Why Many Christians don’t celebrate Christmas

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Do not celebrate Christmas because they say December 25 is really a pagan holiday. While I agree that Jesus may not have been born on December 25, he certainly was born as described in the Bible. How do I respond to them? Well, it says, tell them the right. It's that time of the year. Christmas time. What? What of what advice do you give? I mean, for a lot of the new Muslims, people who have found out what the purpose of life is they, they've started to practice Islam, but it can be a little bit challenging. Now, the holidays come around with family and friends. And you know, this is a whole environment that you've grown up into, what do you like to tell words of encouragement, you

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know, getting through this time with the family, the invitations to gifts and all these other things that go along with it. And then sometimes even Muslims, trying to appease their, their friends and neighbors, they'll even you know, say, Hey, I'm, you know, I'm here with you, I got a Christmas tree, Merry Christmas. And, you know,

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well, you know, what can we say, but

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know, your deen learn the religion, know where the limits are, you know, Islam can be practiced anywhere.

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But you need to know what you can do, and what you can't. Because if it's left up to you, as an individual, you know, our desires have no limits.

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So, for us to get beyond those desires, we need to have proper knowledge. And learning the dean will protect us, teach us and train us how to handle these kinds of situations. Yeah. You know, and there are complexities to them. There's, there's no one answer, which we say that since you just do this, regardless, not in most cases. Yeah, maybe you should do that. But there are some exceptions. There's some other circumstances that are there. And you know, you have to weigh the the harm and the benefit. It's not all black and white. But the circumstance, yeah, it's not clear black and white all the time. Sometimes it isn't, you know, it's easy to make a decision. But other times,

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it's, you know, there are gray areas that you have to, you know, maneuver your way through and what's going to help you make that maneuver is

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knowledge, yeah, knowledge of Quran and the Sunnah. Because that's what it's for it is it is our guide, it is said, often well studied. It's the straight path that we pray for every day. I often tell, you know, our Christian friends, and you know, because we all have the same father, Adam, peace be upon him, we all descendants of Adam. So we want the best for everybody. We we that's why we share this message of pure monotheism. And you have so it's never our intent to try to insult or to talk bad about, but you also have certain Christians who don't celebrate Christmas, Christmas, you have a lot of Christians who don't celebrate it, because they see the roots of it, and you do

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not celebrate Christmas, because they say December 25 is really a pagan holiday. While I agree that Jesus may not have been born on December 25, he certainly was born as described in the Bible. How do I respond to them? Well, and it says, tell him that right? And then we wouldn't ask Hindus to celebrate eat, would we? Because Hindus, you know, usually worship the cow. And we're sacrificing. We're sacrificing. So we understand that so nobody should take offense, should they? I mean, we're not trying to offend nobody. You have more of a right to celebrate when we have the Aedes because we're connected through Abraham, but there's no really when you look into the the stems and the

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origins of Christmas, and really what it's become now just materialism and whatnot. But it's never our

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intention to offend nobody. I really make that point clear. But what do you have to say? Well, you know, it's a matter of respecting people's rights to believe or not believe, to accept or not accept. It just doesn't have to be in a in a harsh and yeah, offensive kind of way. But you know, I mean, Christians should respect our right to differ. Yeah. In the belief of God.

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Having a son, it'd be gotten son. We have the right not to accept that. Yeah, no, actually, the majority of Christianity in the early years after Jesus was taken up, didn't believe that is something which came along later. It came from the Greek and Roman traditions and background

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And then work its way into the, the the heart of, of Christianity. But you know, I mean, all you have to do is read, you know read about areas, the Bishop of Alexandria and and the area and heresy is what does what is called arion heresy those Christians who didn't believe Jesus was God and then with the majority tea in the East

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Egypt, Palestine, Syria, you know, Turkey these areas were Muslim

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we could call it the precursors Muslims really are the inheritors of that tradition. Wow. So it's like the more you go back to the original and that's what we just trying to do. We're trying to go back to the pure organic way. You just mentioned something really profound The more you go back to Jesus, peace be upon him. It was pure monotheism. He never ever claimed that he was God a literal Son of God never you will not find any there. I think there's still that challenge a million dollar or more challenges if anybody can bring any evidence or authentic proof that he ever said he's got to worship him. I think that challenge still stands does it? Is? Is there? Yeah, yeah. But then you

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mentioned something even more profound, even his followers after him and then after him still, there was none of this. It's later you mentioned that this and then you people can go research this when this started to actually happen?

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Absolutely, absolutely. I mean, if one goes into the the history and the historical records, you know, concerning James,

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there's one James that called James the elder and James the younger, right? And the Catholics they celebrate James the elders martyrdom he was he was killed.

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But James, the younger then they mix sometimes mix these two up. James, the younger one is the one who is described in the texts of the Gospels as being the brother of Christ, His brother, now that's what it described it. Yeah. It's in the it is in the text. Yeah, this is not something somebody bring from outside or in the four gospels, it's there is referred to it specifically, not only that, they talk they talk about Jesus's sisters, brothers and sisters, he's not the only one. But he became the head of the Jerusalem church.

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Right, they call it Jerusalem church. Or you may even call him the first pope.

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You know, as a leader of the believers, who believed in Jesus, and those who came from that tradition, you know, it was Paul, who went into Greece, moved out of that region, and promoted the idea of divinity of Christ. But the followers of Jesus who remained in Jerusalem, their belief was that he was a prophet of God.

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They did not believe he was Jesus is that sorry, he was the son of God, this is a fact. And this is this is this is this is academically, I mean, you can go substantiate this, this is, these are facts, yet.

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There are books written, but you know, they don't get the kind of,

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you know, promotion, etc. But there's there there's a series of books.

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You can go back in the life,

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you know, written by Christian scholars, one of them is called just James. Just search that.

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Just James. Yeah. Yeah. And he is the other theologian, he gathered the information, and in it, after showing how the followers of, of James and and the those who maintained the monotheistic approach, that Jesus was not, God, how they were hunted down and they were killed, and their writings were destroyed, etc, etc. and it appeared that they were wiped out. But as he said,

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they weren't. The inheritors are the Muslims, that believe, didn't die.

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He makes that statement in the end in the book himself.

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So he brings all the information. Yeah. Well, James, so most people don't know him. Yeah. So, so this is just this is, this is us keeping in that, that in those teachings of Jesus peace be upon him on who he really was a messenger of God, promoting the same message as all the other messengers that were sent a pure monotheism. So by and staying away from anything that can displease God, so we just stay away from, let's say, because would that equal you saying Merry Christmas does that equal that you confirm that Jesus was Son of God died on the cross, all these other connotations that come with it? This is this is what you're confirming that he had a birthday that he was born etc.

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Yeah, this is this is the problem that you know, people because it's become such a cult show tradition, you know, people no longer look at its roots and where it came from and what it implies and everything else. It's just, you know, now just just celebrate

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those two words, you know, if that God had a son,

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a human being born in this world, of a woman, a woman who the Catholics call the Mother of God, look at that this is blasphemy.

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too, Mother of God, that God had a mother. Come on, man. You know, they have if you read up in into Mary olive tree, where they worship Mary, as a god, you have a whole tradition, a whole segment of exoticism that went into this mariology on a big scale. Yeah, Mary was a god for them.

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So Mashallah, you know, there's a lot of information out there, not just things written by Muslims, you know, but written by Christian scholars themselves. They have

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shown clearly that the Gospels that people are calling

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the Gospels of Jesus are just writings by individuals, whose

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reality whose whose

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identity were unknown. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and john, you know, when you're looking at Encyclopedia Britannica, well, who is this Matthew? They don't know. Who is Mark, they don't know. Who is Luke, who they don't know. Who is john, they don't know. I mean, for most Christians, they think, oh, john, must be john the baptist. And you know, this one is that and never, but the fact of the matter if they don't know, these are anonymous documents, among many other hundreds of other documents that are out there, that says that there are more than 50,000 you know, manuscripts, pieces of manuscripts on

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the God of the Gospels, no two of them agreeing with every point, ma Yeah, when you have that kind of confusion scattered, mixed up, you know, how can you try to draw out of that clarity? Yeah.

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Yeah, so like, this is just to highlight those things just so people have more awareness of what they're saying and what they're celebrating and this is no attack or, or belittle

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the Christians or anything, this is just pointing out some obvious facts of why we would kindly exclude from from participating we don't try to force you know, our celebrations on anyone, so they shouldn't be forced on us also are looked upon because we're not you know, saying certain words and terms that we deemed that go ahead and offend God and would offend Jesus we've tried to make our point clear and we just stay away from that respectfully kindly with compassion and love. I don't think anybody should take offense to that. Yeah, the same way I made that that example because the Hindus for some people don't know they literally worship because that right share this is part you

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know, people are you can go to jail in India, for killing a cow. So Muslims, we celebrate eat and we will. It's not the blood that reaches God. But you know, we go and distribute this meat to support the family and we can sacrifice a lamb a cow or whatnot. And so we wouldn't ask the Hindu to to celebrate the eat with us. They would be offended by that, right? So I'm just making this making this comparison. Why should people because

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Muslims are so scared of offending someone and whatnot but then they forget about offending the most high when they fall into some of these celebrations. And and I think if they point out some of the things you've mentioned and we talked about, this would actually be a good opening discussion to have to kind of, you know, talk about our purpose in life and, and and really what we're here for in this life. Yeah.