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Is Bhagwan Rajneesh God-

Zakir Naik


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For example, there are many human beings who say that Bhagwan Rajneesh, he's Almighty God.

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Once didn't question answer time, there was a Hindu brother who told me that as a kid, we don't believe Bhagwan deserves to be God. And I told him and never said that the Hindus believe, but one issue to be called. I said, some people many people believe Bhagwan there needs to be God. I have read the Hindu scriptures. Nowhere do the into scripture say that Bhagwan Rajneesh is God. Let's put this Bhagwan Rajneesh to the test of surah class. The first is called for Allah.

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Say, he's Allah one and only was the Rajneesh one and only was he the only human being was claimed to be God. There are many hundreds and in this country of us, in India, there are 1000s of men who have claimed to be God.

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But originally Xbox will say no, he is unique.

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Let's go to the next test.

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Allah Subhan Allah, the absolute

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and eternal was rajnish absolute eternal when you read his autobiography, it's mentioned in the autobiography of Rajneesh that he was suffering from diabetes mellitus, from a stoma, from chronic backache. Imagine Almighty God suffering from diabetes mellitus from us Tama from chronic backache.

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And the third test is

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lamella mula. To be gets not noisy forgotten. We know that Bhagwan Rajneesh, he was born in the state of Madhya Pradesh, and he had a mother and father and in the year 1981, he goes to America, he goes to USC, and he takes 1000s of Americans for a ride. And in the state of Oregon, he starts his own village, which was called as rational Purim.

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Later on the American government, they arrest Bhagwan Rajneesh and they put him behind bars in prison. And Bhagwan Rajneesh says that the American government gave me slow poisoning. Imagine Almighty God being slow poisoned.

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And in 1985, Dominican government kick Bhagwan Rajneesh out of USA and he comes back to India

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and goes back to the city of hoonah. in Maharashtra, the state where I come from,

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and it goes back to his old center and gives the name the Osho commune.

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And if you go to the Osho commune, and I've been there several times,

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it's mentioned on a Samadhi Bhagwan Rajneesh, or show

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never born, never died, but visited the earth from the 11th of December 1931 to the 19th of January 1990. Never born never died, but visited the earth from the 11th of December 1931 to the 19th of January 1990. They forgot to mention in Samadhi that he was not given visas to 21 different countries of the world. Imagine Almighty God coming down to this earth. He wants to visit the world and he requires visas. He was not given visa to 21 different countries of the world.

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And the Archbishop of Greece said, if you don't remove Rajneesh out of this country, we will burn his house and the house of his disciples.

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And the last test was a miracle Luca found out that nothing like him is so stringent that no one besides the two Almighty God can pass the moment you can compare God to anything in this world is not God while I'm here coloca finale. And we know Rajneesh like as human beings. You have two eyes, one nose, two hands, white beard, you're a white robe, the moment you can compare to anything in this world. He is not God, what a miracle luck have fun. Not that nothing like him. For example, if someone says Almighty God is 1000 times stronger than Arnold Schwarzenegger, you might have heard the name Arnold Schwarzenegger. The person got the title Mr. world, the strongest man in the world,

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Mr. Universe, the strongest man in the universe. If someone says Almighty God is 1000 times stronger than Arnold Schwarzenegger, the moment you can compare God to anyone, whether it be unrisd fortune digger, whether it be Dara Singh, whether it be King Kong, whether it be 1000 times a million times, the moment you can compare God to anything in this world. He is not God, what a miracle out of an ad. There's nothing like him. This is a full line definition, which is given in the Quran in surah. Class, Chapter 112 was number one to four, that anyone who you claim to be Almighty God, if he fits in the following definition, we Muslims have got no objection in accepting that person is Almighty

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God. So whichever god you're worshiping, I would like to tell the audience here and all my brothers

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As well as my sisters, that whichever god you're worshiping, put him to the test or a class. If that God passes the test of surah class, he's a true God. If he does not pass the test of surah class, he is not a true God.