on slide, Maddie Natty. All you doing is are all Yup. Oh, neat. Debbie roll. All. Yeah, go meet. Meet the B roll more Sally in Iowa number 21. To complete today's lesson. It's a verb. So when you start a verb that you don't know what the first letter is, for example, we have data with a shudder. What do I connect to look at the Elif the BA. So you have Alif data and then the BA the third letter,

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that whatever accent it has, we're going to pull that over to the first one. There are some exceptions to this rule. But we're going to walk through it. We look at the bar in the verb it Biru and we take the E from the bar, bring it underneath it Elif and you'll learn this rule together inshallah. It

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don't take it as a hard and fast rule yet. There's an exception to this. hard and fast rule right now. It's going to be this word is it?

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It the B ru, it's gonna go eat the B row. Bottom top bottom it Debbie Rue, drop the noon and say mela Mela. Why are we dropping the noon you know who's stronger? The W is medulla. Yes. Lu comb yes our or yes Aaloo comb ADGER one now let's take the word I just run connected to the WoW love yes aloo comb agile run agile around while whom I'm more than I do in Agile wrong, while whom more than I do in Agile wrong, while more than I do in the entire IRA. It Debbie Rue Mala Yes, Alou comb, agile around well whom more than I do in keeping it out of the mouth, clean and clear. In sha Allah. This completes our second page of surah. Yaseen. I'm praying that you're using these videos, pausing

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rewinding, and making sure that you're taking, taking only as much as you can handle bite off only as much as you can chew. If you can only do three hours a day, go ahead and do that. But on average, I think about two to three pages a day should be a goal that you can reach and we'll help you get there inshallah. Inshallah AQL intends to continue with page number three, look for the next video and make sure you're taking your time to pronounce, repeat and recognize the sounds that you're hearing does ACULA Clayton was set up more Alikum warahmatu law