Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2016 – Quran 30 for 30 – Day 9

Omar Suleiman
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All right, so let's go ahead and get started inshallah tada with the 10th juice smolov and ham de la salatu salam ala rasulillah and he will be here or Manuela.

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So, inshallah Tada, today we're going to be going through sootel and found that the second part of sootel, anthem, and select the tilbyr as well so we move into Jews 10. inshallah, tada, I'll probably, oh, sorry, it looks like they've connection. Chela. I'll direct you guys as well to check out check, yes, or just as reflections on it. Charlottetown maybe I'll post the comment as well. But But really, when it comes to these particular sutras and ions, which have a lot of war time, I asked a lot of verses that are very much so in regards to certain battles that took time in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. A lot of times, these are the verses that can really, really be abused,

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and really, really be taken out of context. So it's important for us inshallah time to really be able to contextualize everything. And to, to understand everything, and also to take benefit, there is still a point why all of these ions are there, for our benefit. So as we said, sorted and found, the first 40 apps are really all about the Battle of bet that it was revealed after the Battle of bed that it gives us an extensive commentary on the Battle of better a loss of Hannah Montana supporting the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and supporting the believers in a very, very difficult time, sending the angels to, you know, to stand by them. And the last penalty teaches them the

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lesson that basically is highlighted in the first few schools of the plan, that if Allah subhanaw taala supports you, if God is on your side, then who can be against you, right fellow lalibela, calm, there's no one that's going to be able to overcome you. So so long as you work out your internal issues, the last panel of data will be with you. And it's really interesting here in verse 48. A last panel to Allah gives us the perspective. On the other side, the last panel to Anna says, Wait, there's a lot more shape on our anonim that the devil was speaking the Satan was speaking to the other side, shavon was speaking to the other side.

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And he said to them, Lavalle Bella chameleon, okay, there is no way that anyone is going to be able to overcome you from the people. And he even says to them, when the Java nutcombe, that I am going to be the one to protect you. So the shape on gives a promise of sorts and the sense of inspiration to the other army to the army that's coming to massacre the believers, that, you know, I'm with you, no one's going to overcome you, I will protect you and so on so forth. And Allah Subhana Allah mentions that when those two armies met, and the prophets lie, some said, the most disgraced day, of the shape on the most the day that he felt the most disgrace, was the day that he showed up on the

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Battle of bed that of the day of bed, and he saw jabril at his salon and his army of angels, when he saw gibreel at his salon, he knew exactly how this was going to go shape on was, you know, recognize that this was a point of defeat. And once the two armies met, and once the Battle of others took place, and once a loss of penance, I gave big victory to the believers. Then he turned around and he said anybody when men come in Nirvana that's around in a powerful law. Hello, so do a cop. So he actually turned on his heels and he said, I'm disassociating myself from you. Indeed, I see what you don't see. Indeed I fear Allah and Allah is severe and penalty, basically the shape on new as he saw

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gvrd salaam in the angels on the day of budget, that this was going to be a victory for the believers and that Allah subhanaw taala would help them so he turned his backs on them, his back on them, as he turns his back on everyone that he leads astray on everyone that he misleads temporarily, and sometimes permanently. He does this on the Day of Judgment, he says anybody on medcom that I have nothing to do with you.

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You know, he does this in so many different ways and realize that we just finished and so

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And out off the, you know the detailed description of how shavon tries to lead a person astray from all different directions. So here now I'm sort of tell unfound you have an actual manifestation of these people that came out to kill the profit slice on them and kill their family members. However, there were fathers trying to kill their sons, brothers trying to kill their brothers and so on, so forth. And all of this is to tell them is to tell us as well look at how shapen lead these people astray. So this is an example of shavon doing Xena decorating a person's misguided actions to them. And in this case, an entire army that came to overtake the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and the

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believers after they ran them out of Mecca. On the other side, a loss of hundreds I says in verse 53, that he could be anila lamb yakko movie or a narrator and Anna Anna Coleman had to lay you know, maybe unfussy him on the last on the last kind of tie says Allah subhanaw taala will not change a favor that he bestowed upon a people until they change that which is within themselves and indeed a lot is hearing and knowing. So, this idea of correcting the internal and the external will solve itself by the help of a loss of Hannah Montana is highlighted here for the first time. So again, the Lesson objective was to be with a loss of data to be you know, to be righteous, to be morally

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upright, and to be together and not let the diseases of the past purge you and and put you into failure and Allah subhanaw taala will send his help and this is exactly what happened in bed. And the first time Allah subhanaw taala is giving us are not the first time but but you know last penciling illustrating to us how the shape on led this group of people astray after

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after giving us the conversation that shavon had with the loss of Hannah Montana in which he promises at law to lead us astray. And realize here that with the with the disbelievers and Mecca that came to attack the prophets lie Selim, it was a pawn who entered into data Nadella into the gathering and and and gave the plan on how to kill the Prophet sallallahu. It was Salah shavon was constant was actively plotting with the disbelievers in Mecca against the prophets and the believers. And better was not just the humiliation of them. But it was a disgrace to the shape on as well that was plotting with them. So that's the moral lesson, right? But then sort of anthos sort of

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moves into some of the practical considerations after bedded, as well after laying out the spiritual framework through which to view everything else. So for example, loss of Hannah Montana goes into the sanctity of treaties. So Allah subhanaw taala mentions those that I had time in home those that you took a treaty with, that you don't break the pledge with them so long as they don't break the pledge with you. So the importance of honoring and sanctifying treaties, a loss of contact also in verse 61.

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a loss of Hannah Montana says that if they prefer peace, okay, if they go towards peace, if they inclined towards a cinema if they go towards peace, then Allah subhanaw taala said then you should also inclined towards peace, okay, what's how I can add Allah in the who was around him and put your trust in Allah subhanaw taala. And he is the hearing. He has the all hearing and the all knowing why is this important because a lot of mentioned with bedeutet cootie Valley Community tanoa who could have been lakum fighting was prescribed upon you and you hate it. So it actually shows you right away that the loss of Hannah Montana is illustrating is highlighting to us that the character of the

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prophets lie some of the believers is that they did not prefer LP tan. They didn't look for battle, they didn't look for fighting, fighting was not a goal in and of itself. Right. In fact, it was something that was detested and put off until the Battle of bed. So lots of parents either then reiterate here in 60, in verse 61, that if they choose to go towards peace, if the other side inclines towards peace, than grant them that peace then go into treaties go into peace, that's always preferable in the sight of Allah subhana wa tada and put your trust in Allah because there's a hesitancy there's a hesitation, that we know they're going to break the treaty, and somehow love

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the next surah so to tell that is indeed people breaking the treaty somehow. So a lot of saying, honor the treaty put your trust in Allah, you know, inclined towards peace as well. And then when they break the treaty, then that's when the the new set of instructions comes, which is going to be in the next sutra, which is also within this juice. And then so we find in sort of in verse 65, Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, you have to be heavily literal meaning and I will

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urge the believers to battle if, if amongst you, you have 20 who are a saw their own 20 people amongst you that are patient, you have to be able to attain then they will be able to overcome 200 and if you have 100 people that are steadfast that are patient, then they will be able to overcome 1000. So the idea here is that Allah subhanaw taala is telling the prophets lie Selim

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That you know, as long as Allah is with you, even if you have a small number, it's never about numbers and this is something that would carry on with the story of the prophets lie some of them in many different battles that the believers were usually way outnumbered in all of the battles of the prophets lie Selim, they were way outnumbered. But Allah mentions here, that if a person has steadfastness and trust in Allah subhanaw taala, and they stay firm, that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah would allow them to overcome a much larger number. In verse 17, there's were lost access to the prophets lie some yet you end to be poorly manaphy ad communal Ursula, so a lot actually urges

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kindness towards the prisoners of war. But here you have a particular statement that the prophets lie Selim is being told to make towards the

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to make towards the captives, say to those captives that are in your hands in urine, I'm in love with eco Ruby comm Hydra, if Allah Subhana Allah knows of goodness within your hearts, you can hide a minimal hidden income, while for lack of Allah full reign. Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will give you something better than that which was taken away from you, and He will forgive you. And Allah is all forgiving and Allah is All Merciful. If I ever do people have put on again, inshallah Tada. I will, at some point, I'll probably talk a lot more about this, but I'll give you a brief overview of it right now. And I bet some of the Allahu taala handle the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam, he went out against the prophets lie Selim in the Battle of bed that he went out with the relatives you know, with with the people of Mecca against the prophet SAW some of the believers in the Battle of bed there. But he was standing like a like an idol. That's how he's actually being described that he clearly had no intention of fighting. He clearly had no intention of killing the prophets why Selim are killing the believers and the prophets. I some In fact, he made that announcement before the Battle of bed that that there are some people that came out from Mecca only Joel Callahan, know how to tell him up daddy know they were forced out. They really don't want to

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kill us they have no intention of fighting against us. So here you have a situation with an Ibis, this verse is talking about a very specific situation with alabasta. Leila and who the uncle of the prophet SAW Selim, when the prophets lysozyme spoke to him as he was a Catholic, because at the end of the day, the profit slice somehow To be fair, he came out with the army from Mecca, just like everybody else. So even if he didn't fight, still, the prophets lie Selim had to treat him as such. So when he when the prophets I some approached him, and I bustle the a lot of Thailand who said that I already secretly accepted Islam. So Islam was already in my heart, and indeed, he could have been

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truthful. So how Allah you know, you know, there's a debate amongst the scholars about when al Abbas really accepted Islam, syllabus of the law and who said, Look, I really already believed I had Islam in my heart, I just came out because I was forced to and so on, so forth. And so Allah tells the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, to tell my boss and to tell people like him, Look, if Allah knows that, that's sincerely the case with your heart, then the money that you give in ransom, Allah is going to give you something better than that. And Allah Subhana Allah will forgive you and a lot less forgiving and merciful. The beauty of this is that a boss had to ransom himself with some of his

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money with some of his gold. And he was sincere, and he was truthful. And because of that ally, bass became extremely wealthy after about a little bit, right, because he did ransom himself with his most precious provisions. And Allah subhanaw taala gave him more, which is a sign that Al Abbas truly did not want to fight the prophets lie Selim. He believed in the message of the prophets, I saw them, and he simply had not manifested that to the public, yet. So this idea here that Allah subhanaw taala knows what's in the hearts of people. Allah knows that some people went out for different reasons. At the end of the day, it's an internal matter if you're with a loss of Hannah

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Montana, a loss of Hannah Montana will be with you. So that's sort of an unfair sorbitol and fog focuses on the post better context. It's a source of much hope. It's a source of victory. It's a sort of glad tidings. It's a sort of that encourages the sanctity of treaties, treating the prisoners of war in a certain way, upholding peace when there's room to do so, and sticking to Allah subhanaw taala and being steadfast in the situations of battle, and you will be able to overcome larger numbers in that case, suited to Toba is the flip side of that. So just like if you remember, the last three sodas that were covered, there's there's a trend that we see between them. You have

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an ad, which was the last warning to the people of Mecca, you have an ad off which are the consequences to the people of Makkah. Okay. Also within Mecca. So you had an adamant and out off that were to makin sutras in the end of Mecca, and establishes the last warning and out off talks about

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The consequences for not heeding that warning. And then now you have sort of unfound which is the Battle of bedded, which is that promise of Allah subhanaw taala a victory that came to the believers as they left Mecca, and the promise of humiliation to the to the oppressors and the disbelievers in Mecca to power a lot of the prophets lie. Some stood over the bodies of the people after abandon the people of Mecca after burden that had oppressed him and oppress the believers for so long. And he said, we have found the promise of a lot to be true to us, the helwa Jetsam, our Agricola hochkar Have you seen that what Allah has promised you to be true? Meaning we were promised when we were

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leaving Mecca, and we were promised that a loss of parents I would give us victory and honor Have you found the disgrace that a lot promised you to be true and the prophets lie some was speaking to them as they were in a ditch their dead bodies were in a ditch after better, so how to LA. So unfurl sort of highlights now, the outcome of what was talked about and an ominous out off, and then Allah subhanaw taala encourages the believers towards treaties towards maintaining peace, and then come sort of to tober which is now when those people turn back when the hypocrites turned back on those treaties and people do not inclined towards peace, and so suta Toba has a completely different

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shift. It has a completely different tone. However, it is a very relevant surah to sort of understand right away with sort of the Toba.

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The most glaring thing about it is that it does not have Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim that the best Mullah is missing in front of sort of detail, but the sort of repentance. Some people would say that that's because Allah Subhana Allah is, is angry in the surah. So there is a lot of anger in the soul. And that's why the best minute is not there. But that's actually a problem. You know, that's a problematic way of looking at things. Instead, we have an authentic narration and Timothy, that the reason being the reason why a Toba and fern are not separated by a Bismillah. The reason why there is no Bismillah R Rahman Rahim in front of suta Toba is that the that many of the companions thought

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that unfound and adobo were actually one surah together. So they definitely are in order the right way. But there's there's a thinking that it could be that sort of the tilba is, is a continuation of certain unfound. And many of us will have, you know, the majority of the Sahaba that obviously said it's a separate sorta in and of itself, they said that it's a continuation little bit unfair. So the prophets lie, some did not recite the best mela between the two it continues into.

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It continues into, into sort of detail, but the weightless with the same discussion, that it was in sort of oil and fat, so there is no best Mullah because sort of the tilba is a continuation of circle and that's the reason being is it revealed in the same time period, no, certain unfound is after better suited tilba is after it was after the expedition of tabuk. So sort of to tell but in its entirety, is the second to last surah that was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam the last surah that was entirely revealed to the Prophet sly seldom was Elijah and also la who would fit what I ate and NASA toluna feeding into e f wotja. A sub base behind the rock because stuff will go

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in the hole cannot tell whether so the last sudra certain NASA is the announcement of the death of the prophets lie Selim in saying that the victory of Allah has come you see people accepting Islam in huge ways. So glorify our lost parents and seek forgiveness and Allah is tell whereby a lot is the acceptor of repentance. That's the last surah so the last verse that in the last pseudo that was revealed is in Africana till about the last times the acceptor of repentance, the second to last sutra that was revealed in entirety as soon as at tilbyr, which is the repentance so it invites people back to repentance, it invites, you know, it's a demand of people to make repentance for

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turning back on the treaties, the hypocrites that would betray the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and betrayed the believers and so on so forth. So suta Toba is revealed after tebu. This is the ninth year after his law. To give you some context tabuk comes after the conquest of Mecca. So the Muslims now have established themselves really in the region. And

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the news came from tabuk from the area of tabuk. To book is next to the Jordan border. So the Jordan border basically Jordan back then was considered part of below the sham. So it was considered a part of a sham collectively, so the Jordan border, so greater Syria, if you will. The Jordan border is where the Byzantines were. And the Byzantines were scouting out to book the area of Tibet book which was that area of Arabia

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to attack the profit slice I meant to attack the believers. So the message got to the profit slice. And then it got to the believers that they were on the move, that the Byzantines were on the move to the to the, to the area of tabuk. And this became extremely problematic now, because they just had a lot It was summer, it was hot, they just finished the conquest of Mecca and the Hajj, all, you know, this is the worst possible time to have a major battle, right, and a battle of the huge superpower, a world superpower coming to fight you. So the prophets lie, some of them started to gather the believers together to go out to tabuk and to meet that army, and he was able to garner some A lot of

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it was that I'm 30,000 people. Now that shows you the size of the oma at the time that 30,000 people was excluding a ton of hypocrites that made excuses to not go out with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam so the idea here is that the treaties were broken by some of the other tribes with the Prophet sallallahu it was that um, the treaty was broken, you know, in a way that the Prophet slicin would now have to worry about those that broke the treaty. And you also had hypocrites within Medina within the oma, that did not want to go out with the profit slice seven because, you know, they feared the outcome. So they started to make their excuses. And not only did they start to make their

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excuses to the profit, slice them for not going out. But they started to pollute those that were going out. And they started to go to other people and say that 10 feet off will help don't go out in the heat and so on so forth. So there is a fear of their of their dunya. Right, there is a fear of losing out on the world and so on so forth. And because of that, they they actually affected the morale of the entire army of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam as they would go out to 10 books. So this is really award time soda. It's a heavy, heavy soda on the hypocrites. Why does it connect to unfound? Because and that basically highlights from a spiritual perspective, that if you're

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steadfast and if you're upon that which Allah subhanaw taala commanded you to be upon, no matter how small urine number is, you will always be able to overcome the other side. So even if you have a small number, Allah Subhana, Allah will give you victory. So unfound establishes that, and unfound also establishes the treaties. So now you have a situation where the treaties are being broken. Right. So at Toba, sort of it continues along with certain unfound in that sense. So verse four, verse four of sorts to Toba condemns those who broke the treaty. Okay, verse five of sort of Titova is the islamophobes favorite verse, which is the verse that says to kill them wherever you find

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them. So so so Pamela, you take you take a very specific ayah, which clearly is talking about going after those who broke the treaties and going to taboo and fighting, you know, this huge army and so on, so forth that's infringing upon your territory. Clearly, it's talking about a particular wartime context by the verse that came before and you generalize the verse. So verse five comes right after the verse which talks about those who broke the treaties, and those are the ones to be attacked and those are the ones will last panel in China says that once assured home and heard on the sacred months have passed facultat emotionally kena Hazel wanted to more home than kill the disbelievers

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wherever you find them. So clearly, if this was a general verse, kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, then the first person to act upon that verse would have been the Prophet slicin. But instead you have non Muslims that continue to live under his protection. And you had different non Muslim nations and tribes that had treaties with the prophets lie Selim that were not broken. And the prophets lie some upheld those treaties. So verse five is referring to those that broke the treaties and and those that are infringed upon the Muslims in the situation. Now, by the way, an interesting thing about suited October. An interesting thing about our book is that when when they

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actually made it to taboo, what ended up being the case of how the laws that you know, the Byzantines had already retreated, they heard about the 30,000 that were coming, and they already retreated. So no battle actually took place in tabuk. So it was purely one to be drawn for lessons, okay for people to actually think about their situation for people to reconsider. For those that went out with the profits license them to be given their glides hidings for those that broke the treaties to be warned, for the hypocrites that held back and that that corrupted the morale and gave false excuses to be warned. So taboo, never resulted in an actual battle. But it was still a mighty

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expedition. It was a hustla in that sense, so you have, you know, verse 25, if you go to verse 25, you really see a connection from bedeutet to her name, right the message where Allah subhana wa tada

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laqad nazzaro como la Whoa, female alpini female altino Kathy Allah, that Allah Subhana Allah has given you victory in many different situations in many different situations. But here Allah mentions ye oma, her name, and the date of her name. So you actually learn a lot about battles within the sutra. So you had better you had heard you had you had, those are the famous battles, right?

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taboo can her name come in the same context, it's after the conquest of Mecca, it's after the Muslims are established. Now. Her name represents some of the other tribes coming from the area of the thief that came to attack the profit slice on them and wanted to ambush so you had a group of tribes that broke the treaty, and that were waging war on the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And her name was a very, very difficult battle. Right? It was a very difficult battle. Even though the Muslims outnumbered the other side it was a very difficult because Allah and Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah is mentioning that Allah has supported you and giving you victory when your numbers were less

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than your enemy. But if you look at her name in Eritrea, that's conecuh fanatical fan, I'm telling you, I'm CompTIA your numbers amazing. I mean, you thought that because you were much bigger than the opposing army that you would easily easily, you know, go through her name. But Allah Subhana junta Allah says he gave you victory anyway. Right. But it was a difficult situation for you. It wasn't easy things did not come easy. In in her name. So you really have an interesting situation here where las panatela is mentioning the idea of you know, it's not about the numbers that you have, so long as you stick with the loss of Hannah Montana, you stick with the treaty and you stick

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with the things that Allah has mentioned for you and you remain steadfast Allah will protect you in verse 37. If we fast forward Allah subhanaw taala mentions the people that played around with the sacred months when it came to to, to war, the sacred months, which are the Garda that hedger will how long these are the sacred months. And there was an agreement that there's that these are sanctified months and people would not fight in these months. What they would do with the disbelievers would do is they would shift around these months. So they delay a month or they bring forth a month or whatever it is, in order to strategize when it came to their fighting. So last

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time, I went out and mentioned that you uphold the sacred months, all the time, so you maintain the ethics of battle in all times, and you find some Pamela in verse 40. I will back you up all the love of Thailand, the situation with Abu Bakr as mentioned, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is with abubaker in a cave. And the way that this starts off in Latin surah who forgot nasarah Hola. If you don't support the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam God has already supported him Allah has already supported him. What is this referring to Allah Subhana Allah mentions to everyone. Remember when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was driven out of Mecca? Remember when he was a

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fugitive remember when they put a bounty on his head and the prophets lie Selim was with his companion was with our Beckett in the cave, and they were at the mouth of that cave and they were ready to you know to if they would have found them. Allah knows how they would have mutilated the profits license and mute and mutilated Wilbekin. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if your code is law heavy, he he says to his companion abubaker law has an in law Nana, don't grieve a lot is with us. Don't grieve. Allah is with us. So the idea here is that Allah subhanho wa Taala is mentioning how the prophets lie some of our bucket will be a lot of Thailand who are together and

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Allah was with them against this entire you know, onslaught, and so if Allah help them and Allah subhanaw taala Jada will we do Newton lamb Tara last helped him with soldiers that you don't see. And Allah subhanaw taala put peace in the heart of Rebecca all the alone time when tranquility. Why because they knew that Allah was with them. So Allah mentions this in verse 40. But then the opposite so Apple back in, went out with the Prophet sly some of these and he stood with the prophets lie Selim, in the most difficult time of his life. Verse 42, just two hours later, Allah mentions the hypocrites who came to the prophets lie some of them with their lame excuses, and they

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swore to Allah subhanaw taala they swore by Allah, they said that if we were able to lowest Aparna, if we were able Maharaj in America, we would have been with you, we would have fought by your side and so on so forth, and a lot exposes their false intentions and their false oaths. So Abu Bakr was truthful and standing with the Prophet sly sentiment at a time when no one was with him. And these hypocrites are not truthful. They're lying. And they're making false oats about what their intentions are. When, when there's an entire army to stand with the property.

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then in verse 51, Allah Subhana Allah says cool land your sleeve and inland cattle Allahu lenah Hua molana wa and ally affiliates are working on that say that never will will we be struck except by what Allah has decreed for us. He is our protector and upon Allah. Let the believers rely so this reinstate this restating of Tilak. Could this restating of saying firm, no matter what happens, no matter what the size of the army against you is, and Allah mentions in verse 55, or dipika, and law to whom Allah to whom in Nana Yuri de la Viva whom Bihar will hire to dunya.

00:30:43 --> 00:31:22

So Los Santos says, so let not their wealth and their children impress you. This is a message to all of us. When you see someone who seemingly has an easy life and seemingly has much money and seemingly has much children, but they don't have a purpose. They don't have guidance. Don't be impressed by that those things are actually a punishment for them. So don't be overwhelmed or amused by those things. Those things actually serve as a punishment for them. So So Pamela, it's a reminder to the Prophet sly seminar reminder to the believers, don't look to those that are standing back and don't look to those that are, you know, are forsaking purpose and forsaking guidance and and you

00:31:22 --> 00:32:06

think that wow, you know, why are they so comfortable? Why this why that, instead, focus on the purpose that's been given to you remain steadfast on that purpose. And the aid of Allah will always come. And Allah mentions in verse 64, that the hypocrites in verse 64 last pantile mentions this that the hypocrites Yeah, that will mana coupon that they are afraid they're apprehensive about a surah that is going to be revealed about them. So they know that a sutra would be revealed about them that would inform the evil in their hearts and that would expose them and expose the hypocrisy within them. So Allah antis making clear that this sutra is about those hypocrites. And then

00:32:06 --> 00:32:18

finally, I'll go through these last two things I know we're a little bit over time in verse 75, and verse 76, Allah subhanaw taala mentions and this is a very, very, very beautiful and important

00:32:19 --> 00:32:39

you know, connection. Allah subhanaw taala says, woman home, man, I had a lot in Atlanta, I'm in Fort Lee he then on the corner, when an akuna Minal masala hain, that amongst them are those who made a covenant with a loss of Hannah Montana that said, that if Allah was to give us from his bounty, then

00:32:40 --> 00:33:14

we will give charity all the time. Whatever Conan I mean, asahina we will be from the righteous and basically what this is talking about, is a person before Allah gives them ease and before Allah gives them bounty, and before Allah gives them money, and so on, so forth. A lot of us in our moments of vulnerability, we make promises to Allah, we say, oh, Allah, if you put us in a position to do good, we're gonna do lots of good if you put me through this, this med school and get me through this, you know, you make me rich and wealthy, you give me this promotion, then I'm going to give a lot of charity. So a lot of people in their moments of vulnerability, they make promises to a

00:33:14 --> 00:33:55

loss of Hannah Montana, but they're insincere to those promises for lambda townhome in Buffalo, he, once a loss of Hannah metallic gave them what they said that they wanted Bucky to be He, then they became stingy with the things that a las panatela gave to them, whatsoever lo wahome. More reborn, and they turned away, you know, while they refused to give and while they refuse to sacrifice. So a lot of mentions, it's very easy for you to make promises when you're vulnerable. But it's very hard to fulfill those promises when time comes to pass. And this is the situation here that's being highlighted. So these are people that that made promises that if we're if we're put in a good

00:33:55 --> 00:34:39

situation, then we're going to sacrifice and give for the sake of Allah. The last verse of this Jews, which is verse 92, refers to the opposite scenario. The first person that we just refer to as a person who has who promised that he would give and when he got there, he didn't give, even though he had the capability of giving this situation, the last verse, Allah Subhana, Allah mentions that there is no blame upon those that came to the tetromino home so that they could so that they could come with you so that you could give them mounts and they did not have anything to carry themselves. So there were two people that came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And they had nothing

00:34:39 --> 00:34:59

to go out and support with the prophets lie somewhere. They had no mounts. They had no money, they could not even find anything to ride upon. And the prophets lie Selim could not find anything for them to write upon either. So basically, these were two people that were very sincere to the prophets lie some that were very sincere to Allah that wanted to be with the Prophet slice Allah that wanted to go out and trouble

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

But they had nothing to be to carry them, they were unable to go out and they were legitimately unable to go out. But they had the intention to so what is the loss of kind of a to Allah say that they turned away from the Prophet slicin? And what are you one of them tofield Lumina demaree has an and their eyes were full of tears out of grief. They, you know, they were so sad that they could not give for the sake of Allah, and they could not be with the Prophet sallallahu. And he was and they were so sad. You know, it's like that person that's sitting in the fundraiser. And he's like, if I had the money will lie, I would give the lahad gift to this cost. And he's sincere in that. But a

00:35:37 --> 00:36:17

lot of times I never put him in that position, but he's really sincere in that. So like I mentioned, there's no blame on that person. What is the lesson here in Albania, that actions are but by intention, if you are sincere, Allah knows what you would do if he gave you and if Allah has given you and put you in that situation, make sure you live up to what you promised them in what you intended. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will test you at times with hardship and with ease. And the last part I will test your sincerity. We ask Allah to grant us sincerity. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us amongst those that genuinely love to do good with what he's given us and we ask Allah

00:36:17 --> 00:36:35

Subhana Allah not to make us amongst those that are diluted by the material things of this world and the ease of this world. I'm sorry we went a little bit over time today. Does that mean lol hate on bata colonial Lee welcome, inshallah to Allah I will see you guys tomorrow at 4pm eastern time again, set armonico

Quran 30 for 30 – Day 9 – Al Anfal and Al Tawba

June 14, 2016

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