How to Convince an Atheist Regarding Faith And How do you Update Yourself with Scientific Knowledge

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If you still have any questions as long ago or a metal avocado while it was handled, my question is regarding a person who we cannot call him or at saw discuss the entire discussion to take time. But the basic thing is we gave him certain scientific facts or certain logical facts. And in spite of that the person was not convinced, like everything got stuck when it comes to faith. So, can we really explain this concept of faith? Or is it not possible for us to convince a non Muslim regarding faith? Because there are many things for which even science does not have answers? So how do we go about and also I would like to know that how do you keep yourself updated with the

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scientific innovations or maybe the invention new discoveries that are coming up? The last two questions that were spoken to an atheist or a personal atheist but doesn't believe in Islam? Try to convince him scientific facts or physical facts they agreed but when it comes to faith, we can answers how do we convince faith and how to update ourselves scientific facts, the style regarding faith this concern this scientific facts we can talk about faith but how you go about the technique.

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Therefore Quran says in Surah hell chapter 5125 o de la Sabina, Rebecca Billick ma Walmart's the Hustla was at the military has an invite all the way of the Lord with wisdom and preaching and argue with them and reason with them in the ways our best nutrition. So with signs you can prove to them what fitna how you have gone on board or the different technique.

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So therefore you have to ask the person who knows so depending on what your discussion is, like faith, I feel that this is the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala it's with how do you prove it when I talk about science? So if you see my video because of the Quran, modern science or in my book, Quran modern science, inshallah shows you away, this is my faith is the word of Allah subhanaw taala I can even prove it scientifically.

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So system there are many things that you can prove scientifically, if you have the knowledge of Quran in science, there are some things sister which you cannot prove scientifically. For example, if they say that how can you prove their life after that? So then you have to use logic.

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And for that you can refer to my video because the concept of peace in Islam on my question answer session where I've proved how to logically prove about the concept of hereafter. One of the simple ways is there suppose the Quran speaks about 100 things for example, out of which 80% or whatever the Quran has spoken. Today, we have come to know that it is established and effect the other 20% of what signed for the Quran speaks it is ambiguous, neither right neither wrong so my logic says when 80% is 100% Correct, and the remaining 20% Neither right neither ambiguous, my logic say that inshallah even this pretty person will be right it's not a blind belief. It's a logical belief of

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the 20 person which is ambiguous. science hasn't proved it right neither wrong for example, existence of jinn about angels, about hereafter science has improved with their assigned to that is wrong. So my logic says that inshallah I mean, this will be right. So this is one way of proving and the other way of proving is going to logical aspect, which if you maybe look at it, sister, so depends what faith talking about. I talking about faith in Quran or in faith in Allah, how to prove what Allah if you see my video, I said is the Quran God's word, so faith and different things. faith in Allah fitna messengers faith in angels faith in the hereafter. So sister depending on each faith,

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maybe the style how you can miss differs. So if you see my video guys are hamdulillah most of the major points of faith have been covered in a very different Castle sister. And regarding the second question, that how can you update yourself scientific knowledge etc. Sister I've read the scientific journals and the books. So if you read this NDB books there are several scientific books coming out every month weekly, daily, there are books coming out on science read that oh, if time doesn't permit read all then you can read those books which are being written by Muslims on compatibility.

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You know, there are many books which come out, if not daily, there at least once a month or once a fortnight. There are books coming out at least on some aspects of Quran and science. There are journals by numbers Saudi Arabia, the journal the name is ages in Saudi Arabia, which talks only about Islam and science Quran nothing is journalists retouch on when you get updated the donors and RP that doesn't English. There are scientific journals Muslim science journal coming out from India from Malaga. I think it comes out once in six months if I'm not mistaken. So there are mass Ma is coming by mass. So there are journalists coming out read these journals your beauty with knowledge

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and we will come to what Cogan so this is a shortcut only the Muslims and if you have more time you can read the other journal and think first of all, what was the Quran Mata and you can come out with new things yourself inshallah. That's the question system.