Is it not Arrogance when Quran Says Fight the Non-Muslims until they Believe

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From brother Muhammad was one of my non Muslim friends asked about verse 929 of the Quran, where Allah orders to fight against non Muslims until they believe. He asked, Is it not arrogance?

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One of the non Muslim friends has asked this person, is it not arrogance?

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The question posed is, the verse of the Quran says fight until the belief is it not arrogance, you have read in context, if you read the context, it says that fight until there is no transgression. But once the channel is over, we have to stop. So if we read in context, all the verses of the Quran that speak about fighting, including Surah Tauba surah, and file immediately after it says that peace is better.

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Even Sorrento by chapter nine, verse number five, that fight wherever you find the coffin in the battlefield, it says, but if the mushnick wants peace, don't just give it to him, export him to a place of security. So all the places that talk about fighting that is just discipline, law, catastrophe, civilian law. It mainly if you analyze, it is in the battlefields that are fighting or voted in Qatar is against operation is against transgression. It also continues that if they want peace, peace is the best. So you have to read in context and then understand the real meaning of that question mark Ravana