Hamza Yusuf – Year-End 2022 A Message from President

Hamza Yusuf
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Rasul Allah Allah say the Mohammed wild animal Samuel cinema Seto Monokuma rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh, who Alhamdulillah. As we close out this year, as personally college and on behalf of our faculty, our staff and our students just like to really thank all of the people that have been supporting, say tuna over this past year and over the time that many of you have been on with us from the start even. So we just really extending our our collective gratitude, my personal gratitude, with the hopes that you're you're inspired by what we're doing. I hope many of you and Sharla would have seen

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the president's report that we did this year. And I think you'll see in there a lot of the accomplishments that we've been able to achieve in the past year, a lot of the outreach that we've done, and many of the programs that we're really excited about with the upcoming year. Inshallah, with the studio being completed. We also sent out to many of you who have been supporting us this book, which is the occasional prayers of our prophets, Elijah Sadam, and we're hoping inshallah people will use that and benefit from that. So we're looking forward to a lot of developments in this coming year. And just we're hoping that you will continue to be on board with us. If you're not

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that you're inspired to join us in this effort. We're really trying to establish a world class liberal arts college for the Muslims, not just in the United States, but something that Muslims can be proud of all around the world in a time when a lot of Muslims are really having a lot of difficulties. So we really thank you. These are difficult times for many people, both financially and otherwise. And so all of you who are helping us we're just deeply grateful for that help. And we ask our Lord that, that our Lord increase all of you and bless you and bless your families. And may this be in sha Allah.

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A good year for us it's it's a solar year. And but we're also in the 1400 year of the his era of our Prophet by solar years. So this is a momentous year, because 1400 years ago, our Prophet Salah light is said, made a hit Gerardo Medina, and from that illuminated city,

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an entire civilization emerged that helped to illuminate the world and still does. So please continue with us and support us. First and foremost, and I genuinely mean this with your prayers and your spiritual

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efforts for us. And then financially because obviously, the more you help us the more we can achieve. So I again, I really want to thank all of you. May Allah subhana wa Tada, bless all of you, bless your families increase, you elevate you, and inshallah may this be a prosperous new solar year and a prosperous his Euro year as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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