Zakir Naik – I am 17 years old. I want to accept Islam but my parents will not support me after I accept Islam

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A customer is asking if they can accept Islam after their child turns 20, as their parents won't support them. The agent suggests they can convey the message to their parents at the age of 18, and to their parents at the age of 18 to convey their the message to their parents and their family. The agent also mentions that they pray for Islam and may receive a token to give to their parents.
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The next question

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is by brother Shah Hill, dirty from India.

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He's a non Muslim. Hi, Dr. socket. I am 17 years old.

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I want to accept Islam. But can I accept Islam after I turned 20? Because I don't think that my parents will support me if I accept Islam now with the child has asked a question that is 17 years old, and he wants to accept Islam. He's convinced with the teaching of Islam. But he feels that his parents won't accept him. that the reason you want to accept Islam after three years, and he's 20 vacationer, don't feed, my reply to your question, brother is that if you are convinced with the teachings of Islam, and you agree, Islam is the best religion? I would suggest, accept Islam immediately. Because we don't know how long will we live, I cannot guarantee whether I will see

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tomorrow or not.

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So my advice to you is that if you are convinced with Islam, accept it immediately, as soon as possible. And when you accept Islam, you need not proclaim it to the world. Since you're 17 years old, and you feel that your parents will not support you, I would say that at least wait till the age of 18, maybe you will become 18 after a few months, or maybe after six months, maximum maybe a year. Till that time except Islam. You do your fries.

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You praise Allah. And if after the age of 18 men at the legal age in India, where you become an adult, and no one can stop you from following any faith. Maybe that the time you can tell your parents or affiliate want to hide you can hide but see to it that you follow the forest. But natural if you do not proclaim to the world or not proclaim to your parents or to your family that you become Muslim it would be more difficult for you to practice Islam. So my suggestion would be that you can convey the message that you've accepted Islam and tell them but if you feel that it's going to be a big problem for you, it is permitted that you hide from them.

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And it's not required that you know you will wait till you get a good job where you can earn a good living and then you proclaim with some it's not required. The moment you realize that the best religion accepted, you may or may not convey to your parents. But my suggestion would be that when you reach the age of 18, you also conveyed to your parents and to our to your parents, I'm sure inshallah inshallah they will not be as angry as you feel you may never have, they will accept. You may never know you may be the Harrier to convince your parents to accept Islam. Now, when you accept Islam and you proclaim to your parents, you have a bigger opportunity for doing Dawa. You being the

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son of your parents, it becomes your duty that if you have found the truth, you should also convey the truth to your parents. So my suggestion would be that you accept Islam today.

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Tell to your parents at the age of 18. You can show them my video cassettes, talk to them politely. But my one request is that when you accept Islam, you have to be more kind to your parents. You have to be more courteous to them, follow everything what they say unless those things which are against Quran and the sayings of the Prophet. Only those things which are against the Sharia. Only those things you don't follow other things you should follow more strictly. For example, you don't like blue collar and your mother likes blue collar and they say son wear blue collar, you wear blue, even they don't like it very because very blue collar except in Islam. It is no

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secret that you love your mother more that you care for her more. You take care of her and you talk to her more Be kind to her more she should see what happened to my son. How can we become more kind, more merciful more loving, then gently? This is because this is what my religion teaches that paradise lies beneath the feet of my mother. I have to respect my mother has to love my mother, I have to love my father. So there shouldn't be a drastic change in your behavior

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towards the good,

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not towards the negative. So my thought that they should think or what has happened to my son, he's become so good and they should also start loving the religion of Islam. inshallah, I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that may give you the courage to accept Islam as soon as possible and may give you the Hickman to Dawa to your parents and I pray to Allah that me he gets your parents and your family also to the strict path.

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