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Okay, we smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while he was having he Omen wider

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hamdulillah Houma La ilaha illa Allah Simpson can tell Ali Hakim last weekend, the week before we were talking a little bit about the qualities of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam The Clerk of the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam within the exodus or the Tafseer of the verse. We're in NACA, Allah, Allah. Hello, Alvin. And we said that this one verse, but it really points and indication to a magnificent character of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And we are in Sharla. Today going to carry on with that, because we will just talk a little bit more about his qualities and Aflac. Now, somebody might say, Well, you know, there's a long time to spend on this one verse. You know, we could have moved, maybe we can finish sort of color now, if you but the point of the Tafseer is not just to finish the song, but not just here just to, you know, it's not a chapter that we're just trying to finish. It's not a lecture, university, you get to examine and that's it, but rather, we're trying to learn so that we can implement and, in fact, to study the character of the professor and has many, many benefits. And one of the most important benefits is

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that the studying of the character porcelain, helps one attain the love of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And loving the prophet SAW Selim is from Eman And if a person doesn't love the Prophet sallallahu is in them, then he is a man is in danger. And as much as a person loves the prophet SAW Selim, then that also is an evidence for his his Eman and his belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala. To the extent that the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam said to me, no, I had to come Hata akuna I have to lay him in FCW he already knew and rch mind that none of you will truly believe until I am more beloved to him than his own self, and his children, and from the whole of mankind is how

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important the love of the Prophet sallallahu is in them. And as we know that the more we talk about any individual and talk about his character, his his qualities that we get to know him more, especially as we have not seen him some a long line to send them but we get to learn more. And the more you learn something about the person you will love him and more. And this is the nature of the souls, the more you get to know people, the more likely that the souls will come together, the spirits find more comfort in others that they know, when the more you don't know about one person, the more there is doubt about the character of that person. And so therefore you might not trust or

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you may not love such such a person. So that's one benefit of knowing the second benefit is that we have been asked and ordered by Allah subhanaw taala, to emulate and to copy the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his practice. And obviously to do that, that we need to know more about what he was and his practice, because he shows the best that Allah hoping for the best character and display so if you have any issue of how to deal with any any matter in your life, then you go and try and assess or look at how the prophet SAW Selim

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dealt with it. And if you don't know or there's something that you don't know how the process lm dealt with, then you actually can find that scholars have understood the character the process and so by the general understanding and principles of the character for Sasame, you know, that this is how he would have have had dealt by his general nature and practice in this regard, and maybe inshallah we can indicate to that. Now, last time, we mentioned about some of his character we mentioned about his

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his a bad of a law and we mentioned just briefly about his Eamonn and his dependence on a law, we mentioned about his generosity and his

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his free flowing hand, which is to give without fear. We mentioned about his courage and bravery. We mentioned about his hire. And we mentioned about how he was good companies, and he used to respect those and be good

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To those who are next in the next part of his character is his Rama, His mercy, which we mentioned a little bit of when we mentioned his patience, and forbearance. But as you know, the prophet SAW Salem was Rahim. So he was as a loss of parent Allah described him with a mini narrow phone or a ham. And also he is Sheffield, which means that he shows them

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affection and compassion and he feels for them and also he has a referral, which for me is the type of patience and also love and gentleness. So the Prophet assassin had all these qualities and Allah subhanaw taala as you know described him as Rama when Arsenal Kayla rahmatan, the lion I mean,

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so, of these

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characters of the prophet SAW Selim some of that we mentioned before

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in terms of how he used to forgive people and and pardoned people, even though they had offended him or offended his companions, and from his gentleness of his own math, is you can see that there are occasions when there are a certain types of a bida or certain types of strictness in the deen or making more imposition, was feared by the prophet size and then because he didn't want to make it hard for his own man. Like when, as you are all aware about the occasion of taraweeh the prophet SAW Salem he went the first day and night of Ramadan he prayed and some people came and the second night more people came and the third night more even and then the fourth night he didn't come out to them

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because he said Kashi to unto frivolity Kumar was afraid that it might become compulsory on you. So this is from his stuff he is making easy for his his own map. Also for example, with regards to see work brushing the teeth, he said Lola and Ashoka Allah Almighty lahmacun busy work and the kulu ohada macula Salah that I will highlight not want to make it difficult for my own my own have ordered them to do see work with every widow or before every Salah

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one man came to him as the process and said yeah, you are nursing ally catabolic, who will have Jaffa hoodoo. Allah has ordained on your Hajj. So do the hedge for Colorado. Luckily, Armenia Rasul Allah is it every year that we should do Hajj, the precise reply and he asked three times and then at the end, the professor said, the only metric to come leave me as long as I leave you and don't question too much because if I said now I'm local to Nam Nevada, but if I said yes, then it will become compulsory. Whenever I talk to him he would not have been able to fulfill the Hajj every year. So this is from all from his his gentleness with his former sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And

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like we said before the example with his people, and also Abdullah hadn't showed he said Canada through law he saw ally sell them yet the whole world and Maria bar has cfsr Metallica, even his mo Eva and his lessons and his preaching, and his admonishment he didn't used to do it continuously. And he'd always after every lesson after every thought I'd give them make give him a circle and but he used to choose moments because he didn't want us to, to get bored from the from the too much more advanced, they wouldn't have got more from the speech of the process. And because his speech was like pearls, flowing pearls and a sweet as honey, as they described, the prophet SAW Selim but he

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used to take care of these people. And in fact, when one of those are Habermas,

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in New Japan, he increased the Salah, he went and he prayed to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam solid Asia. And then he went to his people to lead them because they didn't have anybody who could recite so he led them, he read with them so tillbaka

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so that I share so one of the one of the people who was tired and he had to work the next day he left the Salah, and he went, so, when they told me, he said this, this man is a Manasa is a hypocrite. So the man went and complained to the Prophet slicin and he said, You know, this is what God is doing. So the prophet SAW Selim said to my eyes, he said to him, if I turn on anti Mr eyes, are you trying to cause some fitness trying to cause some trouble for people, but you should read so are like 70 his Moravec Allah, Allah wishes yoga. And so he gave us on so this is all from his gentleness that the dean should not be harsh on the own, but rather it's easy. And as you know, I

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shadow Viola Han has said, Mahi rasuwa, lice eliassen and being in love Tara

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A subtle hoonah malam jaquan Eastman the processing was never given a choice between two matters except that he would choose the easiest of them as long as there was no sin involved or wrongdoing.

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Also from his Aflac was how he was good in plain back is the trust, fulfilling his trust and wafaa bill, bill at

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the prophets lie Selim, once man came

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abil him SAP

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his name, he said, he came, he said, I once

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made the deal, sale with the Prophet sallallaahu Selim by trade, and he This is before he became a prophet. And he said I, I,

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something was left.

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Yes, all he was something. So he they made, they agree to meet their particular time. So this man, he said, I forgot the appointment. And then I remembered after three days, so I came and I saw the processor standing there. And he said, You I've been waiting previous three days, you did not come. That's because the processor was kept his promise and kept his word. And we all know how he used to keep his

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his promises and his good companionship, the alpha this is like being aware of people's status. And as you know, I shadow Viola and she said I wasn't jealous, jealous over any of the wives of the process, or more than more than Khadija. And even though she never really was existed at the time of Khadija, but because he said that the processor would sometimes slaughter a sheep, and he would send the some of the meat to her friends.

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So I said, I would say to her, why, why do you do this? So what's what what is the reason he said, because this, this woman, this woman, or the her friends, they used to come and visit us at the time of Khadija and being good in a person's oath or look following the, the respecting the kinship or the oath that the person has, is from a man.

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And there are many other examples in this in this regard as well. And also when some of the Grupo abyssinians came to El Medina, the processing would get up and he would serve them by himself. And he said that my my companions, when they went there, they were looked after. So I would like to repay back the debt so to speak.

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Also, you would,

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you will see that when his sister came, his sister from breastfeeding a shaimaa. And also her his father from breastfeeding or his mother, that also be even though they were not Muslims at the time, he would honor them, and he would take off his clock and put it on the floor so that they would sit on them all showing that you know, showing that the person who has, you know, somebody who has done good to you, when somebody are showing favor to you, to be generous to them, and to honor them is part of being a good, good in giving people their respect and their rights, also from his lap was his tawanda, his humility, his humbleness, even though he is of the highest status, he is the best

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of all creation is the highest status in front of a large creation, and the highest of status on the Day of Judgment, and in this life. And he said, and I say you do well at the Adam, while I am the master of the children of Adam, but without any boasting but it is something that he he would he would say, even though he was like that, but you can see that he was humble. And he was he didn't show off. He wasn't arrogant. And he and one of the biggest examples of this is that he was given a choice of either becoming a king, a prophet, King, like a man or a woman, or to remain as a prophet bought a slave at the NEA without having the kinship and all that. So he said that

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he asked us to breed a solemn advice or Jubilee and he indicated to him that to be humble, so he, he chose to remain as a slave prophet rather than become a king.

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You have also the

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He's saying when his companions used to, when he used to come up, they would stand for him. So he said Latta como Kamata, como la, Jim, you Alvin, ba, boom, bah, bah, don't get up, like the average in the and the Ahjumma. The non Arabs, meaning that like the Persians and the Romans, they glorify one another Don't, don't get up like this

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is trying to say to them that you should, yes, and respecting and something is good, but don't make this a practice amongst you. Now, here, obviously, the other might have spoken about this whole issue of standing somebody to stand for someone or whatever. And they say the processing here is teaching them that, yeah, I need the General etiquettes of being

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over that a person should not expect, especially a person who has reached some status, maybe he is an M, or maybe he's a chef, or maybe he's a doctor or maybe his engineer or a judge or whatever. Don't expect people to stand up for you and things like that. Rather, nobody has any favor over anybody else. But standing up in itself for respect, there's nothing wrong with that. If you know that this person is not going to become arrogant by you're standing up, sometimes you have to assess the person. If you think I was personally you stood up to him who stood up and you show them respect that he comes more arrogant. And he's you know, they don't stand up for him. But if you feel that

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this person is a humble person is not going to affect him in any way, then standing up and showing respect is nothing like that. And that goes similar to things like kissing one's hand, somebody else's hand or hands, as well.

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In fact, we have one of the odema

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had been Abby VB had been a very was a very fierce Album at the time of Imam Malik in Medina. And once he was sitting in the masjid, and one of the governors of Medina he entered. So everybody else

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stood up for the goal but he stayed sitting down. She knew the governor's the prince delic princes and things like that they tried to draw. So he said to him, why, why don't you get up. So he said, I remember the saying of a law on a day, when everyone shall stand before the Lord of the worlds your mayor, former national hero Island. So, I want to leave my standing till that day.

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the right guy was shocked by the answer and the left. But anyway, this is with regards to the the saying of the process, having see the humbleness also, he said,

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once he was seen here, sitting and eating

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like this,

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which is the standard way of eating is to raise this stomach and to eat like that. And this is in fact also they said that is good for reducing the stomach and pressing. So eating lightly. So a woman passed by and said, Look, look at

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him, he eats like a slave.

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So the peroxisome said, NEMA and I am a slave. So I eat like a slave eats and I sit like a slave says, and there's nothing wrong with that. And he used to ride on a donkey. And he used to carry people behind me I need to give people behind him to sit behind him. In fact, one of the LMR he wrote a book about the people who the Prophet

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wrote the sign behind him on that.

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donkey, and also he used to sit with the poor people he would answer the call, as we mentioned last time, he would answer the call if anybody invited him, he would still sit wherever the setting was, you know even

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the the famous Hadith of the man, even without ever one of the delegations when they came to the prophet SAW sent him and he entered the sitting of the prophets I send them he couldn't recognize the Prophet size in them and there was nothing special that to recognize the person sitting on a throne or had a special clause or whatever it is that you come if you don't have them apart, which one of you is the son of Abdullah mapai. Again, showing that the processing unit where anything special to indicate himself rather he wore what the people wore, and he dressed similar to them.

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Also, he when he did Hajj, they said that he did the Hajj on his mount had a very old

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old piece of cloth it was it was

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it wasn't worth more than four silver coins and he used to say allama john who had Gen muran larrea. I think he was a sama or Allah make this an acceptable righteous hide without any arrogance or in showing off. And when he entered Mecca and he had opened Mecca, Hatha

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Yoga he he entered lowering his head for humility not showing off that you know, I've conquered you know, and that's it. And also when he heard the Jew

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so a Jewish person arguing with a Muslim and they want to say you know, Moshe is better than your our Prophet and the Prophet Muslim was saying our Prophet is better than the process and said a lot to form the loony hyla hiding in an MBR or the meaning of that so yeah, and don't give me any priority over any profits even though he has the priority and when he has some people talk differently about muscle about units at a salon or maybe thinking that Eunice you know, did something wrong he said lots of other units don't give me a preference over units. What are two little bean lnbf and don't also give virtue between the profits while are too high Iranian Allah

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Musa Don't make me more favorable than Musa and

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now COVID ship Kim and Eva him Ibrahim. Some people mistakenly think that when Allah subhana wa sin sutra, Baccarat talks about Ibrahim when I label on him or appear in case so he'll Mota follow an improvement

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in the economy. Some people

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any transgressors or criminals are hypocrites. They accuse Ibrahim, they say hey, Brahim had some doubts about this. That's what he asked to see. The last fantastic power for giving life. But this is not. This is not the case. But rather, if you see the couple of verses before Ibrahim debating with no mood, about Allah giving life by Allah, I know you will meet

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a lot of villager, humans and humans, but he was saying Allah gives life and death. So when he was talking about life and death, Ibrahim's heart, and he became happy or something like that. He wanted to see the life and they're talking about life and death. So he wanted to see. So it's hard to became like jumpy, he wanted to see some know that he was doubting, but he just wanted to see. So that's why he asked a lot to show him something so that his heart would, would rest. So the prophets oxen who said that Ibrahim didn't doubt if if anybody was to doubt we would have doubted, not the blind. So blind is beyond doubt. So these are all there are many other examples

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of, of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. In fact, the Sahaba said that a woman or a slave woman would even come and she would take the prophesize lm to wherever she wanted to take him and sit with him and talk to him if she had any problems. And he would listen to her not being arrogant and say, Look, I don't talk to women, I don't have time for your and slave woman and so on. So but this was not his character so long, long, wide in Finland.

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Also from his o'clock was his was His justice, and his trustworthiness. And as you know, that he was known amongst the people before his prophethood about his name, and I mean, he was the trustworthy and somehow even until before his era, and he still had trusts left with him by Christ, even though they were, they were saying all that they were saying about him and rejecting him, but they still have their manners with him left there so that even until that point, they still believe that he was trustworthy. And Abu Jahan he said, in Allah Lucas evoke, we're lacking Okay, they will magic typic we don't reject you. We're not saying that you're liable to reject that which you have a boss almost

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fantastic in the home. Now you can be worn at

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LaHood build that verse that they do not reject you, but either they reject the false and our Buddha had in fact he he really didn't declare the process and was a prophet, but it has to do with competition and it has to do with arrogance, that he did not want to become a Muslim.

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And also in the hadith of that person, when the prophet SAW Selim gave the the different they gave the people

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gave the divided the spoils of war so one of the one of the people said

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he rejected that so the prophesizing I've said, way hacker firma yeah

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ideally what you would be just if I am not just

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so this was also the regards to the prophets lie Selim, with regards to his,

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his justice, and the examples, again, are many in this regards with regards to how he used to any Justin he used to give people their rights and give them what they were Jews, also from his o'clock was in his his

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general silence, and he wouldn't speak unless there was a reason to speak, and from his general tranquility, tranquility, that he wasn't someone who, you know, some people just like to shout, a lot of people like to even, you know, sometimes just always shouting and loud voice and the processor was gentle, and he was tranquil, who wasn't the kind of it wasn't in Canada, Kathy or Sue could lay the column, the lady had his he was very much silent, most of the silence, he only spoke if there was a reason. And that's how everyone should be reading. And that's the best way to be is when you want to say something, measure it. Am I going to say if I'm going to say something, is it

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going to be beneficial or not? And if it not, then, being quiet is better, cannot let go motiva Schumann, most of his laughing was the smiling and he would never rarely sort of laugh loudly to so I will because, again, that's the sign of they say that's usually a sign of a person's heart and illness in the heart, that person always laughing loudly and joking. Except, except excessively, doesn't mean that he didn't love it is love but most of his life he was smiling. What can Kalam fosmon laughable? Well, at Oxford, his words were very nicely segregated. If, if one of you wanted to count the number of words, you can count the number of words that he's saying, look like is

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able to catch up with me. Or you see how his words were very much distinguished not excessive and not not brief. To the extent that nobody would understand.

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Also, his his walking he's walking with see that his walking was

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again humble, a whole name shall have the hohner his sittings would also use find the tranquility in this in the sitting people, when they're listening to find that they're all lowering their heads as if there were birds sitting on their heads from the humbleness and there's the respect of his his

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gathering, when he used to walk we said used to walk humble on the ground. And also you'd find that his walk was with purpose, it wouldn't be a walk of someone who is lazy, nor would it be of a walk of someone who is angry and rushed. It'd be something in between purpose.

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So these were also again, from his a flap. And from his aha he used to love certain things which allow me for him like he used to love the, the, the perfume and he would would consider that it's not

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acceptable or not good to reject if somebody offers you perfume to reject it. And in fact, the whole amount went on to mention other things or three things that the person should not reject the latter to not want any when somebody offers you don't reject them. And one of them is clean. The other is 11 the milk and the third is and we said

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Christian, somebody who's your Christian, take your

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Christian like a pillow you know like in the in the sitting while we say something like give you a pillow too.

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So those three things you should not

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And he said he'll be Valium and dunya calm and Nisa ORTLIEB Audrey la

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and also from his Aflac and we end with with this, this last one, which is probably a very important one. And that was his Zoo hood in the zoo is a person's reluctance to indulge in the luxuries of the dunya. And that was very prominent in the Sierra and in so many so many things that we've mentioned today. And before that show that the prophet SAW Salem was not one who looked for dunia and material even though if you want a lost parent and that would have given him

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Much more. And

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we all know the Hadith when Omar Abu hubub heard about the that the prophet may have divorced,

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some of his wives. So Omar was anxious because obviously half Saul was one of his wives, and he didn't want something to happen. So he went and he knocked on the door of the prophesied settlers. And the God that the time, the person who was marching door, he said, let me go and ask him, so he went and asked him, and then the, the prophet didn't say anything. So I said, No. So he went back said, I asked him, I said, Omar is at the door. But he didn't say anything. The Prophet was quiet. So Omar went away, and then came back again. And then I happened a couple of times, until the Prophet said, learning from him. So when he entered, he said, almost it I saw the process and was

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lying on a

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straw mat, and that straw man had affected his back and he had made marks in his back. So he said, so a lot of this plays out and kisara C's and kisara the Persian kings and Roman kings, they sleep on the best of beds, and you are the Messenger of Allah, you are sleeping on this straw man. So he said, You have no kapa

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matava and takuna Allahumma Tonia watercooling he will not I'm not happy, for peace, that for them should be the dunya. But for us is hero.

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And the examples of his childhood are many and the clear he I shall be alive said that. One month and two months with passed by and there'll be no fire lit in the house of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And sometimes the processor lamb would obviously be hungry, and not have anything sometimes the

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Sahaba when they complained over time of hunger, they said they would they would lift their shirts and they would have like one stone tied to the stomach as the stone pushes the stomach so it doesn't feel hungry. For the prophecy sandwich show them is this Duncan have two stones tied. They're sort of the lahardee or synonyms. So he went through this hard times of difficulty and hardship to show his own man that it's not about any these hardships are the are better for the soul. Now generally it is better because when a person is hungry, it makes them closer to a loss and it frees up the mind. But when you are full, and you feel your stomach and always feel

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full and bloated. Generally you'll feel more tired and sleepy and lazy. And the ship on is closer to you than when we are hungry and hence why psyllium is a shield or so May, June.

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And also

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any other posts I sell them

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would be hungry. He would say yeah, I mid What are you doing? Yeah. What would I do with the dunya. My brothers from the formula the messengers, they were patient on something which was much greater than that. And they have gone and they have attended they went to their Lord. So he has shown them his best generosity and he's given him the greatest of the award. So I find myself shy, that if I were to be extravagant in my life, that tomorrow, I will not be in the same status. My brothers and my friends who have gone before me and that was set and said that few months before he died.

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So these are the lack of the profits of Isilon, which we have very, very summarized, we've not even mentioned half a percent of what we can mention, because his whole series is full of examples of his and his character. And so it's very important that we try and go and learn more and read and understand the class and to follow his law because it's not just the story McKenna, Heidi tenuiflora it's not just the story made up or just a bedtime story, but rather to implement and to follow and to practice because that's what the seal of the prophet SAW Selim is there and then we can understand more. What Allah subhana wa says, and brings us to our attention that clap or inika. Now

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Allah could have been bringing multiple Allahu home LSA. You know.

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Does anybody have any