Wisdom In Marriage & Divorce Ep 8 – Hikmah in the Quran Dhul Hijjah Series

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AI: Summary © The concept of divorce is complex and fluid, with laws not applicable to all individuals. A woman gives up her car and not wanting to let go, and the law of divorce and its potential consequences are also discussed. The transcript highlights various aspects of the Quran and its implications for Muslims, including the limits set by Allah and the importance of learning the language. Visitors are encouraged to visit a website for resources on the Quran and to study the language.
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The most detailed law in the Quran is divorce. Nowadays people have made a joke out of this and satellite data, right? What you're going to do now, and then two hours later, I didn't mean it.

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It didn't count. Let's go find a Mufti. Right, because we made a joke out of the, by the way, isn't that making the Ayat of Allah joke? It is right. And you know what's even crazier? This is I don't know if this is just Pakistanis, or what but a lot of people have told me Oh, it doesn't count unless you say three times. Who told you that? What book are you reading? Did you are you learning Islam from a comic book?

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This new short series is based on the findings of Dr. Zakir Hussain in his PhD thesis, wisdom in the Quran, which was summarized and presented by iostat doorman in front of a live audience, the link to the full paper is in the description.

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this is now our final section. And this is where we're going to spend quite a bit of time I explained already to you the difference between law and wisdom in the last session, right? Law is black and white. And wisdom is kind of situation by situation. But now we have to combine the two of them, we have to actually look at the two of them together.

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You might not know this, but the laws in the Quran, the one law in the Quran that is talked about in more detail than any other law. And I'm not talking about worship, I'm talking about a law that has people people's dealings, Mohammed at the most detail law in the Quran is divorce. There's no law that Allah talks about in more detail in the entire Quran than he does about divorce. If somebody asked the question, what does the Quran say about a happy marriage? There's like, two ideas.

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And then if you ask, what's the Quran say about divorce, there are several pages and then a sewer on top of that, and then other references. Why? And the Quran is silent on relationship advice. Except very little. This is the if sorta room is the ivory and some some little bit of hints in the ayat of Ramadan. There's bits and pieces here and there. But the majority when you talk about divorce, oh my god, you know why? It's as if it's as if I buy here's the principle when you are in the makan Malam taco Nutella moon, Allah teaches you what you couldn't possibly learn yourself or know yourself, which means Allah knows that you know how to have a good relationship. You don't need some outside

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help to figure out how to have a good marriage. But what you don't know how to do is to have a peaceful divorce,

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that you don't know. You know how to keep things good. But you don't know how to handle the situation when things go bad that you couldn't figure out yourself there, I will give you an exhaustive explanation. And so Allah gives exhaustive explanation about what should happen when somebody is getting divorced. How much and the thing is, these are you can call them the laws of divorce. So this part of the Quran is Kitab, isn't it? It's keytab. We're gonna look at a little bit of that. I mean, we can go through all of that because it's huge. It's a very big subject. But I'm going to show you just one small sampling of it up Bala Kumar Ratan. This is not a full on to see,

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it's very brief commentary, okay. When a man and a woman are married, then a man can pronounce his divorce and still be able to take her back twice. That can happen at two occasions, two separate occasions. Nowadays, people have made a joke out of this sense that the law class da da da, da, da, da, da, da da, what you're going to do now? And then two hours later, I didn't mean it

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didn't count. Let's go find a Mufti. Right. Because we made a joke out of though, by the way, isn't that making the Wrath of Allah joke? It is right. And you know what's even crazier? This is I don't know if this is just Pakistanis, or what but a lot of people have told me Oh, it doesn't count unless you say three times. Who told you that? What book are you reading? Did you are you learning Islam from a comic book?

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Little psychosis. Allah says revocable reversible divorce can happen on two occasions. You can end the marriage, that it's still reversible on two occasions and he says listen carefully. Find him Sark wouldn't be my roofing. Then after that happens, any one of those. He says, I divorce you. And then he thinks about it. They think about it, they talk about it. And he says, You know what? Let's try again. He said

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As then take back, hold on to the marriage, but hold on to it with decency, hold on to it with dignity, with decency with goodness. Now holding on to it with goodness, let me ask you, does that sound like law or wisdom?

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Immediate immediately after the law, Allah switched over to what wisdom because I cannot check if I'm taking back for good intention in a good way or not. That's not something the law can judge nods or not directly. I will test through your own BS son or let go beautifully. He says let go what beautifully Quran is saying that Quran is saying that, you know, when divorce happens, it gets really ugly, right?

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And now Allah is telling you, listen, you don't know how to handle the situation. I'm telling you do everything you can to let go in a way that is beautiful.

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And what happens a lot of times is one person fears Allah and says, I want to let go in a way that's beautiful. The other one says,

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Let me see how I show you beautiful.

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Right altos de Haan BSN. Then he says, whether you're Hindu, local, and Otomi ma to Wuhan, Michigan. It is not knowledge talking to the men. He says it's not halal for you, you're not allowed to take anything back that you gave to them. If you give her a car, if you give her a ring, she gave her a necklace if you bought her a PS five, right? Because you bought yourself a PS five for you. But you said this is your present. So officially, you made it hurry present. I'm just playing it so it doesn't go up. You know, I'm just keeping it

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if you gave it to her, Allah says it's not halal for you to take back anything that you had given to them. Okay, then Allah and Yahoshua under up mafia do the law unless they're both scared that they're not going to be able to abide by the laws of Allah, this is going to be a longer discussion. So I won't go into details here for an HIV domanda Yukimura method with Allah and if you're afraid that they both cannot abide by the law of Allah for Nigeria, how are they Hema fever after that be, then there's no harm on either of them. If she gives up some part of what she owed. Basically, the bottom line here, I'm being very brief here for now is she wants to end the marriage, for example,

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but he doesn't want to let go. And she says you know what, keep the PS five. Can you just let me go I just I don't want to stay. Just keep the PS five. Allah says there's no harm. If she gives up something that's actually hers. But she says maybe that will make the departure easy for me. Okay, so she's kind of almost like paying a ransom in the situation a little bit. He says that, okay. He's not making her do it. But he's saying if that's what gets you away from the situation, it's no harm if you try to do that that's halal for you. Because He already said if not allowed to take anything right? When I says By the way, but if you think giving something up, we'll let him go easy. Then

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just do that. Okay, FEMA after that be Tilka kulula He forgot how to do how those are the limits set by Allah don't cross them. Well, man, you gotta do the line. Whoever crosses the limits set by Allah for Allah Erica whom Allah the moon, then those are the people that have done wrong now for Allah kaha. But if a third time he divorced her again to have already been mentioned. This is which time third time for the hell Lulu home embargo. She is no longer permissible for him. They can be together immediately. That that's not possible. Men, by the way thereafter, had Tenki has Oh general until she gets married to someone other than him.

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So she she can't be with him anymore. Zubayr is done. Sorry, Isabel is just an example. Zubaydah is done. She moved on with her life. Five months later, she got married to Kareem, sorry, Kareem.

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Okay. And then she married Kareem and Kareem turned out that he

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likes X Xbox. He doesn't like the PS five, something happened. They didn't work out. And now she got divorced again. Okay, now she got divorced. And she sent a six month text message to the waiter and said, Hey, what you're doing.

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And somebody says, Why are you talking? Aren't you married? No, not anymore. It's a little bit we can

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as as the Word says, No, okay.

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Let's try this again. Then it's okay. It's okay for you to go back to him. If you got married to someone else, and then it didn't work out for a lady that's been told. Otherwise. Otherwise, the man is not allowed. By the way. What could be the wisdom? What's the hikma behind that? Well, If a man says to a woman, I don't want you. I divorced you. Okay, okay. I didn't mean I didn't mean it. So she goes back two months later. You think I want you I don't want you to get out of here.

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kicks her out again, then takes her back. The third time you don't get to yo yo with this woman, the third time it's done. Now you must experience the pain of knowing that she was with someone else. Because you didn't value her.

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So if you really want her back, Allah is going to have her live her life. And if that doesn't work out, and she still wants you, decides that she wants you back then maybe you can get back together. Otherwise you guys are done.

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