Is It Necessary to Pray Qadha of the Misssed Sunnah Prayers or Tahajjud Prayers besides the Fardh

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The first question asked by Mohammed Abu Bakar from Punjab, Pakistan, he asks, Is it necessary to pray kada of the mist sooner prayers besides for prayers, a similar question by Nazneen Sultana from Kolkata, India she asks, do we have to pray kada of tahajjud prayer, if we miss

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regarding cada that is compensation of your Miss prayer, if the prayer that you have missed it is a further prayer that it is a compulsory prayer then it is a must that you need to pray about it. The moment you remember that you have missed the far the prayer, you need to compensate for it immediately. As far as the sooner prayer is concerned, the sooner can be classified into two categories. The first is supernatural makeda and the second is Sunnah viral marketing.

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So the sooner al Qaeda it is that sooner which the Prophet peace be upon him he would offer regularly and he would rarely miss it.

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The sooner viral maka that is that which the Prophet would sometimes miss it and he was not regular while offering it.

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The sooner Alma kata, the most important is the preamble lay.

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That is the tahajjud and the witr prayer. This is the most important in the Sunnah aka

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and if you miss this, it is recommended that you offer the cover.

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So the sooner makeda if you miss it, it is recommended that you offer cover of the sooner aka

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the second among the most important in the sooner Elmo aka it is the sooner a fragile prayer The sooner before the two Raka have further obligated prayer. This is very important. And abroad Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him he said that the Sunnah of the fudger prayer, it is better than the world and the wealth in it. This is how important the Sunnah of the fudger prayer is.

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If you miss the Sunnah of the fudger prayer, you can offer it after the first prayer.

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Even though there is a hadith about Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him when he said that there is no prayer after the fudger prayer until the sunrises but this is an exception

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because the fudger prayer It is very important. So for example, if you enter the masjid, the Imam has already started the prayer you have not offered the Sunnah of your fudger prayer. So you should join the Imam

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complete your prayer with the Imam, the two Raka fudger obligatory prayer and then after that you can offer the two Raka of Sunnah prayer that you have missed.

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The second type

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in the sooner is the sooner higher Alma kata

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and this is the one which the Prophet peace be upon him. He would sometimes miss it and he was not regular in offering it sometimes used to offer sometimes he wouldn't offer

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and an example of this is the forca of Suna prayer before the acid prayer.

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So if a person who is regular or if he offers Suna viral makeda quite often then if he misses it, he has the option of offering the Qatar prayer of the mist Sona prayer.

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So basically, in summary, if you have missed a fourth prayer

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you need to compensate for it. It is a must it is compulsory.

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The second the Sunnah prayer in the Sunnah prayer we have Sunnah al Qaeda. That is the prayer which the Prophet peace be upon him the Sunnah, which he offered regularly. This if you miss, it is recommended that you offer it.

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But it is not compulsory. Whereas Sunnah hiral makeda this prayer, if you miss it, you have an option to offer it or not to offer the Qatar prayer