How To Decline A Gift Of Alcohol Without Being Rude

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How do I respectfully decline a gift of alcohol without coming off as being rude?

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So, for example, the holiday seasons are approaching and everybody's giving gifts away and you receive a gift, a bottle of wine. What do you do? First of all, in such case, you need to address the person who gifted you that as if they're coming from an ignorant perspective, and not as from a stubbornness or irritating and arrogant perspective. Well, someone lays alongside him did that, as you perhaps know, when the guy went to the masjid and he urinated in front of the people that probably didn't say what was wrong with you, we pray here, Are you an idiot, I was a beloved prophet didn't do that. He advised them from the angle and the point of view that he was genuinely ignorant

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about it. And he said, This place was meant to worship God, glorified a loss penalty, etc, are not meant for like a public bathroom. So that's how you approach them. And number two, you need to genuinely appreciate that move from them, which is gifting you that was very thoughtful and you smiled. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. for including me and thinking about me and gifting me this. Thank you so much. And then obviously move forward by saying my beliefs as a Muslim, I cannot consume alcohol, pour it, hold it serve it. So I really apologize, but I wouldn't be able to accept a bottle of wine. Maybe you can tell them what Zamzam water maybe next year they can give you a

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bottle of Zamzam or so and make us a nice joke or humor out of it and they will respect you for it and I believe most culture will understand where you're coming from.