Hadith Series – #07 – Allah Loves This

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of worship and how people often try to avoid giving everything they don't own because they feel like they are just trying to fulfill their prayer requests. The speaker explains that people are scared when they try to give everything they have, but they are still able to give. The speaker also discusses how people are hesitant to give because they feel like they are just trying to fulfill their prayer requests, but they are still able to give.
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Prophet alayhi salatu salam said that a dua is very bad that prayer in the general sense of prayer is worship. And then in another narration, he said and locally that he said is the inner elements or the essence, perhaps we could say, of worship. And why that is, is because we're not simply just talking. And we're not simply just giving our wish list to allow for the things that we want, do I is a confession, right? It's a confession of our need. And it's a confession and a testimony of Allah's ability to fulfill that need, would it make any sense to make dua if you didn't believe that the one you are praying towards could fulfill your request? Right? It would, it would be a waste of

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time, nobody would do such a thing. So some people, they get twisted up in their minds, and they have this kind of doubts, like, oh, I don't want to ask a lot for too much, right? We're kind of feeling like a lot as a person, right? Because people are like that. Why? Why are people like that? Because people get shy because they can't give everything they don't own everything they're not able to give, right? And so when it comes to asking other people, other people are going to pull away at a certain point. And we're so used to dealing with people and we're so you know, far from dealing with Allah that we almost we treat a lot like a person we we imagine that he's going to react like a

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person will react. And that's completely wrong. It's the complete opposite scenario. Allah loves that we make dua, and he wants us to make dua and make more than we're already making. Why? Because first of all, he owns everything. And so he's perfectly able, and not just as the owner, everything, but he's also free from need. Why do people get hesitant to give because they have needs, right? And so at a certain point, people are going to pull back and say, Well, I don't want to give it because I need some to right. Allah is not like that. A lot owns everything. And he's free from need. He literally has to give, it's to give. That's the whole reason why it's there. And so when we make to

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work confessing of work confessing our dependence upon a loss, power data, we're testifying to his ability to give us what we what we want, we're testifying to his ownership of everything. And that's something that is a statement of hate. So this is something that is a fundamental aspect of worship, and it's a fundamental part of our faith.