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Are we le Imam Al Bukhari Muslim filosofi Hi Hema and Ibarra. Ibni as a member of the Allahu Anhu ma Paul can a lot to learn your club ossola telegraphy Wanda who follows on verboten bishop or Nene for over a year to Sahar button

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for that, Ted to know whether Allah for those who young Pharaoh minha Bella Moussa at an OB jasola Allahu alayhi wa sallam, but the Corolla who Derek for call tikka, Sakina NASA that deal with the Papa nanny. So there is hadith is found in the collection of Imam Al Bukhari and Muslim were about Bara now has a narrative that that the Prophet saw that there was a man who was reciting silica and that men had had a horse that was tied up. And and so as that man was reciting sort of kept there was there's there's a cloud that overshadowed the man and I began to became, began to come closer to him and so the horse freaked out and he started to violently move. And so the man the next day, we

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went to the prophet and he mentioned that what happened how the horse reacted to the, to the to the cloud that was getting close to the to the man over shouting him and the prophets, Allah Lawson said, this is the tranquility that came because of the recitation of the Quran. So in this hadith, the prophet Salah awesome here makes the connection between a Sakina and, and the Quran, there's that link between between Sakina tranquility, serenity and the Quran. And this really, this really teaches us what the impact of the Quran that was having in our lives, when the person who was engaged with the Quran, who recited the Quran, who pondered the Quran, lives a life of tranquility

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of peace, because they have an understanding that someone who doesn't engage with the Quran doesn't understand what or was pantalla and doesn't understand the purpose of creation, they might not have that peace of mind that and tranquility that the person who does reflect and recite the book of Allah subhanaw taala. And that word Sakina is very interesting because we know in Arabic 16 means 16 means a knife, and I so Sakina is something that that was in motion, and then it became still. So when you when you get a knife and you slaughter for example, an animal, it was in motion, and then when you slaughter it, it's now still and calm. Right? So that's the connection between skin and

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Sakina. And I'll in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the keynote, like the word is used or associated with multiple things, for example, the night is described as akin at night we are still and calm and people are sleeping. It's also described,

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described for the relationship between a husband and the wife are supposed to be tranquil and peaceful. And then it's also mentioned in other places. So but here in this habit, the second and the Quran is that association. So it just tells the teaches us what what the outputs How should How should impact our life. Right. So someone who is, for example, like, worried about things they are, you know, always stressed out, when they recite the Quran, they get a different feeling they have this, this calmness, all of a sudden, because of the recitation of the Quran, there's that there's something there's something within the Quran that only the ones who do recite it and do engage with

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it or feel it and no one else can experience that. And it's hard to describe it unless someone tries it themselves. And so in sha Allah from this hadith we get, we learn a lot. And obviously there's a there's special virtue to that sahabi, who some scholars mentioned, there's a virtual class or hobby who was overshadowed by the by the cloud because he was reciting the book of Allah specifically sort of gap which is very interesting. So to recap, he was reciting to the gap and in order to get

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there, you know, that we have the tranquility of the people of the gap, the youth who were want to seek refuge in the caf, and we have the center zero scenario, the tranquillity of the man who was at the beginning arrogant because of his garden, and then after his garden was destroyed, he became you know, he called God you came back to the Census and it was like, he realized that he shouldn't have been arrogant and we have the Sakina Oksana Musa alayhis salam when he found out the wisdom behind the actions of October, and we have the people who are violent and corrupt cause corruption, Volker nine

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built the construction around them and so now they are contained and they are still they're not they're not moving around causing corruption and so that the small knights connection between the concept of tranquillity of Sakina and so what he was reciting sort of gap so that's an interesting point. So I hope this is of benefit for all of us Inshallah, I begins as soon next week or the week after we're going to begin a series on like the how water will be related to Ramadan. So this the last Hadith pertinent to like Hadith relate to the Quran and after that inshallah is starting soon we're gonna be it's gonna be hot it will be related to Ramadan prepping for Ramadan inshallah so I

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hope this was

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It's beneficial. You're weird a man will be harder. You are Muslim. You saw him and Ebola and your husband are de la Hondo. mopod Canada June Yokozuna telegraphy wearing the whole politan motorboat on Bishop Nene for the Russia to Sahara to in federal let's turn to know whether Alfred su en frumin happened and Moussa as an individual soldier Allahu alayhi wa sallam for that Corolla who that ik Paul Tillich a Sakina Naza. Let's do Quran for the purpose of the law. So the law they will send them some Hannukah won't be Ambika shadow Allah