I Became a Muslim

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believe that they were not yes it

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is can you believe the profit in the last day?

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Yes entrepreneurs so

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much that you can reach out basically for anyone to enter the fold of Islam is number one belief that there is not an option and number two is believed that Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God if you are doing these two things

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that would be the same thing I've been telling that you were

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and in the office

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in Allah why should you wash to unknown or not Muhammadan Muhammadan out of the

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water Sue, I bear witness

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there is no God, there was no God but Allah, Allah and I agree with this I bear witness that that Prophet Muhammad a prophet Mohammed

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is a messenger

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of Allah

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that anyone who accepts

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whatever thing he did in the past will be forgiven. And the greatest thing they did the glitter positive

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that mean he granted

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me the best in this one.

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I actually invested

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yesterday evening, my wife ordered the video whether goes up in the up but

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YouTuber and he makes videos giving comments on

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what I heard from his speech on the YouTube that he tried to learn about Islam or the course in Islam. And then these are the videos of mine and other speakers actually do that. And he started giving his comments and one while during debates acknowledged in Greece. And mashallah, he said you have to come to Qatar. And I did not know I just tried on the middle of

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Even the best in this world.

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Making malaria making a catalyst is putting the deal together.

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If we can continue with

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the use of which is awesome.

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So, if you've been you can continue to improve that's also gonna help nickname so we can

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an insurer

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that may be made to the catalyst in giving dire guidance to your family members to your friends and Alisha