Mufti Menk – Safe from the Enemies Plan

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of having a good relationship with Allah and reading the Sup prays. They also talk about the importance of protecting from harm and the use of words like "istic" and "naughty." The speaker emphasizes the need to be mindful of the words used and the potential for harm to succeed.
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My brothers and sisters, sometimes Allah protects us from an enemy without us knowing when that enemy had actually planned our downfall, and probably began to execute that plan. And Allah stops them in their tracks. And we didn't know we were resting we were sleeping. This happens when you develop a good relationship with Allah. And when you pray, what is known as your car, your the remembrance of Allah or Alma with that those verses and prayers, supplications of protection in Allah from harm and from Chopin on a daily basis, every morning, every evening, you must make sure you read ayatul kursi. Or you read, for example, the last three soldiers of the Quran, you make sure

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that you read some of the supplications taught by the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and Allah at times will give you such protection, that you will be amazed. Now the verse I want to talk about is actually the gift of Allah that's mentioned in verse number 11 of surah. Toma ADA, where Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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Yeah, are you

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musco Allah here either in

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fact, if the

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law were Allah, Allah, he can mean

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amazing. I start off at the end, Allah says what Allah which means and be conscious of Allah develop the correct relationship with Allah. And if you are true believers, you should lay your trust in Allah. So what's the beginning of the verse? Allah says, Oh, you who believe, remember the favor of Allah upon you, when there were people who were, who had intended to harm you, and they actually planned it and had started the execution of the plan. They you know, they, they wanted to stretch their arm of harm against you. And Allah says, we blocked that. We stopped it we, we caused it to cease. Exactly there. So Allah says cafe idea, man, can we stop their hands from reaching you with

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any harm? losses, think of that favor Allah Subhana Allah. Imagine how what type of comfort that gives me what type of hope that gives me that Allah has my back. Allah will look after you. behind your back. Allah will protect you. Allah will make sure that those who are planning your downfall will never succeed.

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