Majed Mahmoud – [Ep 9] Dua To Get Most Good Deeds On Arafah Sh. #Dhulhijjah2023

Majed Mahmoud
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the greatest day in the entire year as the Day of title for Islam. The title is the Day of title for the entire year, and the title is the Day of title for the entire year. The title is the Day of title for the entire year, and the title is the Day of title for the entire year.
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Salam Alaikum What is the greatest dua to say on one of the greatest days in the entire year? Allahu Akbar, let me explain. Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us how you wrote dua a dua EO me out of the best day to ever make dua to Allah is on the Day of Arafah. That day brothers and sisters in which Islam was completed that day, if we fast, Allah forgives the year that passed, and the year that is coming, Allahu Akbar, the day of alpha is the day that we all claim La ilaha illAllah. And we affirmed that Allah is our Lord back in the day when we were just all souls, nobody's involved, remarkable day, this day where your DUA is accepted, but let's be very honest. I went to Hajj and I

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lived through different alpha days and you went as well to different alpha days and if you have not gone to Hajj, may Allah allow you to witness at all, but I mean, and grant you and accepted Hajj, you realize there's so many hours in the day, and you may be making dua and you're like you know, I had a good 10 minute do I ask Allah for things that I want? Then you feel bad like you know what, there's like another seven hours like what do I do in them, I may not have the same energy and so on and so forth. But Allah Allah this hadith brought me personally so much comfort and to many brothers and sisters, because we are human beings and when you make dua, you can kind of only go so much in

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terms of energy and thought exactly what you're looking for and things that you need. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, The best day to make dua is the Day of Arafah. And the best thing to say, is like what I and the previous prophets have said, What is it yet also Allah La ilaha illa Allah, there's no deity worthy of worship but Allah wa who lash Erica, Allah is the one and only he has no partners. Law who will mold he owns everything well that will hand all praises due to Allah wa who I'll actually che in cardio and he is able to do everything and anything. That's that's the line. Why why why am I sharing this introduction with you before because now when you're tired

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or when you're in the car, or when you're about to nap or you're about to go? Maybe have dinner alright after this repeat that da la ilaha illallah wa la sharika lahu muncul Allah will have the Hawala coalition. When you praise Allah, you know what happens, then Allah gives you that which is best for you. When you praise Allah then you are stacking so many hasard beyond perhaps your imagination. Follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, comment below this dua to help you memorize it and make it part of the DUA perhaps that you're saying. Share it with others to benefit La ilaha illallah wa who la sharika lah Hoon Moon koala Hamed, wahoo Isla Coolessay in Korea

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desert Mala here was salam alaikum

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