Is Changing the name Compulsory after Reverting to Islam – Is Aqeeqah Compulsory after Birth of Son

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of changing one's name in Islam, as it is not compulsory for non-M-thirsty individuals. They also mention a common practice of slaughtering sheep in the name of the newborn, which is considered a fun practice for children. The speaker advises against doing it later, as it is not it's not it's not possible to do it for a child.
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Assalamualaikum waalaikumsalam remote from UAE.

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I reverted to Islam last year in April.

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Is it necessary to change name in Islam? Second question. I was blessed with the baby boy last year, but I did not do a kikah

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is it mandatory? If yes, what shall I do to do a kikah from YUI? I need to advise on this as far as the Riveter, why is it necessary to change the name, it is not compulsory for a non Muslim in accepts Islam to change the name unless the name contains the element of

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an element of something which is an associate of Almighty God. Like if your name is ROM, and many people think ROM is Almighty God. So if such elements are there, of schilke, then you should change your name otherwise, changing your name is not compulsory. But if you change it is preferable so that people know you accept Islam Give a name, which has a good meaning. Because meaning has a rough impact on the human being itself. But changing is not triggering the second question that is it mandatory to do aka and you had a boy and you didn't do a kikah? And if you have to do it, should you do it? Now you're living in UAE? There are differences of opinion as far as whether Akiva is

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mandatory or not. Some of the scholars say it is fun, but the majority say it is from the dhammapada. And I agree that the right ruling is that doing a key is not a maka. It's so very important. So now, this practice of Acacia slaughtering a sheep in the name of the newborn is a common practice. Even of normal Julia before Islam came to that country. And there hadn't been a farmer save that before in the days of Julia view, to slaughter a sheep and smeared the blood on the forehead of the child. But after we accepted Islam, and tape wrote Allah subhanaw taala. Now we slaughter a sheep and we clean the head of the newborn baby and we smear the head of East Africa.

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And the prophets are various Have you been with the Prophet are commanded to do Africa and the Prophet said that if it's a boy, you have to slaughter two sheep of the same kind. And if it is a doctor, then only one sheep and the reason that the rich have discussed another part, but doing a kikah it is fun not to do on the seventh day. But if you cannot do and if you do later, so it is accepted. Do it as soon as possible. Again, it's not a fun, but if you do it is preferable, even if you want to do it now for a child, you can do it because it's the boy you have to start to to sheep or two gods

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have a similar kind, because it's a boy. Hope that answers the question.