Yasir Qadhi – The Opioid Crisis A Growing Threat

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The opioid crisis has caused harm to health and reputation, with drugs and alcohol causing chaos and negative behavior. educating oneself and fostering open conversations is crucial to prevent future harm. The importance of finding one's own happiness and rewarding oneself is emphasized, as well as identifying one's addiction and working on one's own health to overcome addiction. The crisis also touches on the negative impact of drugs and alcohol on mental health and personal life, and the need to be aware of one's own behavior and work on one's own health to overcome addiction.
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In the hamdulillah Nakamoto who want to start you know who want to sell fiddle? When are we do bIllahi min, shoot Rudy and fusina woman say Dr. Medina, Mejia had to Hila home for now Melinda, what are you doing who fella ha de yada? Was shadow Allah ilaha illallah Hua Hua Shetty, Cara. What a shadow Anna Mohamed and I will do humara sudo. Yeah, you have

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to Allah haka to otter, what are the Moto? Allah one two Muslim 1am I bad, do Muslims. Today's topic is one that is one of those heavy ones that we hope and feel we don't need and yet still sees that is affecting so many of us. Last week news reached me that one of our own youth in the Greater Dallas area passed away at a local hospital because of a drug overdose. And it wasn't just any drug. It was a specific category that is now rampant, especially amongst teenagers in the youth. And that is a crisis called the opiate crisis. For those of you who are not aware, opioids are a category of medication, they're very cool. And they're typically prescribed for severe pain situations, maybe

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after surgery, maybe cancer, maybe terminal cancer. And so this specific brand of opioids,

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that tension and that pain, and according to the Sharia, if that is the situation if you are in such pain, and this is the only thing that's going to alleviate it, it's halal for that category, no problem. But of course, with this category of pain medication, there is a side effect, what happens is that this medication causes the brain to be rewired. And rather than feeling pain, you actually feel the type of joy and ecstasy. So obviously, it is

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for those that want to go on to obtain that haram high, this category becomes a mechanism. And unfortunately, this crisis has now reached proportions that are frankly terrifying. Ours

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is actually one of the more high country 7.2% of people in Texas, were found to be using opioids 7.2, that's a bit less than one out of 10 7.2 people are guilty of misusing these drugs. And unfortunately, in the last year, it increased has occurred with regards to the illegal usage of this drug, it is becoming especially common amongst teenagers and amongst high school kids. Why? Because it is very easy to obtain, unlike the hard drugs when we were growing up in the 80s, crack cocaine, heroin, this was very difficult to obtain, we thank Allah

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as for this category, synthetically manufactured, you can manufacture them in a laboratory. And of course, the three ways of obtaining them, you have those prescribed

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and then the family members have a

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deal it and sell them on the drug market. This is one category, another category.

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Who knows.

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Right, but they prescribe and then they sell and they know this is a

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and the largest category is of course the illegal drug cartels. You know, in South America and other places. They're doing these drugs in their laboratories. And the problem and this is one of the largest this country last statistics I looked up

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$3 billion dollars that is a massive industry 400

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are spent in this illegal drug trade that is in the illegal category. And the problem ticular the smoke can actually be lethal. Just two milligrams of what's called fentanyl, two milligrams that's equivalent to one tablespoon two milligrams can cause death. So when you have the small quantities able to literally kill

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and a smaller amount is able to bring that level of joy

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What do you expect is going to happen and there are now these rave parties these parties called Skittles

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was in brings

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was that is the the the chocolate or the candy but different color drugs and all the kids are supposed to throw into a into a juggler a jar and then they all grab different types and they try amongst each other. This is now a popular phenomenon across our own country and especially in the state of Texas. And unfortunately one of our own recently passed away in this reality in this tragedy. So the

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I know many of us think why are we talking about something like the drug trade but Subhanallah The purpose of these hotbeds is to trickle down information to raise awareness and potentially save even one life. If even one life has saved Wallahi we have done what we need to do to raise the bar parents are not even aware, really available these drugs are. So we're living completely disconnected from the reality of our own teenagers completely disconnected. So the purpose here is to raise awareness, the

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virus and encourage all of you to do your own and to start monitoring our most precious and prized commodity and that is our children. These are our future. These are our legacy. And Allah subhanho wa Taala has gifted you these beautiful children, Allah has gifted you, your children to care for them, monitor them. And so the goal today is to raise that public awareness and broaden it to tell you the shady eye has forbidden these substances. The shady eye has come to safeguard our health, to safeguard our faculties to allow us to live beautiful, nourishing lives in the dunya and then also to live the best lives in the era. And so the Sharia has come and forbidden and harms the body.

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Anything that is counter intuitive that is dangerous to one's health one sanity all such products are forbidden. Allah says in the Quran, you shall do the homework by EBRT Well you heard him Allah he will cover it. The Prophet says Adam has allowed everything that

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forbidden everything that is filthy, and more

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then drugs and the whole category of intoxicants. I repeat, there is nothing more filthy. The Quran says you had any more alcohol hubba is our Prophet SAW Selim said authentic hadith

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intoxicants this isn't a hadith the Quran says the products are haram or prophets are some said

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we'll have it doesn't mean the mother it means that the just the one source of all

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drugs, drugs or meaning alcohol alcoholic products and when we say Hamid in the Shetty app combat is anything that intoxicates so

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of intoxicants and frankly, the harmful effects of drugs is worse than the alcohol

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is forbidden alcohol by unanimous consensus everything worse than alcohol. Even more so. Allah subhana wa Tada says in the Quran wala to Kobe ad Camilla Taluka do not cause your own destruction. Don't do something that will cause your own destruction and drugs and alcohol are of the greatest cost function. Allah subhanho wa Taala forbids drugs and alcohol in the Quran in a very interesting manner. A

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heart has been forbidden in this manner how so? Allah says in the Quran.

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Do well may suitable ensemble Zamudio swim and amateur shaytani fetched any boohoo camera drugs and alcohol and gambling and other sins these are filled.

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So avoid pure then Allah gives the reason Allah gives rarely is this

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show your * and you

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want to Well Bulldog should cause you to fight.

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A THON wants you to go to war one another shaytaan wants you to hate one another and she thought wants to prevent you from living good lives where you're worshipping Allah subhana wa Tada when you gamble when you take drugs, when you're always high, when you're always drinking, your lives will be destroyed you will not worship Allah subhanho wa Taala your brain will not function normally. Then Allah says for * unto moonta When will this not stop you hardly ever in the Quran? Does Allah ask a question like this? I'm telling you, this is going to destroy you. I'm telling you shaytaan has the tactic. shaytaan has a ploy he wants to waste your time he wants to waste your money. He wants

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to waste your intellect. Will you not stop doing these things for her to monitor on hardly any commandment? The Quran has this type of rationality and then a rhetorical question what will make you stop? Why are you going to be destroying yourselves in this manner when you know shaitan wants to harm you when you know shaitan is using these substances in order to cause you guys to go to war to cause you guys to hate the gangs, the violence, all of this what is the number one cause it's the drug war. Shaitan wants to do this make life difficult. On top of this shaitan wants you to not worship Allah while you're Sudocrem and decree Allah He wants Salah when you're high when you're

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constantly drunk. When you're constantly involved in drugs, you're not going to be worshipping Allah. So this is one of the tactics of shaytaan then Allah says will you not stop what will stop you from committing this category of sin?

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If there is no dunya we benefit there is no one way benefit. There is no fun either in this world there is no fun either in the hereafter brothers and sisters every single and toxic and comes under the category of Hummer our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Kulu musket and Hummer were Kulu musket and haram authentic hadith. Every musket was killed means that which makes you high that which gives you that high that intoxication, every muskie will consider it to be a Hummer. And every mosquito is there for haram and in fact, camo or drinking alcohol and overall drugs. It is one of the worst sins of Islam one of the kabaah one of the big sins, and in fact our Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam said, Allah has cursed the one who drinks and the one who sells and the one who buys drinks alcohol, the one who sells the one who buys and he went over 10 categories learn Allahu hombre worship, Allah has cursed Hummer, and Allah has cursed the one who drinks Hummer. And Allah has cursed the one who sells and the one who buys and the one who transports and the one who extracts and the one who pours. And he went over 10 categories, everything to do with this industry with the drug and the Hummer industry. Everything about it is cursed. So my first and foremost plea to the parents and then move on to the youngsters to the parents, I implore you to be vigilant, I

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implore you to be aware of the reality of this crisis that is unfortunately overtaking this country and the state and our children are a part of this country and state what is happening outside of our bubbles will happen inside of our bubbles as well. Well, no one was done. Our children are a trust from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. They are our sacred duty to guide to protect them. And that responsibility falls on you. So you need to begin first and foremost by educating yourself. That's the purpose of today's world, but to incentivize you to read up listen to some TED talks, listen to read some Wikipedia entries about the opioid crisis, about how to how to see symptoms, how to

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prevent this in your own households, engage in open and honest conversation with your children foster an environment of trust, where they feel comfortable seeking your advice and advice. Our Prophet sallallahu either he was sending them said could look on raw and every one of you is a shepherd, and you will be asked about your flock. So the parents are shepherds, they're going to be asked about their flock of children. Allah subhanho wa Taala will ask you about your children and your Tobia of them. So educate yourself, then educate them be a positive role model for your own children and realize healthy religiosity. Having a good environment of Islam is one of the biggest

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mechanisms to prevent your children from going down this reality. Also parents this is an awkward advice because I don't want to micromanage your lives and lifestyles. But generically speaking, parents do have an obligation to monitor their children, who are you hanging around? What time are you getting back home? Who are your friends, this is an obligation. Now obviously this will vary from time to place to culture. And as the child grows older, obviously, you must give them more freedom. But in the beginning, when they're children when they're middle school, when they're beginnings of high school, there is no question they are your responsibility. You need to know who

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they're hanging around. The number one source of drugs is the children of the people that die with drug overdose the friends excuse me, the friends of the very people who are not some enemies, not some gangster on the street, the friends in the same school in the same high school in the same vicinity. So it's our job as parents to monitor whose house are you going to what's going on there and be open with your children educate them about the dangers of the of this phenomenon and the perilous path that that happens if you undertake the reality of stuff with Allah taking drugs. And remember, brothers and sisters, remember that nothing substitutes your own positive role model. How

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can you be and have an impact on your children, if you yourself are not a positive role model in their own lives. As for the youth, I speak to you now the teenagers and the youngsters amongst us know, dear young brothers and sisters, know that whatever you think you're going to get from this path, whatever pleasure, whatever ecstasy you get from ecstasy, one of the names of the drugs that ecstasy whatever is suppose that pleasure you think you will get it comes at a very, very high cost. It comes at a cost of potentially your own life. Allah has blessed you with youth, Allah has blessed you with energy. Allah has blessed you with strength, Allah has blessed you with with with a brain

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why would you want to harm all these blessings Allah subhanho wa Taala has given you you are gifted you are gifted beyond what you understand you are our pride no matter how difficult life is find comfort and solace and other ways in Halal ways find comfort and solace and Allah has dhikr in the community and friends and insha Allah which either life will become easy. Also, a lot of times people are actually good in their own youth, but it's the peer pressure. It's being in the wrong crowd. It's the reality of if you don't take drugs, your friends are gonna make fun of you

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If you're not cool enough if you don't take them And subhanAllah My dear young brother and sister, there is nothing cool about being dead. There is nothing cool about overdosing and having to call the 911 Ambulance only to tell your parents an overdose has occurred. There is nothing cool and taking these haram substances actually the real goal is to follow the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam and to reject culture and reject peer pressure when it is clearly something that is haram and it is something that is evil. Realize dear young men and women that society might treat you like teenagers, your parents might treat you like kids, but I'm telling you if you are bothered, which is

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above the age 1112 13 You are an adult in the eyes of Allah, if you are valuable if you have past 1112 13 The Shetty ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala considers you to be an adult, you are not a child once you have passed the age of puberty, so you must act like an adult and you have to answer to Allah subhanho wa Taala dear youngsters, dear young men and women seek solace in Allah subhana wa Tada, turn to Allah a times of difficulty, surround yourself with positive friends. If you know this group of friends, does these types of parties if you know they have these types of drugs as accessible, then shut the door from the beginning and do not befriend them. Find other friends find people that

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are not going down this path. And I want to be a little bit personal here and stop thriller there's no bragging or boasting I want to just teach you for perhaps from my own life that yes, I grew up in this country as well. I also went through university here as well. And no doubt there was plenty of opportunities to commit you know these types of sins, whatever my sins I thank Allah hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah never was ever involved with this type of drugs and alcohol and and Hamid and whatnot. And frankly, even when the opportunity presented itself and I wasn't on the path of knowledge I wasn't studying in Medina, I want to call it here. Even when these opportunities presented still, I

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had no desire. Do you want to know why? Looking back, of course, Allah's blessings, but I think there are two reasons and perhaps they might be of some benefit to the rest of us here. First and foremost, the way that Allah Subhana Allah blessed me with a practicing family, with my parents, raising women with iman in the household, I never felt a sense of lack of spiritual happiness. I never needed a high outside, I never felt that there's something missing that I want to get a high from something else. I felt nobility in who I was, I felt nobility in my religion, my soul wasn't empty. And I firmly believe that only those people who don't have internal happiness, they need to

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find it in a fake substance. This is my understanding only those who are spiritually bankrupt, they don't know the blessings of Imam, they don't know the blessings of the Quran. They're trying to fill their empty souls with something. So they turn to these haram substances. So my advice to all of you turn to your religion turn to your Lord, you will find that internal happiness and you won't need to go to these filthy disgusting substances that harm you. And the second reason and has nothing to do with religion. The second reason is that honestly, as a person who always prided myself in my good grades and my studious studies and my habits and whatnot, I looked at people that are on drugs, I

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see the drunkards on campus. And I would think to myself, I remember vividly seeing somebody drunk on campus walking this way acting this manner. And the first thought that came to me is, why would you humiliate yourself in this manner? Allah blessed you with a brain and you're acting worse than an animal. Allah gave you an intellect and this is the way you're going to, you're going to you're going to react with this, the most precious thing to me after my religion is my health, my mind. The most precious thing to me is my rational thought. Why would I be so foolish to take a substance that is going to take that intellect away from me? Even without religion? Why would you want to do that?

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And that is why some of the best Sahaba some of the most noble Sahaba like Uber could also declare the Allah Juan, even before Islam came down, he would not drink alcohol and he would say, why would I drink something that will take my intellect away? Well, Allah He you don't need the Quran and Sunnah to tell you drugs are foolish. You don't need any commandment from higher up to tell you that's why the Quran says for * unto Mahone what's gonna make you stop? Why would you self destroy the very precious prize of being a human being and you would then start acting like an animal or worse than an animal. This is the second reason that even before I went on the path of

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knowledge, there was no desire for me to take a substance that's going to cause me to act irrationally, to think in a manner that is not befitting to strip my own dignity and my own intellect away. Why would anybody want to do that? So do your brothers and sisters dear youngsters, be grateful for what Allah has given you? Don't find this false illusion of happiness in fake drugs. Don't think that you have to be cool by doing things that's going to be harmful to you and your future and also realize even to the cold but today is about drugs. But I must

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Quickly I mentioned here as well that you know, other things that many of you might think are trivial like vaping even like marijuana, most of you youth, you think marijuana is very trivial. And we're not talking about that in the hood. But no, these are all what are called gateway drugs. What do you think is going to happen if you're hanging around friends that are always vaping? Always, you know, smoking their reefs and whatnot, what do you think is gonna happen when that becomes normal? You're gonna want something more. I'm not equating you know smoking marijuana with opioids. I know there's a big difference in the harm but both are haram. Both are haram sure one of them might

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potentially kill you, but both are haram and the one leads to the other so as Muslims live a dignified life as Muslims abstain from that which might be haram, but not as bad as others because it's going to lead you to that which it is and realize sisters and brothers, adults and children, that through education, through coming together through getting help from other people through compassion through faith. Insha Allah Allah Allah together as a community, we will protect insha Allah to Allah with Allah's help our children, we will try our best to make sure that this does not happen within our own communities. This is a societal problem, but it is a religious obligation

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primarily upon us. To combat these forces. We have to be role models not only for our children, but for people around us and insha Allah Allah with the help of Allah azza wa jal we shall overcome and protect our children's May Allah subhana wa Tada blessed me and you with him through the Quran. And he may make us of those who is verses they understand and applies Allah and haram throughout our lifespan scholars forgiveness, He was well ask him for his the food and the ramen stuff.

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Alhamdulillah Halawa hidden I had a summit, a lady in Amelia Willa Mueller wanted me to go for and I had what I do.

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One, we're talking about drugs and hinting a little bit about hunger and alcohol. It is also pertinent we take a step back and talk about the bigger concept and perhaps the more pernicious concept of alcohol itself of common, and I've hinted at it throughout this entire lecture, but realize that the Sharia has explicitly come down prohibiting commerce and drugs comes under this category. But the Quran and Sunnah mentions alcoholic drinks. In fact, in fact, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would accept somebody's oath of allegiance to Islam, when the Prophet system would accept a convert to Islam, you know, we just say the shahada, which is fine, that's

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what we say. But the process never had a higher level right? When somebody would accept Islam, he would have an entire list. And this is mentioned in the Quran. It is mentioned in the first treaty of Acaba, go look it up. It's mentioned in a number of Hadith for example, in one Hadith of the famous on Saudi who said, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam took our oath of allegiance took our oath of allegiance, Allah nuestra Kabila, he che and we're not going to commit schicke we're not going to kill people. We're not going to leave Islam, we're not going to lie and steal and we're not going to drink alcohol. Notice when you accepted Islam at the hands of the Prophet system, he gave

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you a list don't do this. And on that list, Walter Shubho mascara, don't drink anything that is alcoholic, and our Prophet system called Hummer, as I mentioned in the previous codebook omole hubba. Hummer is the source of all evil omocha it means every filthy thinks comes from calmer, and every single person who has studied the reality of the effects of Hummer, actually, the number one cause of death in America is actually the after effects of drinking too much. And that's why in this own country, 100 years ago, they passed an amendment to ban alcohol, they couldn't live up to that the prohibition era, they could not live up to it. But secular people who don't believe in a higher

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power, they saw the dangers of alcohol, and they band together and they said, You know what, we're not going to have this in our own society. They could not live up to it. And so they had to repeal that ban. But even they understood the causes of liver the dangerous driving that takes place. How many people die as a result of Hummer so Hummer is immoral hubba it is a source of all evil. And that's why our prophets have said I've said Allah has cursed humble and Tenzing's around Homer everything that leads to calmer and So brothers and sisters, those of you that are struggling with this addiction, for how long will you continue for how long will you continue as is as if it is

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something trivial? Anybody who dies drinking Hummer, our Prophet sallallahu sallam said without repenting our profits as Adam said, Allah has forbidden for him. The elixirs of Jana, all of the beautiful drinks of Jana will be made haram for him in another Hadith when he wants to Israel on Mirage. He said I saw people stuck for Allah stop for Allah drinking from the pus of the wounds of the people of jahannam. I was I asked what is this? He said, This is the Jezza of those who are drunkards. This is the response or this is the punishment of those who drink constantly with the biller. We seek Allah's refuge drinking from the past of the wounds of the people of Johanna Hummer

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Oh is one of the biggest of all sins. It is a Kabir Amina Kava. And here I must say bluntly, those of you who don't drink but sell alcohol, those of you who own stores of liquor or who the biller or the biller to biller or remind yourself and remind you and myself that we have to answer to Allah subhanho wa Taala How can you call yourself a Muslim and your source of income is to sell this film to other people? What are you feeding your own children? What are you feeding yourself? I cannot think of a more haram mechanism to earn your own money than to own a liquor store and ooo biller. Let us be blunt here, so many in our own community. They think I'm not drinking it. They think I'm

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not getting drunk, but their source of income is to have a liquor store or odo biller this needs to be called out shame on you. Shame on you for selling this substance to other innocent people and for making a profit you're destroying other people's dunya for your own akhira think about it. You're destroying hundreds of people's their families you're causing so much and you're destroying your akhira in the process, repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala find Halal source of income. The fact that you drink person in your life will Allah He it is a lesser sin than you having a liquor store and ruining the lives of hundreds of people. I say this bluntly and clearly you can quote me on this. If

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you drink yourself that is a criminal Cabal. If you own a liquor store and you yourself are not drinking but you're destroying hundreds of families that is a far bigger sin because now you are destroying hundreds if not 1000s of people So fear Allah subhana wa Tada and get rid of this filthy substance. Do not sell this substance Do not be a source of fitna for other people and purify yourself, get rid of out on money and find a higher risk before the Angel of Death comes to you. I want to conclude with some practical steps. For those of you that are struggling with these types of addictions. For those of you that are already addicted, then first and foremost, the steps to

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overcome addiction are many first and foremost, I mentioned five of them. Number one, recognize you have a problem. Recognize you have an addiction problem. If you don't even recognize it, you're never going to solve it. Number two as Muslims realize there is no way you will overcome addiction without Allah and the help of Allah. There is no way nothing is going to help you overcome addiction without Allah azza wa jal does help. And so number three, you must develop a strong connection with Allah. There is no way to overcome addiction to Hummer to alcohol to drugs, there is no way to overcome the sweetness of this world until you discover a sweetener that is sweet, more sweet than

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the sweetness you have until you discover the ultimate sweetness and that is the worship of Allah the joy and the pleasure of having a relationship with Allah subhanho wa taala. When your heart fills with iman, automatically you will give up alcohol as the Sahaba did when Allah revealed in the Quran give up alcohol, they were drinking alcohol because it was hella they were drinking alcohol. When they heard the verse they opened their windows and they threw their cups outside. How could they do this because the sweetness of their hearts of Imani was more than the sweetness of alcohol. So point number three those who are struggling with addiction you need to work on your own Iman you

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need to turn to Allah subhana wa Tada make dua to Allah increase your thicket and Salah point number four seek the help of family and friends and therapists there's nothing wrong with this. Go to those who love you go to your closest family and friends, those who you can trust and admit to them I have a problem I need your help, they will come and they will monitor they will incentivize they will be your your comfort in this world. And the final point that I'll advise and again much more can be said and by the way, there's no shame going to a therapist as well. We've said this multiple times. The final point I'll mention point number five. You know the causes of what leads to this addiction

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you know the friends who sell you the substances, you know the gatherings where they are predominant. Cut off the roads to the evil that will prevent you from falling into the evil cut off the societies, the associations, the friendships, cut off anything that will be a Seville a mechanism to get to this evil and if you do so it will be easier for you to cut off from the actual evil and above all always realize your hope comes from Allah your blessings come from Allah your protection comes from Allah La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah you want to change you want how you want to change, you want the power to change, it'll come from up there. So turn to Allah azza wa jal

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and whoever takes Allah as his guide shall never be disappointed. Whoever puts his trust in Allah subhana wa Tada shall always be successful. Brothers and sisters, Allah will not judge you on yesterday. Allah will not judge you based on the sins you have done. Whatever sins you have done, ALLAH is forgiving. Go forward. And Rahim turn over to Allah start with a new leaf and in sha Allah either every person will be forgiven Allah humma indeed, amino Allahu Allah, yummy them and Allah

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What's up whether Hammond Illa for Raja wala Dana Illa CODATA wala muddiman Elysia feta wala I see Ron Illa your servitor Allama Fila now what is one in a linear sattva guna Bill Imani what Atocha alumina related in Amman Robina in Nicaragua Rahim Allah whom is Islam I will Muslim in Allah whom is Islam on Muslim in Allah Houma. Aradhana are the Islam and Muslim either be suing a fisherman who have enough say which outed me at all feet at bat here I'll call you your Aziz rebelled Allah in Allahu Allah and Morocco Eminem Weatherby he'd been FC within NaVi America The Odyssey with a letter become a U haul moved on imaginary Hey, we're insane for call as I'm uploading Idema in Allah

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homonuclear Soluna Allah Nebby you already know Amanu Sallu Allah He was telling him with his Lima Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Barik Well, Abdi Kurosu to come Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Marian regards Allah in Allah to Allah Mohammed I believe what they're saying was that the orba were young here and in fact che Wellmune kariobangi You already know Camilla Allah consider karoun Oh, the Corolla has come wash Kuru Yes, it did. What did they call Vita? Optimus Salah

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be Ms. The hatin doll seni wanna tell

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me what to feed?

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Sunday. What?

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Go Ruby MYM journey dasa down.

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me down.

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