Zakir Naik – Delaying Breaking the Fast to be on the Save Side

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the confusion surrounding the fasting act, stating that some Muslims believe the sun is always better to be on the safe side, but the Sun parody said that people should wait until the sunset to break the fast. The speaker also mentions that people should not wait until the sunset to break the fast, as the Sun parody said people should be on the straight path until the time of the break.
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Dr. Zakia indifference to what you've said, there are some people who delay the breaking of the fast and the McGrew prayer on the premise that they don't believe the sun is completely set. And on the basis that they believe it's always better to be on the safe side, is this a correct logic? There are a large number of Muslims who they want to be safe and the delay the breaking of fast, even though the Sunnah said they said, let's wait for about three or four minutes, you know, then we break because they want to be careful. Because the hadith of a beloved Prime Minister Salam just mentioned in sales that added number 991, where the prophet, he speaks about his dream, that he has

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a dream. And he's taken up and dead, he hears the sound of people holding and he asked that who are these people? These are the people in hellfire then is taken to another corner. And he says that people are hung from the hamstring. And the corner of the mouths are tone. And that is blood dripping. So yes, they do are these people.

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So the replies these are the people who broke the fast early. So based on this idea that if a person breaks the first URL, he'll be hung from time string, and his mouth will be torn at the beginning of blood. People go out of their way to take a precaution and the delay by four or five minutes. Now this again is the Sunnah breaking early is wrong, but delaying it also wrong.

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Because as I mentioned earlier, it's clearly mentioned the Quran in surah baqarah chapter two verse number 87. That keep the fast until nightfalls. And other mentioned earlier in the earlier answer. It's mentioned in say Buhari more than number three in the book of fasting Hadith number one nine FIFO, a beloved prophet masala Salam said that when night falls from this side, and the day vanishes from the side, and when the sunset, you break your fast. And there are various other deeds which I quoted earlier, including, say Buhari, we're number three, in the book of fasting. I did number 1957, our beloved Prophet said that my people will be on the straight path till the time they hasten

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to break the fast. It's mentioned in saved man, volume number 800 Number 3510. That the beloved partners are awesome said that my people will be on the phone now, till the time they don't wait to see the stars to break the fast. And it's also mentioned in the band volume number 800 Number 3509, that the Beloved Prophet masala Some said that my religion will be seen till the time my people hastening breaking the fast and do not delay like the helicopter the Jews and the Christians. So here there are various Hadith talking about you should Haitian breaking the fast but natural it should be after the sunset. We cannot break the fast before the sunset. But the moment it's

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confirmed that the sunset with your own eyes or nowadays there are clocks that are watching you can easily time yourself so there's no need of waiting for five minutes and taking a precaution if you do that, that for the Prophet said that Omar will not be on the Sunnah. So to be on the Sunnah on the right track. The moment the sun sets, you should break the fast immediately.

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