Murtaza Khan – A Journey through Paradise

Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the concept of fear and the hope of thebye, with a focus on the "whiff" or fearing oneself. The "whiff" is to return to the real-home, and the "whiff" could affect one's mentality and thoughts. The "whiff" is also discussed as a simple and easy way to achieve Islam, and individuals can achieve success by following the same principles. The "whiff" is a simple and easy way to achieve success, and individuals can achieve success by following the same principles. The "whiff" is a simple and easy way to achieve success, and individuals can achieve success by following the same principles. The "whiff" is a simple and easy way to achieve success, and individuals can achieve success by following the same principles.
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smilla rahmanir rahim

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when our older Billahi min Cerulean fusina min cftr Melina

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mainiac de lo for them with the Lola woman ute lil further her della

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Isla in La la de la sharika

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Mohammed Abdullah sudo

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abajo nos da Cunha de Quito Bula

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hiral * * Muhammad in sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was more emotional to her cola more data in bid

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or collaborate art in dollar Latin wakulla de la Latina

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rubbish roughly sorry, yes, silly Emery. waddle. OData melissani of Babu Kohli

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of the praising Allah Subhana Allah sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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looking at the general

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student of the Quran

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also not a lot here

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the son of a loss panda Allah upon this Earth

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and in the heavens as well.

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You find a general theme

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of running in pairs.

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I mean Cooley Shay, in her lacunas Oh, Janie, La La come to the karoon recued created everything in pairs,

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that you may reflect and ponder about that.

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So last time that I created the heaven created the earth, created the sun created the moon created the male created the female

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And likewise, you find a Lost Planet Allah created agenda when

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paradise and the Hellfire like was a seed inside the Quran follows that concept of peers as well. The Quran comes between the Bashir and unathi giving you glad tidings and giving you warnings. The Quran comes between terhi Waterhead between encouraging you to do certain actions and telling you to distance yourself and to stay away from other actions. The Quran comes with what I don't worried what are the promises are given to the believers and certain individuals? And what are you doing a severe chastisement punishment is promised upon other individuals and likewise the son of the Prophet Muhammad's Allah I sell them his task as well that we find Yeah, you're in a bu in Santa

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kashia hidden mubasher Romana de la or messenger of Allah, Prophet of Allah we sent you as an individual to be a witness upon humanity, giving human beings and glad tidings and likewise to give them the severe warnings as well.

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That is amongst the task and the role of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam on Mercer naka de la caffitaly nasci Bashir on Juana de oro, Allah Qin Theron se la la moon, once again, we do not send you except to the whole of humanity to all of the worlds to give them glad tidings and to likewise to give them a warning as well but most of mankind don't seem to have knowledge or understand this concept. And as we want to focus upon many occasions we find we talk about the fearful issues with the care can be a

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reminder about the days of a loss hunter Allah, what tokuyama una de de la firma to offer kulu nopsema Casa de la la moon, the final I know Quran sent down upon the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ala msie mom so UT highlights in his works of late kornfield lwml Quran. The messenger only lived for some nine days after this verse was sent down his verse inside sources birtherism approximately verse 281, if I'm not mistaken, for that day when you have to return back to Allah Subhana Allah. So many times we give

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the concept of the whiff of scaring individuals about the final ending or Sudha tema a fearful

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bad ending that would happen to the individual. As we know, just like in Nirmala mallow been neared actions or by the intentions and like was the opposite. In Nirmala marylu. Our team actions are to be judged upon the final ending of the individual. So tonight, we want to move away the concept of fearing ourselves, to develop the fear, but to lean over towards the hope, the mercy, the paradise, the bliss, the blessings, we're going to focus upon that tonight about what could be in store for the believers that are upon this dunya especially when we find our agenda to have one narrow hop. In this application, the prophet Mohammed says, indeed, Paradise is a reality. And maybe that reality

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is somehow drifting away from us, that we claim to be believers. But somehow we don't begin to strive to become believers in that paradise or to return back in that home. Especially that we find this dunya and Hadith of Sahih Muslim, a dunya signal movement agenda to capture this world is not a paradise but as

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a paradise is somewhere else. That's the movement has to begin to strive to return back to the real paradise, especially as we're looking for infinite justice, the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, a Fernando Muslim, mina kelimutu remain melachim kafer, Tasha, moon, are we going to make those individuals who are criminals to be like the believers? Malcolm kafer Come on, how do you judge there has to be a time whereby the believer will return as you find inside the head the movement for in Allah, Allah who has an anti evil era, but a believer a loss of power in their stores, they reward the good end for the individual inside the earth era. But we have to have that belief in the

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earth era. The stranger is the Koran begins by highlighting alladhina your main una bella hype. Believers are those individuals who believe in the unseen the rest of the Quran is nothing but the unseen. The whole discussion the Quran in general is the unseen things that we can't see that the Quran is creating the framework and the mind and the Ukraine and the certainty inside the heart individual, whatever we begin to discuss, you need to have a deep devotion commitment towards it. And even when a person becomes dominant upon this land, strangers we begin to slip and not understand. When Alexander mentioned in an earlier he you read through her minutiae, Roman, D is

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earth belongs to Allah Subhana Allah He may give you inheritance, dominance, power, sovereignty, rulership, ownership on this land. But you know, the real believer while at the bottom limit again, that even becomes powerful and dominant your real home is what

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your vision is towards the Acura these things as a junior they come and they go doesn't make a big difference for them in the believer. where he's at the front is at the back. The real vision of the believer movement or movement is towards the earth era to get to that final abode when the de Hirata La Jolla, la Hill haven low can we are alone a real place of living of eternal bliss. Your real home is the era low can we Allah moon If only we could understand and have knowledge in the regarding that factor? Also we find what Hera to cairoli Latina tahune aphylla Takeru what's happened to you believers, that the dunya the Torah, the final abode. highroller Latina takuan is better for those

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individual who have the consciousness towards Allah Subhana Allah affiliate of the Lord, can you comprehend that? Can't you understand that? There's so many of us that we begin to slip away of our vision and our devotion towards that are clearer. And as you find even when a believer goes through these traumatizing situations or this world if on a small dip inside paradise, Rebecca books and

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handwrite the shit that in but did you ever see any difficulty inside your life? Did you face any hardships inside your life one small dip in Paradise and everything will be forgotten. Likewise the opposite but a careful a disbeliever 50 years 60 years 70 years of enjoying this life, one small dip in jahannam the person will forget everything. And so we want to focus upon what will happen to the believer towards the end of their life or when they return back to Allah Subhana Allah the first occasion that you find that last time that I mentioned the concept of Paradise is right in the beginning of salted Baccarat some approximate verse number 25 we find obituary Latina ermanno

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Romulus solidarity and aloha Jeanette integrity mentality and her give glad tidings to the believers that for these individuals who carry out the righteous actions for them will be gardens of Paradise underneath which rivers flow can lemme Rosie Oh min Herman thermometer is on board with

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Let the economic problem to be multi shabbiha. And when the fruits are given to these individuals, they're going to highlight that we've been given these fruits before. But here the key element we're going to focus upon tonight. Well, to be Mutasa, b1, you're going to be given things which are similar to this dunya while on fee as well word umupa hora de Cali dual, pure spouses they will have and they reside for eternity inside paradise. So, this concept of something which is similar to the dunya Allah Subhana Allah will end when the lacewood hamdallah uses certain names, certain characteristics certain suffered that the human being can relate to as for the entity, their shape,

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their form, their taste, their color will totally be something dynamic, but just as a form of relationship that we can relate that if the word Apple is used we can relate to what may be an apple may be in this dunya but that which will happen in Saudi Arabia will change added to the about the Salafi mela right.

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Well, Odin Samia to Allah hotter Allah Colby Bashar, I prepared for my service Well, no, I have seen what No, he has heard and the feeling and perception has come upon no human beings are heart or mind that feeling that is the preparation of Allah Subhan Allah is prepared any for any the believers. So the names are similar, is synonymous, but a formula identity, we totally need something different. So what are the fruits, the delights of paradise for the believers? So we want to travel as a group, we need to unite and travel through what they may classify as a journey through paradise. And obviously, many of us may be thinking it could be something difficult, that how can we so many

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individuals travel together in a journey through paradise, because all of us have our own feelings inside our heart, our own perceptions, our ill feelings, ranco jealousy, hatred. So how can we travel through paradise, we'll put the affairs once again dunya on the side, travel through paradise, like the people of Paradise, and the people of Paradise that you find the Ranko and the ill feeling will be plucked out of the hearts. As you find a hadith in Sahih Bukhari their hearts will be at the heart of a single man, for they will have no enmity, no jealousy amongst themselves. That's how people would like to travel through paradise. No luck in this dunya it always seems to be

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some grudge, some rank or some ill feelings at the heart. But when you make that journey through paradise, that would be eliminated from the heart of the Mothman of the believer. And thus you will find that they will enter Paradise. Those people whose hearts will be like those of the hearts of birds. That's how the people of Paradise will be Sharon Hades highlight Why is the concept of birds be mentioned? What is it that the human being shares with birds resemblance of this muscle of birds inside paradise? Various extractions we mentioned by the aroma. Amongst them we find in general, birds are free from jealousy. They have no rank or ill feeling towards one another in general, as a

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general theme of birds. So that's in paradise. Human beings with hearts like birds, there will be no jealousy inside the hearts of rankled ill feeling. Secondly, we find birds are always alert is simple sound. Simple Moving of the wind, a twig, a branch brings them alert. They have soft hearts. That's the believers at paradise. Their hearts are always wakeful, obedient to hear what lost panda may address them with a say towards them. Thirdly, we find trust in a love for food. Just at the bird it comes out in the morning having no food, no sustenance, and it comes back home with a full belly and food for the rest of its siblings, etc. Look at our belief, we claim to be people who

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trust him Allah Subhana Allah, where is a real trust in Allah Subhana Allah, that's the people of Paradise, a complete trust in Allah panda regarding the sustenance of being taken care by loss of a parent under Allah. And and also you find it aside extraction, there's going to be some individuals once again, we're going to be roaming around in the bellies of green birds. And that's a totally different discussion that many of us have forgotten. We don't have the aspiration anymore. There's gonna be some individuals who float around in the bellies of green birds, and rest underneath the lanterns, which are placed under man under the magnificent Throne of a loss pounder Allah and reside

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and fly around inside paradise. Don't classify those individuals who slayed in a wave of loss pantalla as dead individuals, but here on endora be muted, but they are alive and giving sustenance with the Lord. Allah Subhana Allah. So we find returning back to sort of aged 15 chapter verse number 47. When is that an mfe? So do you mean holding a one and Allah Surah motoko believe we remove the rank or the ill feeling the bad feeling from their hearts from their chest, and they become bredrin towards one another facing one

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Another insight into paradise. The first batch that will enter into paradise will be glittering in shining like the full moon, there are a foofy would you hit him?

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on the faces, you're going to find the Navara, the glands, the radiant shining will be upon this group of individuals who are entering into paradise, or do we even know some faces will be shining, glowing on that day. other passages we find we'll do it in a marathon. Some face will be rejoicing, gleaming, visible on their faces. This is a day of success of these individuals time into paradise, come together upon that reception, or see colored in a terracotta boom in agenda tomorrow. You find it the believers in that day we bought towards paradise. And the key element that we find here we'll see Kala Dena taco, those individuals who feared Allah Subhana Allah, way inside the earth era

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inside this dunya This is the first characteristic that we find amongst the people of Paradise, that in this dunya there were individuals who are fearing the loss of a parent that Allah had either Joe or footie had to her according to her salaamu alaykum to him for the quality and they come to the doors of Paradise you find here you find a lot of hunger as mentioned about 40 heads up where the doors are just swung open for them swung swung open for them, and they enter into paradise. cellar mana la complete on Peace be upon you rejoicing and glad tidings be upon you be in a good state for the Hulu holiday been entered into it reside for eternity by qualifying their family members amongst

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a righteous individuals, their friends, their comrades, or people around them who follow that same methodology are trying to enter into paradise. Jana to add near coluna hammelmann salamin Ian was well Jim what three yati him those amongst the righteous individuals amongst their fathers amongst the children amongst their progeny. While mela eager to get Hulu Nora Lehmann coliban angel will come upon them from every single entrance upon these individuals Salam O Allah combi masa Barton.

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Here comes a second characteristic. These individuals will find Salam aleikum vema sobre Peace be upon you because of your patience inside this dunya there's another key element many of us are forgotten. There is no shortcut to paradise except for those individuals who may follow the methodology the green birds other than that it's a long journey. It's a long, tiresome journey to get to the end of the road to be given that reward of paradise. If we go back to the end of SOTA Zoomer that you find the ending of the surah talking about these individuals, what will these individuals are going to highlight are called Hamdulillah, the sada Kanawa who praise be to Allah

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Subhana Allah who fulfilled his promise to us, indeed the promise of Allah Subhana Allah is true. The only individuals who break away from the promise is us. That promise of Allah Subhana Allah is their Praise be to Allah Subhana Allah live true to his promises covenants that he placed upon us were overthrown and other notable workmen agenda at Hazel Nasha. General emaline Praise be to Allah Subhana Allah allows us to travel across different places traveled around inside paradise. And this is going to be for a general army lien a reward for those individuals who live a life of action that you find from na p that a person should try to do actions. It's not just about belief, is to couple

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that with actions, not that your action solely will get you to paradise, because the last person that can forgive any individual that he wants to handle the Allah and punish whoever he wants out to be justice. But a person needs to be striving and trying to do some action paradise to show that I'm a believer in Allah subhanho wa Taala like was defined by him in his hand Mohammed Sol is every one of them will know is dwelling in Paradise, better than he knew his dwelling inside this word. So real believers know their home. As soon as they set eyes upon the home, they know that is the real place of abode and final return. A lady a halyna Dharma karma team in Fort Lee. Alice panda is the

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one who has given us the house of lasting residents out of his bounty. It's not going to be a mortgage property inside this world, living for eternity. That is the real home of the believer how many of us begin to wash away the Sharia and delora out of necessity, a roof over my head for my children for my family, it's still not a permanent abode. The permanent abode for the believer will be inside the IRA. The person will look mama Sakina Play Button Fijian knotty Arden Misaki naka de Botton as we look at their fine dwellings, they're good dwellings that we place for the individual inside the garden of eternity. And that's when a person glances first, at the home, attend, recite

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various narrations on 30 miles in distance or 60 miles in distance, its width and its height as well. And you find that these tend to find

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Every corner, there will be a family of the believer will be at the corner of every single tent, which cannot be seen by other individuals. That's the first glance that will take place of the people in your paradise or looking at the homes. Some individuals may have a palace like Rama, or the a lot of anhu. When the Prophet Mohammed made that night journey, we saw in a dream of not mistaken the house of armor. And he wanted to enter into the home. And what happened, a beautiful woman outside down the fountain, and refused to go into the home. Because he knew that the sense of clearer sense of shame, jealousy that Roman had, which is the justified jealousy that many of us

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have forgotten towards our family members, etc. So he said, that, how can I be jealous about you, you're Rasulullah, you're free to enter into my palace, and do as you please, inside my palace. other individuals that you find, would be in such a lofty position of Paradise, that you'd be able to see the lofty mansions and palaces, the people paradise, just like you see the stars in the sky, or you see the one sky inside the sky. Those were the different ranks that were given to different individuals inside paradise, to who do these lofty paint mansions belong to that they belong to the Gambia, they belong to the messengers. That's what some of us could be thinking, there's going to be

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some individuals who will get to that lofty goal would get to that lofty destinations. It's for those individuals who believe in Allah, and trust and in the message of the apostles came with. That's a promise, it may not be prophets, of messengers, there's going to be some individuals with deep conviction in belief in Allah Subhana Allah, and in following the MBR, that there will be that lofty position with the with the MBL on a slightly lower rank, or in a lofty position to be granted to them. And paradise has some 100 grades 100 grades promise for the majority doing feasibility. And in between each grade that we find is a distance between the heaven and earth. And we asked for

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paradise than asphalt for those who are asked for the highest part of Paradise, because indeed, from there you find above that is the average of Rockman. And from there, you find the rivers of Paradise flow from the highest peak, the highest point, just like in the dunya, we're not satisfied with the meager amount which is given to us, always trying to excel, always trying to get to the upper limit, always trying to get the most benefit that was given to us. But when it comes to the earth era, you find us, many of us dragging our feet in coming towards us. We don't want the best in Africa, many of us our concept is well if I just somehow drag my feet into paradise, that's enough for me, that's

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sufficient for me. Or if I'm punished for a short while then I make it to paradise in the sufficient for me. What a wretched understanding that is. In the dunya you don't follow that concept. You never take a loss but for the earth are you willing to take a loss and to go through those sacrifices inside and

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as we continue, our journey is full upon that which is flying in from out of the rivers of paradise. And that's a lot of fun that I once again gives a method of the rivers inside paradise method with jannetty. Lottie worried that Mata Hoon, the parable of the rivers or the gardens which have been promised, in the for the pious individuals that paradise what is inside that paradise fee her and how do we met in if it is in first we find the first river for the believers of the pious individual will be rivers of water, incorruptible, pure water will be inside paradise. Second, we find one Hermann lavanila mitaka

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rivers of milk whose taste hasn't become sour hasn't been hasn't been changed, or the milk doesn't go off because milk in this world, it goes off leaves a stench becomes sour become difficult to drink, but that milk will be a pure Melaka pure substance to drink. When Herman hombre de Sherry been likewise a wine, which is pure, a delicious drink sharabi por hora, a pure drink. It's not going to be the wine of this dunya which intoxicates your mind makes you use your senses. It's going to be a pure wine, a sea nectar with misc on top of it sealed, pure drink, to drink for the people paradise inside the ephemera and unfulfilled and harrowing asylum, most of pure clear honey will be

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given to the believers to drink. These are things that we can relate to inside the dunya once again inside the after, we are totally different for other things that we find of the rivers of the fountain springs, the spring of tasneem is could fall upon that is a river or a fountain inside paradise ionantha to some certain sabetha. Once again, Sol sebelah is a river, a fountain inside paradise fiorino geria is going to be flowing rivers of Fountains inside paradise and where there's a water spring of Fountains is going to be lush, green grass, gardens, fruits vegetations what are the fruits and the vegetation

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Are these delights of Paradise in the limo tokina Mirza, indeed for the pious individuals that will be success had the Eco Napa gardens for them, grape vines will be provided to these individuals feed him in Khalifa key hatin sojourn, every type of food, two types of fruits will be given to the individual. Likewise for him a 31 Nakamura man, but the individual if I'm believers, it will be fruits, it will be dates that will be pomegranates that we bless it and given to these individuals. What general agenda didn't it just be hanging low, able to pluck them and eat them at ease at peace at rest, similar to the worst that we find what they are and yet an RA in Villa de la that kotova de

00:25:46 --> 00:26:27

la he founded the foods the shades will come low over them and the fruits will begin to the bunch of fruit will hang low in compliance making it easy for the individual to pluck the fruits and to eat any from Paradise. Don't worry any about the season any of these fruits, any that we find are forgotten kathira is going to be many different types of fruits for the believers. Lamb aku at Imola, mamanuca, you find that this fruit who season is not limited, nor supply forbidden so it's not like this dunya is certain seeds, seasons for certain fruits, etc. There is no season, every day is a new season for a different type of food, plenty of place, lying underneath the shade. If a

00:26:27 --> 00:27:09

person wants to enjoy that those fruits, that's even the shade that you find a swift rider, a good rider, just to cross a shade of one of the trees of Paradise will take him 100 years, the solver will imagine the size of that tree 100 years for swift rider to go past that shade will be the types of trees inside paradise that's defined that we no need to be worried about such a vast space, somebody else may be thinking we need a vast space inside paradise. I know for a fact that a whiplash the size of a bow and arrow inside Paradise is better than the world on whatever it contains. Whatever is upon this world or whatever it contains, is trivial in compared to a small

00:27:09 --> 00:27:50

whiplash place inside paradise. That's even the tucsonans that we pray for Salatin. fudger what we find whoever preserves them is better than the dunya woman fee her to pray those to look at that we find and what do we become a people who talk about reviving the sadhana, reliving the sooner sooner has become unfortunately male love a bit trivial for many of us individuals. Everything just happens to be so now everything's just so now it's not really that important. It's only a minor sin, it's not a major sin is that the way those individuals they followed in the life or rather they think that every single thing is something that could better my place and my location inside paradise. And

00:27:50 --> 00:28:06

as we find out the fruits that you may desire, inside paradise, or for work you remember your stone fruits that you may desire, the thought may come into your heart into your mind, and those fruits will be presented to you one that no be forgotten well Mmm.

00:28:07 --> 00:28:43

We're going to give them provide them with fruits, and the flesh of meat will be given to them in Manchester when whenever they desire, flesh of the birds, flesh of the fish, etc. in here orlimar highlight this year. Throughout these verses, you always find that fruit is presented before the main dish. In this dunya you always eat fruit after your food is a general custom to digest your food, but not in paradise. You enjoy the fruits first, and then you rejoice in eating the food is a tsunami just turn around inside the Hara some earlier mentioned.

00:28:44 --> 00:28:51

And maybe you may be thinking that whatever you may desire will come about as we find inside paradise

00:28:53 --> 00:29:31

will be hammered Tasha Hill and fullsuit Allah, Allah you argue on whatever the heart desires, the soul desires, and whatever will rejoices, the eyes will be bought in front of the individual. And possibly, as we made that journey into paradise together, we may have become separated now. And even more separation that we find that some of us may have taken different paths inside paradise. And some of us may have gone through that marketplace with that street. Even though in general you only go through that street on your Majumdar. But you find as we go through this marketplace, persons increased in their beauty and loveliness before they return back to our families. And maybe I knew

00:29:31 --> 00:29:59

families as well, because many individuals want to focus upon the concept for the Furies that were given to individual inside paradise. Those brothers always worried about these affairs. Don't worry, if you're not married inside this dunya there'll be no unmarried person in paradise. Everyone will have two wives inside paradise were given to them. And you can read all the rest of the suffer, that We bestowed upon these blessing wives that were given to these individuals. Already, however, in a state of beauty

00:30:00 --> 00:30:04

Look at the description of people a paradise that you find you Hello NaVi homina sir we are mean they have been

00:30:06 --> 00:30:49

busy people are going to be adorned with bracelets of gold and pearls while he bears some fee her hairier and the government's on that day will be sinking garments replaced upon uni these individuals inside the paradise oil bus una Thea urban code Rahman santosa esta Brock if and these individuals will be placed or garments will be wearing green garments, there'll be wearing of silk, like was heavy brocade, heavy jewelry replace any upon these individuals, the clothes of the people of Paradise will not wear out, they will not we're out in paradise a person needs to be worried that maybe my clothes my clothes may need to be renewed etc in paradise they will remain there. And even

00:30:49 --> 00:31:26

we take this is literally green clothing. Brothers amongst us who for you take that green clothing is a blessing clothing to take inside this dunya If only you took the Quran literally as well. But the belief of Allah sadhana because they become just taking these things literally even though there is no strong evidence that green is a blessing uni dress sense to be worn you need inside this dunya there may be some preference you need to watch that adventure come to that which makes us differ is a concept of belief. As soon as I take the belief factor something literally about what has been promised for individuals inside paradise without making any we'll have to hurry for D without

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changing the idea in the belief in Allah subhana wa tada and that's the moment the believer inside paradise externally and internally has been purified by Allah Subhana Allah, there will be no spirit, it will be no saliva, there will be no blowing of one's nose there will be no dedication will not take place. All of these deficient characteristics inside the world will be removed inside that it will be removed. And that's one may think as a shadow the other asked how will a person digestive i'm not mistaken. And it will be the belching the burping of musk because even when you burn, you digest your food, you find a foul smell comes out of your mouth, but not inside the era,

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that belching would be musk. Likewise, the sweat of the believer in Paradise, the sweat that comes the odor that comes from every single human being would be musk will be that sweat of musk that will be placed upon the individual inside the earth era. So everything will be unique about the individual had to find out even the natural form of the human being will go back to the original form of Adam Alexander upon 60 cubits does you can see why the individual begin to live that life of enjoying these blessings inside any paradise utensils have gold and silver that we find and they comb sorry of gold and silver with blades placed upon it individuals. Once again, a person who takes

00:32:51 --> 00:33:29

gold inside this dunya wear silk inside this dunya for men will be forbidden inside the lira. So if you follow the things of this dunya to enjoy inside this dunya you've had your share inside this dunya you've taken inside this dunya you will not drink the wine of the earth era you will not wear the goal of the earth era you will not wear the silk of the earth era. That's how simple it is Muslim the simple individuals, simple teachings that we follow. There is no technical debate to get involved in abstain from these issues, and you'll be rewarded with them inside the IRA and there's nothing really that you're missing inside this dunya in these evil substances that we find any

00:33:29 --> 00:33:30

around us.

00:33:32 --> 00:34:15

Also we find that inside paradise, that there will be no sickness or no fatigue upon the individual. So once again we find inside this dunya that we all fall ill we all have these difficulties that we may go through. But inside the head I find I am asuna fi Hannah Savonarola, Emma Sophie Hello, whom there will be no fatigue and no tiredness. We've touched the individuals inside paradise. And don't worry about being evicted. No one's going to be evicted from Paradise once you make it to paradise. There's no moving out of paradise. I am assuming he has also been warmer who may have been Mahajan, there's going to be no fatigue upon the believers inside paradise. And likewise is going to be no

00:34:15 --> 00:34:58

one is going to be expelled at the paradise. hula equals Hubble genetti homefree. Holly Dune, they are the companions of Paradise. They're going to reside for eternity inside paradise. Once an individual makes it to Paradise is going to remain there for eternity by the permission of Allah Subhana Allah paradise has no elderly individuals in paradise. Everyone will be young, every will be everybody will be at the supreme the prime age no one would fall ill and no one will grow old. Everyone would be in affluent in good circumstances nothing to complain about. Likewise, if I were new to Anil Kumar Jana turista mu habima kuntum Malone, a cola will hold out. This is the paradigm

00:34:58 --> 00:34:59

you have inherited.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

Once again be more content and balloon because of what you used to do inside this dunya. That's how simple it is cooler and cooler. you've inherited this paradise but admission of Allah and Allah, because of the action you should do inside the dunya. And thus you find that the key element that you find that there will be no death, there is no death is no dying, any in paradise. And as you find the tubs will come, the ram will be bought and placed in between paradise and hellfire. And the people of Hellfire will recognize that this is the ram of death. And the people of Paradise recognize this is the ram of death. And that's what we said to the people hellfire. kulu don't

00:35:37 --> 00:36:17

follow mode, eternity for you remain forever in Hellfire, say to the people of Paradise, hello, don't follow mode, live for eternity in Paradise, there is no death upon you. That is whereby the believers will begin to rejoice a life of eternity inside into paradise. And that's after whenever last time that I mentioned all these various delights of paradise. There's one other key element that many of us that we forget what is amongst the most bless it of delights of the people of Paradise that we find with one woman Allah to gain the pleasure of Allah Subhana Allah, the people paradox will be posed as Question Time and time again. Do you want something else? Do you need

00:36:17 --> 00:36:55

something else? Is there anything else that we can ask for Europe? Is there anything else that we can ask what you've given us inside paradise? He said, I'm going to place upon you my happiness, my contentment will be placed upon you. And I will never be angry with you. Think about that, in this dunya many of us pleasing people at the expense of disobeying Allah Subhana Allah and then on that day when to claim the pleasure of Allah Subhana Allah, that's where life will be difficult. There'll be many, many obstacles, because we know that this dunya hadith of Sahih Muslim that we find that when the last panda created paradise, and zebra Allah Allah Salaam said Whoever sees paradise

00:36:55 --> 00:37:42

paraphrasing the Hadith sees the beauty of Paradise, we just want to dive straight into paradise. The glitter, the goal, the glamour, the embezzlement, the pleasures, the name, the bliss, is wants to dive straight into paradise. And whoever sees jahannam the terror, the agony, the pain, the suffering the torture, want to obstruct themselves and stay away from it. So last time, the other highlights cover paradise, with mcherry with obstacles were hufa dinero Misha Howard, surround jahannam with temptations, every single path of temptation is a path that eventually leads you closer to the Hellfire and paradise has got many, many obstacles, his own obstacles that are placed

00:37:42 --> 00:38:23

there, for person to get to paradise, and a person has to come over every single step in those various obstacles that individual will face till eventually are purified and they return back to Allah Subhana Allah as once again inside, so to tober that we find that a lot of hunter mentioned about the bliss of Paradise etc. A lot of times then mentioned will read one or may not light up, but the article will fizzle out when the greatest thing is a pleasure of Allah Subhana Allah, that is the ultimate supreme success for the believers. And then comes the stance of Allison. This is where all this academia, or this debate begins to take place. That our stance is a simple stance is

00:38:23 --> 00:39:05

a basic elementary stance. Those individuals who begin to reinterpreted the texts and the misuse of Allah Subhana Allah, and this is where they're pushing themselves away, because amongst their greatest blessings, or possibly the greatest blessing for the moment will be brought here to LA he Subhana Allah, that will be the ultimate success, the one that you worship on this dunya but 1020 3040 years, 50 years, 60 years, it will only be for the believers, that you will see Allah Subhana Allah, just like you see the full moon on a full night when he said his full days 13 to 1415. You don't be surrounded, or any pushing or shoving any difficulty in visualizing the moon, you

00:39:05 --> 00:39:42

will see your Lord on that day. And that will only be for the believers will do it no one. No one on that day, once again, we began with faces will be glean will be glowing, there'll be glowing, because those faces will see Allah subhanaw taala that's only for the believers inside paradise. So when we begin to enter this academic debate about how some individuals begin to reject these are MiG tau, we'll have this iron make the hurry for this iron. This is the blessing of Allah. And the Sunnah is to take them literally, the believers will see a lot of harm to Allah. In the

00:39:43 --> 00:39:59

remember the format of the human will change in a lot how to make it possible for the believer to visualize those blessings and that bliss likewise to visualize Allah subhanaw taala and that will be the greatest blessings upon the believers. So May Allah Subhana Allah make us to follow that path.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:32

of Paradise, to follow that journey through paradise to be committed and devoted, that whatever takes place around us in the world, don't let us distract us from coming closer and closer to Allah Subhana Allah because every single individual has to come in front of us kind of further, all on his or her own, and to answer for their own actions and the choices that they made. Last hunter placed these words in Amazon of hassanal one who disseminated the words and those who are collecting the words or cornucopia that was stuck for Lee welcome, William a misdemeanor for stock photo number four Rahim subhanak Mohammed a

00:40:34 --> 00:40:36

stockbroker to Bullock.

00:40:40 --> 00:40:41

And before we

00:40:42 --> 00:40:57

move on to question answers, I think we as we mentioned at the beginning of the lecture, we're going to have a little question questions from the speaker inshallah to the to the audience, a little quiz, and there's some prizes available as well inshallah I think there's five questions

00:40:58 --> 00:41:01

to be asked. Make the first one

00:41:03 --> 00:41:07

and we'll we'll inshallah give out the prizes just a reminder for for next week before we carry on

00:41:09 --> 00:41:26

next week's lecture is a final in the current series journey into another world lecture title next week is the torment of the Hellfire and it's going to be available summer delivering that as well in Sharla next week so before question answers we'll do the quiz and I'll leave it to the Amazon shell to continue with that.

00:41:28 --> 00:41:31

You want me to come up with five questions when you get them right you might get a ticket to paradise

00:41:33 --> 00:41:42

Will you be Don't be surprised as many individual go around selling that to people they sell that to you physically? Give me 10,000 pounds I guarantee you place in paradise.

00:41:43 --> 00:41:49

You know who I'm referring about maybe we could go pay a trip the entire gal get their ticket to paradise

00:41:50 --> 00:41:58

even showed up but they make it as difficult as possible. I haven't got any difficult questions on mine but let's take the first question make it maybe easy for everyone.

00:41:59 --> 00:42:05

How many gates of Paradise are they that bother if a hand up first right the back no shall teach me the rules guide

00:42:07 --> 00:42:10

eight yet for the data you collect the prize at the bottom of

00:42:14 --> 00:42:16

the ticket to paradise Okay, here you go.

00:42:18 --> 00:42:19

Don't say I gave it to you. Okay.

00:42:32 --> 00:42:37

They were mentioned the first verse inside sort of Baccarat what's the number of the verse

00:42:38 --> 00:42:39

that Luffy

00:42:40 --> 00:42:42

wrong 25 year guide okay.

00:42:52 --> 00:42:55

Just have bigger prizes and bigger questions isn't Am I Sheldon?

00:43:13 --> 00:43:24

We'd sort of talks about a lot of that dm about paradise and the drink of Paradise and the people the goblets of Paradise the young children of Paradise, which is a guide

00:43:28 --> 00:43:30

that I'm looking at go ahead

00:43:31 --> 00:43:34

that no shouting no shouting

00:43:37 --> 00:43:41

a Santa Rosa, Mashallah.

00:43:48 --> 00:43:50

The books are not good for you. Go get some toys and

00:43:52 --> 00:43:53

give them to your dad the books.

00:43:56 --> 00:43:56


00:43:57 --> 00:44:00

make it harder for you to come up with a question of here

00:44:04 --> 00:44:06

was the ticket the ticket inside the things I say?

00:44:19 --> 00:44:20

Think of a question of here.

00:45:07 --> 00:45:17

How many other people of Paradise who will go into paradise we don't rely on any talismans or anything etc that we find right away

00:45:18 --> 00:45:20

and love law

00:45:21 --> 00:45:24

law at the Back Bay 70,000 but the lucky

00:45:30 --> 00:45:30

this one

00:45:36 --> 00:45:37

should have sat down before

00:45:44 --> 00:45:45

okay shall I say last question

00:45:47 --> 00:45:52

you make a very hard one in shallow toyonaka questions okay not my job to i'm not i'm the examiner here

00:45:57 --> 00:46:03

the seven individuals have been promised to be under the shade of Allah Subhana Allah not asking for the 7.1 puts up their hand

00:46:05 --> 00:46:07

you're reading my mind now aren't you?

00:46:09 --> 00:46:13

What do they all share? That brings them together

00:46:15 --> 00:46:17

what do they all share that brings them together

00:46:21 --> 00:46:22

okay, but

00:46:23 --> 00:46:23


00:46:27 --> 00:46:46

essence is right answer all them are fighting their desires the Mr. Madden is breaking his desire to shabu Nash Happy Birthday like breaking his desires. Persons giving their wealth is breaking their desires. So one half the answer is fear but love but that what I was searching for was that they would break their desires to be underneath your ticket some inside there could be a minute.

00:46:49 --> 00:46:59

That's it zakaah Heron, there are new questions. And we can we can take some now we have a little time. If anybody has any other questions for brother inshallah we'll take them now.

00:47:24 --> 00:47:48

They both talked about your dream, whatever you dream about given to inside paradise, for example, dragons. Well, there are many. If dragons exist, dragons are a myth anyway. But maybe you can also learn how to create your dragon to give you some riding beast, you can fly through uni through paradise. It'd be much better beasts and dragons and paradise in Sharla. As somebody could also remember whatever your heart desires, whatever you want, you can ask for it we'll learn the many.

00:48:04 --> 00:48:22

Just Just a linguistic debate that people have about heaven and paradise because some people just say that the skies above is classified as the heavens but really, we still always in the skies you have to penetrate through the skies and then you enter into power. There's no way that no anybody in this afternoon penetrate and go into into the heaven going to paradise not possible.

00:48:27 --> 00:48:29

He was in Paradise and he was expelled from Paradise.

00:48:32 --> 00:48:53

That was Jenna that was paradise destroyed. He was residing with him inside paradise. And then he was expelled from Paradise and came down upon his Earth and we live upon this earth. Welcome fill out the monster Quran with Metatron ilahi then you have to go back to the original abode which is unique paradise. So we were expelled from Paradise and we want to return back to paradise inshallah.

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