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The speaker discusses the concept of "people" and how they believe in God, rather than just knowing who they are. They explain that human behavior is a result of not understanding the reality of who they are and what they

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And God,

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a huge portion of them believe in God. This fields where you find most of them not believing in God, or the pseudo sciences, psychiatry, psychology, these other fields, which depend mostly on human theories, that's the foundation, there is facts and figures and data, etc. But the core of it is human reasoning human ideas. So in those fields, you'll find a large portion of those people don't believe in God. But the natural scientists who study the planets, study the earth, study the plants, the animals, you find them, the vast majority of them, believing in God, however, raised for example, in Christian tradition, or other traditions, when looking at religion, and how it seems to

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be fabricated, changing different religions. Who's right, who's wrong? So they say, okay, the only simple solution for all of this is to say, God created this world, and human beings created religions, religions are all human made human beings made them up.

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That's the easy way out, rather than saying,

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there could there's also the possibility that one of them is right, and the rest are wrong.

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They're only looking at the possibility that they're all wrong, because they're all different. They're all claimed there, right? So therefore, all wrong.

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But this, the other possibility, that one could be right,

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and the rest wrong.

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why is that illogical?

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Why does that indicate that one has an understood one's Lord? Because

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common sense again, reason and logic tells us

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a person who sets up a company

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and hires people to work in the company, and didn't explain to them what they're supposed to do in the company.

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When the workday starts, they come to the company, when the workday Li ends, they leave the company, in between what are they doing, nobody told them what to do. So they just came, they hung out in the cafeteria, chatted, walked around the plant, looking at things, touching things.

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They didn't work.

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Common sense tells us that the owner of such a plant who did that is foolish,

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is not very smart, not very wise. For him to have set up this plant, brought people in and didn't tell them what they're supposed to do.

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Chaos is going to be the result, you're not going to succeed, the company will not progress, what you intended, will not be done.

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That's common sense. So when we say God created the world and left it to run on its own, that is attributing to God, a lack of wisdom,

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on a huge scale,

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for where he not to have informed human beings, about the reason why they are here, their purpose, what are they supposed to do during their lifetime, for him to have done that would have been like that man, and his company

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unwise, but we know one of the basic characteristics of God is that he is all wise and wise, all wise. So therefore,

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we have to

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once we accept the logic of God's existence, that he conveyed his wish, his will to human beings, in the form of books of Revelation,

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and in the form of prophets, who would explain to people how to apply those books of Revelation.

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That is reason and logic.

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That is understanding who is our Lord?

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for us, to be able to successfully respond to the questions at the end of this life, man, Robert, who is your Lord? We need to be clear and that is what

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The Koran is all about the essence of the message of the Quran is conveying to human beings, who is their Lord, so that they would understand

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that worship belongs to Him alone, that he is the only one who deserves to be worshipped without any intermediaries between himself and

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his creatures, that all of the various forms of intermediate see, they're all false. They're not from God. God did not teach this. God taught that we worship Him alone. With the only as tangible I can call on me, God says in the Quran, Allah says, call on me, and I will answer your prayers. So no matter how much people might logically try to explain the need for intercessors How do they explain it? commonly, they will say, Listen, you

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dirty with sins.

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You're not a perfect human being, you've committed many sins, so you're dirty with sins, and you want to approach God who is pure, then you need to find somebody who is closer to him,

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due to his or her purity, and then you pray through them, you call on them in prayer. And because they're closer to God, they will get your prayers up to God, just like in this world, what happens, you want to see the Prime Minister, you can just go down to the

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home of the Prime Minister, and knock on his door and say, Mr. Prime Minister, I'd like to have a little chat with you know, doesn't work like that. You have to see your local representative who then speaks to somebody else. And this one speaks to that one up the ladder, till Finally, it gets to the Prime Minister, just the same way. sounds logical. But that is not understanding God.

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That is logic of this world of this life. That's how we do things. But

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God has made it clear that he hears all he knows all. So we don't need intermediaries between ourselves and God, to add intermediaries to use intermediaries, whether we call them saints. And we have Muslims who believe in saints, as Catholics do.

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Or we call them Imams, and they're Muslims, who believe that there are individuals 12 in number, who have the attributes of Allah.

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And they are intermediaries to whom you may pray,

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call on

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seek guidance, they will do things for you in this life, because you call on them.

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Any of such beliefs are false.

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They are a result of not knowing our Lord.

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As I said, in the very beginning, the question is belief enough?

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No, it's not. It's not enough. If we haven't understood, man, Robert, who is your Lord? If we have understood who our Lord is, then yes, believe linked with righteous deeds is enough.

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which is

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actualized, which is implemented in our lives, that is enough to give us success in this world. So I asked her law

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most high and Almighty to guide us to the understanding of who he is, so that we may worship him, as he deserves to be worshipped. wherein we dedicate our whole lives to is worship. Understanding that worship is not just putting up your hands at a certain time in the day or in a certain place called a mosque or a church or whatever synagogue etc. Know that worship involves obeying God in all aspects of our lives, as God said in the Quran. In the Salatu, WA Suki, Amaya, Rama Mattila, amin say, indeed, my prayers, my sacrifices, my living and my dying are for a law, the Lord of all the worlds May Allah give us that reality and make him in our heart.

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our true Lord. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh