Injustice is the Main Cause of Terrorism

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Assalamu alaikum Sir Michael FEV, and I am a management student. The question is that, do you think that Muslim fail on security? And that's why can we say that terrorism is it outcome? Thank you for your comment, please

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realize the question that do Muslims fill in secured, and that is the reason parents accident, I told in my talk, the main root cause of terrorism is injustice. It's not insecurity, insecurity may be part of it. But the main cause is injustice, injustice, and something wrong done to a group of people. If you read an article that came yesterday, on Sunday, midday, on the eve of the 911, one of the very famous person's name is William, he writes, and he gives advice that the root cause is injustice and wronged into community. And he agrees with the Bombay authorities, that there are possibilities that Kashmiris may have done barbless in Bombay, but he says, What is the cause?

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According to him, the Kashmiri and militant people, there are peace loving people. So what has forced them to fight and he gives his you it is because of democracy which is forged. He says that not me. It's not my comments. Person who is an expert, and gives advice to people in the world. He says that the democracy is forged, it is manipulated, that there isn't what we find that the fighting same in Palestine, they're fighting because the rights are taken away. So the main cause of terrorism is injustice done to a group only wrong done. So to get the rights back, this gives rise to fight to retaliation, which is called terrorism by people opposing it, those who are given they

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call good for example, Bhagat Singh, he fought for the front of the country by the British or the was called terrorist, you call it freedom fighter. So, depending upon what is the background, therefore, before you give a label of terrorists, the fact that terrorism has got different meanings have got different definitions. It changes because of geographical definition. It changes because of history. So the same person who's called the terrorists by British government, we Indians call them a freedom fighter. So like that, we have to find out the main cause is injustice done to a group of people